One Line to Say It All

I had business cards made recently for a conference I've got coming up. Or to pass out to total strangers who could benefit from my phone number–whatever. Anyway, the lovely Dineen Miller of Designer Girl Graphics created them, and they're great. But when she asked me what my “tag line” was, I panicked. A tag line is a clever sentence that sums up you and your writing style. Some favorites I've seen lately are “Faith, froth, and a designer handbag” by Kristin Billerbeck. Then there's Brandilyn Collins' trademarked line about her “Seatbelt Suspense” which claims “Don't forget to breathe.” Chick-lit author Camy Tang's is “Romance with a kick of wasabi.” And what's mine? Um…I dunno. I've only been thinking on it for about a year though. I don't want to rush it. What could I possibly say in one line that sums up who I am and what kind of book someone would be picking up?

I immediately emailed my clever friend Sheila and asked her for some suggestions. She came through as usual. I thought I'd share her ideas. Before I share her fantastic one liners, I thought I'd share the only things I could come up with. If any of these say “winner,” please let me know.

1. Buy my stinkin' book so I can retire early.

2. J.K. Rowling doesn't have a tagline. Why should I?

3. Like other books…'cept with Jesus and stuff.

4. In a vision, God told me to tell you to buy my book.

5. My mom says it's good.

6. Books you'll enjoy now. And dust later.

7. Katie rhymes with datie. And I sacrificed a few to write the books, so please buy them so I won't be a martyr for nothing.

8. Almost as good as squeeze cheese.

9. As cool as your little black dress. And covers more square footage than Britney Spears' little black dress.

10. The best 360 pages you’ll ever read in your life—even if you live to be older
than the oldest person on earth. Yes, even that guy from China.

11. If this series were a WMD, George Bush would totally be able to find it.

12. For the same price you could buy chicken alfredo at Olive Garden. But my books are hair free.

13. Unlik sum Nu York Tims best sellurs, this book aint got no big wurds.

14. Word, this book is supah fly. Cause that's how I roll. Yo.

15. Remember that time you got food poisoning and puked all night?
These books will not make you feel that way.

So those were my ideas. I saved the best for last, those created by Sheila, but you'll have to tune in later to read them.

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day. We should rally together as a nation and demand we have more three day weekends. Americans are like some of the most productive, hardest working people in the world, according to the news. Is this really an area in which we want to be number one? No!

Let's stop this insanity and be the laziest, most well rested in the world! The people most likely to go to the beach! The nation most likely to work four days a week! The country who purchases the most Hanes sweats! If you're with me, please contact your local congressman or woman and tell them how you really feel. Your couch misses you.

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Dineen A. Miller - September 3, 2007

LOL! I personally think #8 is a winner. Gave me a good chuckle. So glad you like your cards. Those were the most fun I’ve had to date. 🙂 And now that I see the background of your blog, I see why! LOL! I’m amazed at the similarity. 🙂

And I’m all for a four day work week. Europeans are VERY productive and work 36 hour weeks. I’m all for it!

Jessica Epps - September 4, 2007

I personally like “my mom says it’s good.” Sweet & simple.

You forgot to add “buy my book or I’ll punch you in the neck!”

sheilasue - September 7, 2007

I totally think you should go with #14! Way better than anything I came up with!


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