They Call THIS Puppy Love?

So…I have the puppy.
jan 2010 027

Check out that face.
jan 2010 035

Miller the Puking Cat has gone nuts of course. Here's his first reaction.
jan 2010 023
Doing a little stress eating. Notice the demon eyes. I don't think that's a trick of the light.

Exhibit B…check the eyes.
jan 2010 018

Miller can't stand to be in the house right now. And every time he goes out the door, I say, “Be sure and come back.” I don't think there are any Amber Alerts for distressed cats.

I had no idea–NO IDEA–puppies were so high maintenance. Yes, you have to take them out, feed them, give them some chin scratches, but this puppy is like a stinkin' baby. If she's not napping she's crying to be picked up. And she has these little claws. Claws she uses to try to climb up my pant leg when I don't immediately swoop her into my totally aggravated arms. Seriously she just wants to be held. And held. And held. It's like I need one of THESE. Do they make doggy Bjorns?

Cats are so much more independent. Even kittens. They're perfectly capable and content to entertain themselves. Sure kittens like attention, too, but they don't demand it in high pitched wails hours at a time until they pass out in an exhausted heap on the couch.

This morning the puppy and I had to have a little talk. She was being all clingy, so I took sympathy on her and brought her into the bathroom with me as I was getting ready. It wasn't good enough. Whining. Barking. Batted her little puppy eyelashes. So I'd pick her up every once in a while and give her some attention, then put her back down. More whining, jumping, crying. (And the dog didn't act so well either.) So finally I had to pick her up and say, “Look, have some dignity. Where's your self-respect? You're a lady. We do not whine and beg. We are not needy. We are independent, self-sufficient, and we do not sniff ears.” She didn't really care. I'm thinking of naming her June Cleaver.

So…between my inability to appease this dog and Miller's “get the crap out of my house” hissing, the puppy might not feel as comfy as she could. In fact, right now she's hiding behind a throw pillow on the couch. Asleep. With her head tucked into the seat cushion. Like she's wishing for suffocation or something.

I don't know, guys. I don't know about this puppy business. And don't even get me started on the pee pads. My goal is to totally achieve puppy pad success (which is pretty good), then transition the nasty things to an empty litter box, then transition from there to a puppy litter box (while also training her to go outside). I've been told that's impossible. That sentiment just adds to my exhausted joy over this whole situation.

On a happy note, she is a good little nap buddy. We've both fallen asleep on the couch the last two days. And when I woke up today I noticed one of us had really bad breath. I'm gonna blame that on her.

And it's possible I'm just a one pet type of girl. My mom recently reminded me of when I was about 13 or 14 and I “had” (you have to really stress that word when she's telling it) to have a puppy. So they get me one and within 12 hours I was done with it. I had my beloved cat and buddy, Celie, and she was FURIOUS. Miller's not happy, but this cat was freak-out furious. Wouldn't come near us. So the dog was whining that first night and it drove me nuts, plus my cat had probably packed up and moved in with the neighbors, and at two in the morning, as I sat on the front steps watching the puppy NOT go to the bathroom, I told my mom I didn't want the dog anymore. And he became her puppy. And so did the one that came after him.

I just don't like to see the first animal, who has dibs on the house, upset and feeling replaced. It's possible if I ever have children I should just have one. Because I'll be the mom who brings home baby number two, sees Kid One turn up his nose, and then swings by the hospital to see what their return policy is. But surely that's semi-normal. Right? (I know, it's not. But in my defense, I was put in one too many choke-holds as a small child by my brother. Blame him.)

On a more serious note, I was sad to hear about the passing off Miep Gies, the woman who hid Anne Frank and her family. A true hero. I always wondered what I would've done in her situation–save my own life or help hide an endangered family. For Miep Gies, there was never any choice but to do the right thing. No matter the cost. What an awesome person. She probably knew what to do with whiny puppies too.

Have a great rest of the week. Don't forget, you definitely want to get in the running for C.J. Darlington's debut book Thicker than Blood. All you need to do is go to Monday's post and leave a comment to get in the drawing.

Pray for my new dysfunctional family.


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Katelyn - January 13, 2010

What a cute puppy!!!

Siri - January 13, 2010

Looks like people other than my family end up with the pets with personalities…we have cats that play fetch, do flips on the climbing poll, throw fits…its crazy.

Kristy - January 13, 2010

It’ll get better. Puppies go through a lot of separation anxiety in the beginning. But she’s SO cute!

Colene - January 13, 2010

O.M.G. what a cute puppy! but im with you there on the not puppy person. but maybe it will get better. dog people must be dog people for a reason right? and Miller is probably telling that puppy all sorts of evil things:”i will eat you when she puts you down.” “when she leaves your fuzzy butt is mine little appetizer.” “youre my new scratching post, you lucky dog.”

so you never know. id want to be held too if a demon cat was after me.and Miller will calm down when you make him understand hes still wanted and loved. give him special attention, lock puppy out of a room and just be you and kitty for a while.

Sarah - January 13, 2010

Jenny-she is adorable! Don’t worry, the cat will get better. We had problems with our dog when we got cats when I was younger and the cats were freaked out and would run fast and try to sneak past the dog for awhile. They got used to each other. And my sister had a cat and dog who would curl up and take naps together!

Puppy training can be hard at first-my dog is so dumb and stubborn it was awful trying to train her. But she learned! And coming home to a dog who shows so much happiness and love just for walking in the door is the greatest feeling!

Kristin - January 13, 2010

How adorable! I am so not a dog person (except golden retrievers), and I love cats. But your puppy is so adorable!


Evangeline Denmark - January 13, 2010

That is one cute puppy!

We’ve done pretty well transitioning into being a pet family again, but the boys–who love Willie most of the time–think she should “go back to the farm” if she nips them. I’m tempted to tell them that I didn’t take them back when they nipped me, but that opens a whole other discussion that I don’t want to have with a five-year-old and an eight-year-old.

Tina Dee - January 13, 2010

The cute ones are always the dangerous ones. You’d never know it looking into those pretty brown eyes with their innocent long lashes and that “I need you so much” whine, but they are dangerous, with ever wag of their happy little tails, they are oh so dangerous. And while you’re not looking, you’ll lose your heart to them forever. Enjoy your little darling!

hannah - January 13, 2010

She is o cute!
Whats her name?
I agree with tina, the small cute ones ARE dangerous. dont spoil her too much! 😀
enjoy your new puppy!

Jenny B. Jones - January 13, 2010

Thanks for the encouragement, guys. It’s been…interesting. But she’s super cute!

ashley - January 13, 2010

Jenny – #1 i absolutely love dogs. My family had two dogs while I was growing up and I couldnt get enough of them. #2 I always proclaim “I AM A TOTAL DOG PERSON but I like cats too” #3 I finally got a dog of my own Dec ’08 and if you read my blog Feb – May of 09 you know the rest of the story.

that’s all i am saying.

Erin McFarland - January 13, 2010

I had the cutest, sweetest little puppies EVER until they started to poop on my furniture, eat my socks, and whiiiiiiiinnnnnee… I quickly realized I liked pictures of puppies better than the real thing…they swiftly went up for adoption after I discovered the adorable little menaces didn’t have “on” and “off” buttons on their bellies! Now that I have toddlers, I realize they are errily similar to puppies… with a no-return policy!! Good luck with your newest member of the family… she’s got the extra cute you-gotta-love-me-no-matter-what-i-do look on her face! 🙂

Heather aka Dynamic Uno - January 13, 2010

You’ve gone to the dark side with the totally cute puppy. Good luck and may the force be with you and not with Miller the puking cat because projectile vomiting is just disgusting.

Nicole O'Dell - January 14, 2010

She’s so sweet! 🙂

Now…I have eight words for you: Dry Frosted Mini Wheats dipped in peanut butter.

Amy - January 18, 2010

Alright, Jenny, here’s the deal. We can get this puppy situation covered. I’m e-mail you my phone number. Call me. 🙂

She’s adorable. 🙂


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