Someday My Prince Will Come–Like Tonight

Tonight is the Matt Lauer interview with Prince Harry and Prince (and one day king) William. I have church tonight, or else I would park myself RIGHT in front of that TV and soak it all in. Now I will have to settle for taping it. And yes, I said “tape.” I am not with the DVR/Tivo generation yet. (But in my defense, I stopped listening to eight track tapes last year, so things are improving.)

I cannot wait to see Matt talk to these two dashing gents. I hope he asks them really serious, heavy-hitting questions. Like have you ever wanted to visit Arkansas? Or if you were given the choice of having to marry Roseanne Barr, the bearded lady at the circus, that really old man from Harry Potter, or me…who would you choose? Or your stranded on a dessert island and you can only have one of the following with you: Osama Bin Laden, Screech, or me–who do you pick? Please come through for us all, Matt. No surface level, silly, frothy questions, okay? I want to know the hard facts. The deep stuff. Like what cologne they wear. (Christmas will be here sooner than you know, and I need to know how to properly shop and stalk.)

So we shall reconvene and discuss after the interview debut.

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Heather - June 18, 2007

I’ll DVR it for you just in case your “tape” malfunctions. You must not miss this! I’m glad you’re coming to church though! God will honor that by giving you grace in the eyes of the hotties being interviewed. I’m sure they’ll both be dying to ask you out once they find out that you passed on watching their interview so you could study your Bible. 🙂

Brad Morgan - June 19, 2007

can we say stalker?

Jenny B. Jones - June 19, 2007

Whatever, Bradley. You know you tuned in.


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