Stress Is A Six Letter Word

So I'm stressed. I have a lot going on and nothing getting done. Plus all my neighbors are outdoing me on the Halloween decor. Maybe cuz I have nothing up. But I think the cobwebs and dead plants near my porch add a nice touch.

What do you do when you're stressed? This week I've been aware that I have a few habits during these anxious hours, days, or months not belonging to summer break.

1. I make poor clothing choices. When you're mulling over bigger things like a cure for curly hair or the answer to world peace, you don't want to be bothered with coordinating outfits! This week it's been khakis every day. And some ugly shirt. Ugly matches everything.

2. My hair goes up. I don't know why, but I get to school, and it's down for about ten minutes before I grab a ponytail holder or clip and whip it on top of my head. It's like it's very existence annoys me. “Get out of my sight!” Maybe it helps with the whole schoolmarm thing anyway. I just need some black, orthopedic shoes to go with it.

3. Speaking of orthopedic shoes, I don't wear them, but when I'm Senorita Stressball, I do like comfortable shoes. Why can't we wear slippers to work? What's the harm, really? Nothing says, “I'm productive!” like overstuffed, furry, two-times-my foot-size house shoes.

4. I eat. For lunch today I had a chicken salad sandwich from Arby's (love those things!), popcorn, and disgusting candy corn. There is some nutritional value though. The chicken had grapes and apples in it (along with a piece of fuzz–that didn't belong to me), and candy CORN. Sugar shaped in the form of corn SCREAMS healthy, don't you agree?

5. I try to smile. And I usually fail, but this new commercial by MasterCard pulls the cheeks up every time.

6. I waste time. Why make a list of to-do items? Sure, it might lighten your mental load, but is it fun? No. Thanks to my good friend Erin, I know THIS is fun.

This too shall pass. But in the meantime, I must get to item number seven.

7. I take naps.

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sheilasue - October 25, 2007

I LOVE that MasterCard commercial! Something about kids not being afraid to be silly (at least they weren’t talking to salt shakers!) And I can’t believe you put up that hangman link, I have homework for the love of Wade!
And,um., all those things you do when you’re stressed, I do on a regular basis! But for the record, when I’m stressed, I usually get the theme song from Charles in Charge stuck in my head.! Charles in charge of my days and my nights, Charles in charge of my wrongs and my rights, and I see, I want, I want Charles in charge of me. He was such a Chachi 🙂

Timothy Fish - October 27, 2007

I saw a news story about a cure for curly hair. Apparently, formaldehyde can be used to straighten curly hair. It requires about one hundred times the amount that it is safe for humans to be in contact with, but it is very effective. One person in Brazil has already died from it. It seems like an odd choice. A person who uses it might end up dead, but at least this person would have straight hair for the funeral. It ought to keep the hair well preserved.


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