In A Creative Slump

Here’s a little poem I made up.

Stuff To Do Blues (A poem that does not rhyme, but is no less artistic)

Supposed to be writing a book
But I'm not
Cause I'm lazy
I'm lazy, lazy, lazy.
Oprah should do a show on lazy.
Instead of how to puree butternut squash.
Facebook is evil.
Got me tangled in its snare.
Check me out every two seconds,it says.

I try to ignore its siren's song.
But can't.
Oprah should do a show on Facebook addicts.
Instead of Dr. Oz and his squishy visual aids.
Pamela Anderson got married again.
Brit passed a drug test.
Linds is out of rehab.
And I’m still lazy.
I need a Twinkie.

So as mentioned I’m (you can stop applauding now. Thank you. Yes, I know, it was profound)…so as I mentioned I’m having my website totally revamped. I’m really excited about it. To quote Disney’s Hercules, “It’s gonna be big!” We’re tossing around the idea of using some photos. I had my mom dig up some old pics. Thought I’d share.

First of all, when we went to take new photos for the webpage, Mr. Armas, Photographer-Web Designer-Extraordinaire, quickly learned I was mentally retarded when it came to posing commands. “Okay, look happy!” “Look excited!” “Now put your hand on the fence and turn your head…” It’s all Greek to me. Here’s what I actually hear, “Put your entire hand in your ear. Now pull your leg over your head with the other hand. And hop on the remaining leg. Now smile. And tilt your chin 147 degrees. And then look out into the horizon exactly six kilometers.” It’s all IMPOSSIBLE!!! I just don’t get it. Anyway, my lack of creativity or knack for posing was obviously fostered at an early age. I offer exhibit A:

Mom, “Okay, kids, do something spectacular. Pose for the camera—something fun and really inventive.”
Me. “I know! I know! Here are two flower containers. Why don’t we hold them!”

And then here’s an old picture of my brother and me again. I think I was a little genius, if you want to know the truth.

At age one I could do a dead-on impression of someone with brain worms. Somebody should’ve called Harvard and had me pre-registered. You don’t see that kind of talent every day. Some kids could talk at this age. Me? I could make faces that would scare the neighbors. I still use these tactics on my students…

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Timothy Fish - October 10, 2007


“Five minutes, no more,”
Cries the cyber siren.
“Give me five minutes, only that,
And then you may leave.”

Into the fog of strangers thoughts
We wonder and stay, a minute too long.
We stay for six minutes
And then it is seven.

Eight minutes we stay
And then it is nine.
Nine minutes too long;
Ten minutes I say.

There are things we must do.
We must write; we must work;
We must whittle and wake.
Eleven minutes, twelve minutes too long.

But then there is salvation.
There is salvation, I say.
For we must leave this dense fog.
We must leave for a Twinkie.

Erin Valentine - October 10, 2007

You’re gonna have to commit Facebook suicide if you’re not careful! I hear lots of people are doing it…

sheilasue - October 10, 2007

I love that picture of you holding the plant. The yellow sunglasses are my favorite. It’s no wonder you were voted best dressed in high school.

Jessica Epps - October 10, 2007

You are such a cute little one. However, why do I recognize that purse you were carrying? It may be time to finally sell that in a garage sale or something???

Jenny B. Jones - October 10, 2007

That picture was taken last year. The purse is totally a keeper.

Anonymous - October 11, 2007

yes that is the sister i have looked up to my whole life with those goofy faces we r def. related!


Anonymous - October 18, 2007

Well, I got to experience the photo shoot with Jen so I would have to say she did much better than she is giving herself credit. She’s used to workin’ it. They turned out great by the way. T2

Michelle Gregory - October 19, 2007

And I’m a blog addict. Welcome to cyberworld. Also, I constantly have to check the hit counter on my blog and see where people are coming from. Seems I’m completely stuck in this giant world wide web (sounds like something from out of the Lord of the Rings movie – one day your checking out websites and the next thing you know, there’s a giant spider waiting to pounc).



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