Parisian Pics

Long time, no blog.
I am editing The Big Picture, attempting to write back cover copy for the same book, trying to write a new series, starting back to school, and on top of that, I squeezed in a fun weekend trip with my family to good ‘ol Branson, MO.

But other than that, I have no excuses for not blogging.

I took over 700 pictures while in London and Paris. I wanted to share every one of them with you right now.
Just kidding. I thought I would share a few of interest though.

I think we were all a little impressed (and intimidated) by all the stylish people we saw in Paris. Men wore mostly suits. Or they wore these:

Much of fashion starts in Paris and trickles down, so get ready, gents–capris are coming your way! In New York guys who wear capris…um, typically like other guys. But not so in Europe! Frankly, if we ladies have to share some piece of fashion with the men-folk, I'd rather it be heels. Feel our pain.

We went to the world famous Louvre.

Saw Mona Lisa. Many say she looks sad and believe the model was recently recovering from the loss of a baby. Others believe she is thinking on something funny and on the verge of a smile.
I just think she looks gassy.

In the Louvre there are lots of statues like this:

And when you have statues…sometimes you just have to take a closer look. Like in this favorite shot of my friends I caught:

“What is THAT?”
“The Louvre is so rated R!”

We toured Versailles, which was a highlight for me.

When I looked at their landscaping, it was like looking in my own backyard. Wow, so similar.

We saw the Eiffel Tower in daylight, at sundown, and when it was dark. So yes, I have close to 40 pics of the monument. And yes, they pretty much all look the same. Here's a favorite.

Here's another great one I took on the tower. I think it says something.

It says you're never really THAT far from Arkansas.

Have a great week. Pray for me–teaching starts next week. Is it unrealistic to pray for snow in August?

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salle - August 19, 2007


Jenny B. Jones - August 19, 2007

I show you ALL these fashion violations and THAT’S what you pick out–OUR fanny packs? For the record, I did not wear one.

salle - August 19, 2007

you must have missed the memo….Mullets are BACK!


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