Give the Gift of Blog

Okay, I think I have this whole RSS/Atom feed business finally solved. After procrastinating, er, working all day on it, I think I have it arranged where you can have email notices sent to you when I post a new blog. Which we know is only when I do something really stupid or there is a full moon.

So if you are game, enter your email addy in the box on the left hand column, and then verify some info, and voila! You get updated every time I post another thrilling installment of my life or an update on my cat's hairball situation. You don't want to miss that.

Geez, I hope this works. I am so not a techie. Dudes, I had to write code! I feel like I should take my own picture and post it on someone's refrigerator. So proud! (Okay, so I just put two and two together and copied some code in my blog template. But still.)

Have a good weekend!

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