Conferencing Away

I'm in the Big D for a writing conference. It's been a lot of fun, I've met a lot of great people, but I'm ready to go home. I know my cats need me. Their little kitty hearts cry to me from Arkansas.

Actually I know they haven't even noticed I'm gone. I know I'll walk through the front door, and it will be a look that says, “You couldn't have gone ahead and finished out the whole month of September away?”

So I hate to pack. HATE IT. I always put it off until the last possible minute and then try to think if I have friends who love me enough that I could call them and say, “Would you pack for me?” I mentally scan the faces of friends and family…and no one comes to mind. Nobody ever loves me enough to come over and toss my undies into a suitcase.

But even though I detest packing and would rather eat a loaf of soggy bread or suffer a week of wedgies, at the same time, I am quite accomplished at it. And I realized something this week as I pulled a muscle, popped a rib, and threw my bag up to be weighed: I. Am. An. Overpacker. That's right…my name is Jennifer Jones, and I'm an overpacker. For the last three trips I have grabbed everything I owned, stuffed it in a suitcase, and the weight was in the 49.5 lb. range each time. It's like it's my gift. Some people can play the piano without knowing a single note. Others can work calculus problems that would fill an entire screen of a chalk board. Me? I instinctively know when one pair of flats is just too much and will send me over the 50 lb. mark. To quote Much Ado About Nothing, “Oh, the gifts God gives.” But I always open my suitcase and find things I don't need (a flashlight?) and quite a few things I do require but don't have (pants).

I am at this conference solo, as my good writing buddies Erin V. and Erin M. opted to take a break from this annual meeting. So you know what that means…I have no one to giggle and share snarky comments with. But I have made a list consisting of a few pages in my spiral notebook. I will be sharing soon.

Also lots of availability problems with the release of On the Loose,book two in the Katie Parker series, so go ask those book sellers where the stinkin' book is! There are so far none on the shelves…but 11 for sale used on amazon. WHAT THE HECK? Mom, quit selling your personal copies! When you said every one of them was valuable to you, I didn't think you meant you were gonna cash in!!!

Just kidding. My mom has more class than that.
She sells on ebay.

More when I return.

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Erin Valentine - September 23, 2007

Remember the time the airport made you RE-PACK because your bag was too heavy? 🙂

Jenny B. Jones - September 23, 2007

Yeah, remember that was the flight in which the turbulence was so bad the flight attendants wouldn’t get us anything to drink, you were next to me reciting the Lord’s prayer, and I was clinging to the armrest chanting, “OHMYGOSH, OHMYGOSH, OHMYGOSH, OHMYGOSH…”
My life has never been the same…


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