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I am so ready for the weekend. Actually I'm taking a little vay-kay to see all the cool people at Thomas Nelson, and I am road tripping it. And today when I walked into Walgreens, guess what I found? Valentine's Day M&Ms (big bags!) for seventy-five cents!!!! I stopped myself after three bags because I knew if I got them all, I would one of those people on TV they do an intervention for, and they have the camera in the house as they use a crane to lift the person out of her bedroom as Richard Simmons cheers her on in his sparkly tank top and scary shorts. But still…road snacks!!!

You can tell I'm a total fan of my publisher because if I worked for anyone else, I wouldn't travel this weekend. I mean Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail comes out this Friday. “I'll go to church when there's a smoking section!”  “I shot Tupac!”  Is it scary to relate to an extra large man in drag with comfy shoes and stuffed gazoongas?

Speaking of boobs, my friend and fellow snow zealot Holly and I are getting a team together for the Race for the Cure. We're trying to come up with a really cute t-shirt because last year mine was really tame (I didn't pick it), and we saw alll these cool ones. So we're looking for slogans. So far I've come up with:

Boob Warrior
(PG-13 version) Boob Warrior: Don't Make Me Pull Out My Weapons.
Got Boobs?
Healthy Boobs: It's the New Black
It Takes a Village to Save a Boob
Raising a Stink for Pink
TaTa Taliban

Then Holly's come up with :
Save Second Base
Touch Your TaTa's
Save the Girls

We're struggling. And obviously we are not looking for eloquence or class. But it's par for the course at the Komen, and that's why I LOVE it!!! Please leave me an idea if you have one. Boob t-shirts are the BEST!!!

So yeah, gonna be gone a few days. Which means I have to pack. Which means I'm miserable already. I say this every time I go somewhere, but WHY can't I just pay someone to pack for me? Remember how your mom used to dress you in kindergarten and you hated it? Well, now it's not such a bad idea. I just need to find someone with some halfway decent taste who will let me write them a check, and they'll pick out my clothes, pack my suitcase, and have me ready to roll out the next day. Instead I'll be doing laundry at 2 am, crying at 3, cursing the world at 4, and back up at six. And I'll STILL have forgotten my underwear.

There is just something about packing that messes with my head. I think it's because packing requires a lot of concentration, and it's really 100 jobs rolled into one. And I'm a one track mind type of girl. I can only do one job. Not 100. So when I'm packing I'll find myself in a room looking for a shirt, and I'll think, “Wasn't I packing toiletries three seconds ago? What happened to that job?” And then I'll go back to putting tooth paste in a bag, and next thing you know the kitchen calls my name, and I decide to organize my snacks. And then halfway into snack packing, I'll decide I need a belt and run to Wal-Mart where I end up getting cotton balls, People, and Junior Mints, but NO BELT. And FINALLY I just collapse into bed in the wee hours of the morning because if I have to untangle ONE MORE THOUGHT my freakin' head is going to explode. And then I pass out. With my pet asleep in my suitcase. On something black. Which wouldn't be a problem. Except I won't remember my lint roller. And I'll go to my meeting looking like Grizabella from Cats.

I need packing ADD meds. That's all there is to it.

I have a lot going on this week. There's been a lot of details on my end to wrap up for the week. And I'm working on a new fun book that needs to be done at warp speed. Put all that together, and of course I'm not cooking or eating right. Last night I didn't even realize how bad it was until I heard myself tell a friend on the phone what I'd eaten that night. I caught myself say, “I had popcorn and a waffle for dinner.” And then the pitiful reality of that sunk in, and we both laughed about it for like five minutes. Actually she said, “And this is why you're my friend.”  I don't know if I'm insulted by that or not. I really do have to clean up my diet soon though. It's out of control. I used to be a total health nut. I could look at any food and tell you how many calories were in it. Now I look at any food and think, “How many of those can I fit in my purse?”

Have a great weekend. And if you think of any great Komen lines for a t-shirt, let me know!!!



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Heather - February 19, 2009

I completely understand your food dilemma! I ordered Girl Scout Cookies WEEKS ago and had already forgotten about them….until this morning when the student I ordered them from brought them to me! Best $10.50 I could have spent. So that was my breakfast this morning…Girl Scout Cookies….um…about a whole box! Yes, I need help. I definitely recognize that I have a problem! I will be at the gym for HOURS tonight working this off! Have fun on your trip!

salle - February 19, 2009

I love the save second base one!

Natasha - February 19, 2009

I almost spit coffee all over my monitor when I read “Save Second Base.” My vote is definitely for that one, with “Got Boobs?” a close second.

I think I have your packing affliction in reverse–it’s the unpacking that I hate. If I don’t do it the minute I get home, it doesn’t get done and I stumble over a half-empty suitcase on my bedroom floor for the next three weeks.

Sarah - February 19, 2009

I LOVED the “Save Second Base” shirt-I would totally wear that! I also like the “It takes a village..” shirt too. I’m sure your shirts will be awesome.
Have a great trip!:)

Jenny B Jones - February 19, 2009

I love the second base one too. : )

Heather, Girl Scout cookies are the best. I could eat a whole box too.

Natasha, I have the Packing in Reverse Problem too (PRP). My stuff stays in the suitcase for days…okay, sometimes a week…or so. I HATE unpacking. It overwhelms me too. So much stuff…and it all goes to different places…hurts my head…

Danica - February 20, 2009

Jen, if it makes you feel any better, I unpacked from our trip to Florida on Monday. Which is just shy of a month from getting back. My kids and I were out of clean underwear. Yes, we have that many pair. What can I say? I hate laundry.

And you know, today, I learned something new. I never understood the whole base thing, and I think I finally figured out which is second.

Jen - February 20, 2009

Danica, with two kids, you obviously worked around your lack of second base knowledge. Some girls just go staight for home plate I guess… ; ) And yes, it makes me feel MUCH better than your suitcase sat there for a month because like you, I have more underwear than a person has a right to because I hate laundry too, so my suitcase ALWAYS becomes part of the room decor for a while.

Robyn - February 20, 2009

Definitely Save Second Base!!

Preacher - February 20, 2009

We used “Save Second Base” up here in Wisconsin 2 years ago. This past year it was “Feel Your Boobies” to promote mammograms. And then there were the high school boys who did a big fundraiser wearing brilliant pink shirts that said, “I support healthy breasts!”

Other slogans I’ve seen–“Go get your mammies grammed”
“Help save these!”
“Boobs: they could use your support.”
And in the more edgy category:
“If you’re going to stare at my breasts, you could at least donate a dollar to save them.”
“Kicking A to save the T.”

Hannah - February 20, 2009

Save the girls! That was my favorite, followed closely by “Got Boobs?” And this whole thing is making me giggle too much.

I would gladly pack for you — packing is actually my favorite part of making a trip. I never do it in an organized way (actually, I just throw everything I’ll want into the suitcase, along with some sweats in case I eat to many mochas to fit into my nice slacks). Yet somehow, at the end, I have everything I need to survive on a stranded desert island. For me, packing signifies actually going to my destination, which is why I love it. (In the week approaching the event, I keep thinking that a) the rapture will happen b) I’ll get hit by a Lexus while taking a walk, or c) just as I’m deciding what pants to take, I’ll get sucked into Middle Earth and won’t escape in time to get to my event.)

Okay, I’m rambling way too much. Hope you have fun weekend with Thomas Nelson. And that you find something better to eat than popcorn and waffles. (Though the waffles sound good…) Blessings.

Christa Allan - February 20, 2009

You seem to be taking quite a few of those vay-kays lately!

I love Touch Your Ta-Ta’s

Boobs-R-Us or TaTas-R-Us

Boobs…they’re the Right Stuff

When boobs go rad.

Okay. I’ll stop now.

Jenny B. Jones - February 25, 2009

Good ones, Christa.
Hannah, you are one sick girl for liking to pack. I just don’t get it.

Sara - March 2, 2009

heres a thought, why dont u make ALL the t-shirts?i know!genius, right?! i myself have just found out the wonders of iron-ons!(as in the ltters or designs u can iron on clothes) I’ve vowed to marry the man who invented them!(hopefully it was a man) really ive become obessed:D id also like to add that i too am an overpacker, its a curse really, but im glad there are others like me out there! seriuosly, i mean, if its a weekend trip, i pack for a month! and if theres still room in the suitcase, that just means i can add more!! so i understand where ur coming from and want u to know that ur not alone! love ya!

Lori - May 31, 2009

Have your shirts printed at Vista Print. 50 tshirts cost around $7 each!


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