Friends, neighbors, and random people I've never met…
We are gathered here today to say goodbye to an old, dear, dear friend.
Black Dishwasher Number One.

Black Dishwasher Number One, or BDNO, to those who knew him best, was an overworked soul. He tried in all things, even when he didn't feel like it. I have learned many things from knowing BDNO. Things such as eating off a plate with a little bit of caked on food that has been through the heat cycle, but still didn't come off, is not going to kill you. That after many, many visits with the doctor, sometimes you just have to give it up and rest. As in eternal rest. And that if you have dishes that could not survive BDNO's weak wrath, then they were not worth having in the first place.

It was good while it lasted, Black Dishwasher Number One, and I appreciate your hard work, your valiant heart, and your love for liquid over powder detergent. We had some good years together, but alas, it was time for both of us to move on. Me, to Black Dishwasher Number Two, and you to…I dunno, some heap that's probably breaking an OSHA code or two at Lowe's.

Remember me fondly, as I will you…while I'm eating off of dishes that are 100 percent clean and sanitary.

Onto another heap…as in a HEAP-O-CUTENESS!!! Check out my totally cute niece at her second birthday.
She didn't really say much at her party. She's very quiet, reserved, and dignified (we are so alike in that way). But we all heard at least three words: Care Bear movie! She is so into the Care Bears. Those computer generated charlatans. Those aren't the REAL Care Bears. The real ones were cartoons. Seeing classics such as Scooby Doo and others in CGI form is just a real travesty and further proof of the deterioration of our great nation. But is anyone giving this any attention? No. Obama? Nope. Mrs. Clinton? Nope. Giuliani? Negatory. So listen up, America, when you go to the ballots, please remember there are other things at stake than the price of oil, plunging real estate losses, and war. It's time to recapture what made our great nation what it was–quality, faded looking, poorly written cartoons. I don't know if there is anything about it in the Constitution, but if it's not covered there, I think it might be in the Declaration of Independence or one of those old treaty thingies. Bring back American values–bring back real cartoons.

Thank you and God bless America!

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Deena - October 28, 2007

Here’s something you might like to check out…and I expect a copy of the third and final book as my “reward”:-)

Georgiana - October 28, 2007

LOL, breaking an OSHA code! Been there with the dishwasher situation. And may I just say it was NOT pretty when we took the old one out. There was lots of water involved, and years of…um…yucky stuff.

Jenny B. Jones - October 29, 2007

Hey, Georgiana! I know, I had to make myself leave the kitchen and not clean up the spot where the old dishwasher had been. ICK.

allie - October 29, 2007

wow senorita jones.
you are d e f i n e t l y
my hero!
i miss your sweet-awesome class.
your books = a.mazing.


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