A Quick Pre-New Year’s Post

new year

I need to make this quick because it's almost New Year's. And that means I have to get some resolutions and goals together and pretend to be all organized and motivated about this 2010. And what do we call 2010 by the way? 2009 was oh-nine. (Or ought-nine if you're country. Or my late grandfather.)  But 2010? Just twenty-ten? Simply ten? I dunno. (2010, you're kinda proving to be lame already. . .)

I will talk more about Christmas and resolutions next week when I return from a little blogging vacation. So get ready to share your resolutions. Even the ones you know you'll break before you wake up Sunday. (I'm not judging, by the way.)

I wanted to quickly pass on three things. One, this movie is either gonna be really good. . .or really bad.

And two, I got visit Novel Journey last week and talk about “the muse.” You can check it out HERE.

Finally, author Lena Nelson Dooley is giving away a copy of I'm So Sure. You can enter her contest HERE.

Have a great New Year's. Be safe, have fun, and say your proper goodbyes to ought-nine.


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CHRISTA - December 30, 2009

Why do trailers insist on showing spoilers???

ashley - December 30, 2009

Jenny, I saw on a preview for an upcoming golf tournament 2010 marketed as 2K10. My initial reaction was “ew.” But I have a feeling it’s going to be 2k10, 2k11, 2k12..well you get the idea, for a long long time.

Oh and that movie, I definitely want to see it. I adore Amanda Seyfried. Plus she is in Dear John coming out in Feb and that trailer gives me chills!

Emily - December 30, 2009

I have high hopes for that movie, please be fabulous!!!

Ruth - December 30, 2009

EEEKKKK!!! It’s David from the canceled-to-soon Kings TV show!! I LOVED HIM in that!!! And I can’t lie, that trailer made me tear up. Hope it’s good. I’m also interested in seeing Leap Year (opens next Friday) and When in Rome (what is w/ the Italy movies? LOL). Have you seen those trailers?

Jenny B. Jones - December 30, 2009

It is a total spoiler in there, isn’t it? Gee, I wonder if they end up together…

Ruth, I’m dying to see Leap Year. I LOVE anything set in Ireland. I want to see When in Rome as well, but I think LY looks the best.

Ashley, I just today saw a movie poster for Dear John. Must check out that trailer. Two movies with her AND letters.

Cara - January 1, 2010

My new year resolution is that I’m going without sugar for a whole stinkin year. I’m on day one and so far I’ve made it…only 364 days to go! haha

liana - January 2, 2010

In Australia here we are callin it 2010 as twenty-ten. wacky hey? well i made my 20 year resolutions (ahh!) and cara thats a great goal… im trying raw for a month 🙂 i get headaches bad and this’ll fix em. Movie looks good, i love ireland anything.

Stephanie Morrill - January 2, 2010

I saw the preview for this when I was at New Moon. My husband looked at me and said, “By the way – New Moon is where I draw the line. I will NOT go see THAT with you.” So I’ll be watching Letters to Juliet at home with my dog, I guess.


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