Back on Home Soil

I know you're just dying for all the juicy details about my Euro trip, such as my altercation at the US Embassy in Paris (pictures = no no), getting frisked at the airport (hand violations!!), and almost getting taken out by a manic biker (I didn't know I was in “her lane.” Excusez moi.). But it will have to wait. I must catch up on drinking ice tea (when will those Europeans see the light?), laundering my undies (no laundry=commando), and pulling myself out of the deep depression I call “Thirty-six hours until I have to either return to school or throw myself in front of a bus.”

But in the meantime, I want to share this video my good friend Tiffany sent. I don't want to like it–in all its cheesy glory–but I do. It's like a happy pill for my back-to-school blues. “NIV with the ribbon bookmark. NIV with the ribbon bookmark…”

“And if you're Catholic, there's even more.”
See? It's hard not to like it, right? Kinda like Hannah Montana. Darn you for being so cute and clever!

“She's got good doctrine…” His mad rhymes put me to shame.

More updates later. I need to clean some litter boxes and download a million pictures. Sadly, no Prince William sightings. The Royal fam was off on holiday. I take that personally–like they knew my revamped stalking strategies and I were coming.

One day, Will, you must face me. It is destiny. And I will introduce you to the important things in life.
Like ice tea.

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erin valentine - August 9, 2007

I’m laughing so hard, my legs are crossed! That is an awesome video. Welcome home, Jen!


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