Did you know today is National Encouragement Day? This proclamation was signed by President Georgie Bush and originated by some kids in Arkansas. I learned that at school today. (And then celebrated my cerebral achievement with a Diet Coke)

So in light of National Encouragement Day I will not pick on Britney Spears and her VMA performance. In fact, I don’t really want to. I have to admit, I am guilty of watching it along with millions of others, for the sole purpose of seeing how badly she would mess it up. But the sad thing to come out of it is all this focus on how “fat” and “out of shape” she is. Can we bottle up her ability to be “fat” and sell it? I would like a lifetime supply. She was/is NOT fat. No, she didn’t have her old six-pack abs. And yes, you’re kinda asking for flack if you’re gonna wear the equivalent of bra and panties onstage. But she’s NOT FAT!!! She’s trim actually. And THIS is why we have six year old girls sticking their fingers down their throats after they eat their dyno-bite nuggets.

This is random, but a filmmaker in India has spent the last year making a documentary about gay men and women living in the Middle East. The title? “Jihad for Love.”

Having curly hair is a challenge. The Bible for us corkscrew-headed girls is called Curly Girls. From this I got the super cool tip that you shouldn’t wash your hair with shampoo every day. Wash your hair with only conditioner.
I tried that this morning.
You know those bums you see on the sidewalks of New York? The ones who haven’t seen a bottle of shampoo in months? Yeah, that’s my hair today. STUPID BOOK!!! I’m grossing myself out.

Did you know Jessica Simpson is crossing over to country music? I would comment on it, but it’s National Encouragement Day. But I look like I've dunked my head in a vat of extra virgin olive oil, so what do I know?

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Timothy Fish - September 13, 2007

I had some of the same thoughts about Britney not being fat, but the thought also crossed my mind that there are a significant number of people who need to get it into heads that they could stand to lose a few (perhaps several) pounds. We do have an obesity problem in the United States. Though I doubt the news coverage of Britney is likely to “encourage” people to lose weight. Or to encourage those who are overweight to wear clothing that covers more. Perhaps I should quit while I am ahead. Just thinking about it, I am beginning to get as grossed out as you said you were about your hair.

Jenny B. Jones - September 13, 2007

Okay, my hair wasn’t THAT gross. Only I knew–it wasn’t apparent to others. But I knew…

Yup, we definitely have an obesity problem in this country. But we all know that and know how to fix it. It’s the girls walking around like stick figures because they hear/see on TV that size zero is the new size eight that bothers me. Teen girls have enough to worry about.

Anonymous - September 13, 2007


I thought your hair looked great today! Seriously.

I am encouraged to leave a comment on your blog instead of completing my paper that is due NOW or grading papers that are due tomorrow!

I am encouraged by your friend to realize that guys are just, well, guys. They can’t help being so…encouraging! (Gotta love em…Can’t live without em…or can we??…hmm…naaa.)

I am encouraged that there are more than a few but less than a bunch (about 14)of weeks left before Christmas break!

I am definitely encouraged that God is in charge and I am not!!!

And finally, I am encouraged that tomorrow is Friday. WhooHoo!!


Jenny B. Jones - September 15, 2007

Fourteen weeks ’til Christmas break? I don’t know whether this is good news or tragic news.

And never hesitate to leave a comment or two here instead of doing homework. ; )


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