You Got That Cinnamon?

Did you watch Dateline? I know some people did! And you know who you are.
It was a great interview. Those princes are funny. Who knew? I wonder if the Queen approves. Though I hear she has a sense of humor, as well. I guess you'd have to to pull of those outfits. I liked how Prince William said, “We will never be normal.” Could he and I be any more alike?

My good friend Jessica brought this video to my attention. You call it video. I call it art. It is fabulous. It is a rap ode to the cereal Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Can only ceral die hards relate? And beware of the tub scenes…

Isn't that great? “My school friends give me props cuz I cut my box tops.” But what is up with the boy in the chiffon green polo? Dude, it's a rap. Do you think the cereal related content makes it any less gangsta? Oh, no, my friend. It does not. I find his attire disrespectful to CTC. On behalf of gangstas everywhere, as well as cereal enthusiasts, you looked like Carlton from Fresh Prince amidst a bunch of Snoop Doggs.
But anyway, great video. And my top secret, underground General Mills sources (okay, again, my friend Jessica)confirm that this is not a publicity stunt by GM. These cool cats did it all on their own (thus the wardrobe snafu).

Finally, I have the cover to The Big Picture, Act III in the Katie Parker Production series. I've been very blessed with covers. Though you're not supposed to judge a book by the cover…let's face it. We all do. That's why I never liked science. The book usually had a close-up of some Amazon frog's eyeball or an amoeba or something stupid. Had it been cuter and something in a nice pattern of pink and brown–or had Matthew McConaghey's picture on it, maybe I would've taken more interest. So yes, the fact that I am not a rich plastic surgeon now is all the book industry's fault. But anyway, drumroll please….here's The Big Picture.

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Heather - June 21, 2007

2 things:

1. The bathtub scenes…whatever. Who thinks of that?

2. What’s with the big wrestler type belt buckle? That’s not really gangsta either?

Shawn Henderson would enjoy that. You should get it to him somehow.

sheilasue - June 24, 2007

So glad the girl who is supposed to be Katie (except we all know Katie is supposed to have RED hair..but whatever) finally got rid of that hand rash of hers!

sheilasue - June 24, 2007

okay just watched the video… great stuff! Even if it is a bit overly reminiscent of Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg’s “Lazy Sunday”..hello …Mr Pibb and Red Vines equals crazy delicious! But those SNL guys must have had wardrobe help… these guys and the green polo shirt crack me up! And Heather is right about the big WWF wrestling championship belt buckle. I’m also pretty sure that under his black button up shirt is a red Old Navy flag t-shirt. Does is GET any more gangsta than that??

Jenny B. Jones - June 24, 2007

Yeah, and upon further research, the guy who did the video has a whole list of them on youtube. But that is hilarious. And what IS up with the big rodeo buckle? If you look in the bling guidelines, rodeo buckles and WWF championship belt buckles do not count. It’s listed under the disqualifications–with Mardi Gras beads.

Jessica Epps - June 26, 2007

Jen – Thanks for the shout out to General Mills & CTC!!! Our sales have gone up because of your blog – ha ha!!

Love the cover of book 3!!! I just can’t wait for book 2 to release – HURRY!!!

Miss ya girl!


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