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Congrats to Cassidy, winner of C.J. Darlington's Thicker than Blood. Cassidy, email me your home addy (jen at jennybjones dot com). I appreciated all the puppy name suggestions. There were some really great ones on there. I applaud those of you who suggested names which sounded exactly like…your own names. If you're gonna be self-promoting, I say be bold about it. Good for you. But I decided to go with the name Tilly. It's very British. Because I just have a feeling if this dog could talk, she'd have a little accent. Not to be confused with have a little accident. Which occurs about every 10 minutes.

Say a prayer for me. I am in one of my BFF's wedding this weekend and since yesterday I've had some sort of funky allergic reaction in my eye. I look like a gargoyle. As my friend Kim said, “Like Will Smith in Hutch when he's downing all that Benadryl.” Um, yes. Just like that. So I look a little scary. Who knows what caused it. But I don't have an eye patch to match my bridesmaid's dress, so let's pray it returns to normal. Otherwise…somebody's photographer is gonna have to really work the PhotoShop on a few pictures.  I guess I could totally pull a Lady GaGa and cover half my face in feathers and call it a “costume.” Tape some lights to my dress. Then nobody would notice the wacko eyeball.

A lot has happened this week. I'm barely surviving this puppy. It is the neediest animal to ever walk the earth. Today is the first day she's let me go into another room without her without throwing a 30 minute fit. She has some serious separation anxiety from her original home and at least one of us isn't handling it very well. But she's also the cutest puppy ever. Of course right now she is peacefully sleeping beside me, so of course she's cute. In ten minutes when she shoots up in a burst of energy to go pee on something or to whine for 3 hours straight, she won't be as adorable.

Today I didn't even put makeup on to go to work. That's not normal for me at all. Putting on makeup is my community service to those around me. But this morning went from bad to worse puppy-wise, and I could either eat breakfast or I could slap on some eye shadow. And L'oreal lost.

On a serious note, my week has been nothing compared to what those in Haiti have endured. I can't hardly watch the news, even if my hero Diane Sawyer is reporting with her Wonder Twin Robin Roberts. Tonight Robin Roberts did a segment on the faith of the Haitian people, and it was awesome. The video clip isn't available yet, but as soon as it is, I'll post it. It showed a group of Haitians gathered together and singing aloud, praising God, hands raised, singing about how their Father has never left them, shouting hallelujah. That's probably a difficult thing when you haven't had water in two days.When you don't know where your family is. And there's no medical help in sight.

If you would like to help out these hurting people, consider Samaritan's Purse or The Salvation Army, both reputable sources for outreach. Let's all keep them in our prayers, as well as all those who are traveling with aid and relief missions.

Have a great weekend.


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C.J. Darlington - January 15, 2010

Every puppy I’ve ever owned (and believe me, it’s more than one!) has at some point caused me to seriously wonder if I was either on something when I got them or completely nuts like Mad Maxine. But… it does pass. Trust me. And hey. At least with a puppy it’s only for a couple months, not a couple years if you had a baby! LOL

Amy - January 18, 2010

Don’t be afraid to crate her and let her cry. It’s heart-wrenching, but they get used to it. In fact, they start to realize it’s “their spot” and actually want to be in the crate.

Plus, if you just need a break, put her in the crate and do what you gotta do. Seriously, it’s wonderful…and eventually Tilly won’t need her crate anymore. Cute name, BTW. Put an old shirt that smells like you in there, a fave toy, and make it cuddly. It’s her space. Eventually she may not need it (our dogs don’t). When we transitioned Maddy to a dog bed, we took out her knitted puppy blanket (yes, I made it for her) and put it in her bed. Of course, she chose to use Cassie’s bed…and now they both sleep in my bed, under my bed, under my roomie’s bed…but whatever.

Remember, she’s cute and adorable, but she also needs leadership. You’re the Alpha Dog and you tell her what’s up. If she’s naughty, grab her little snout, squeeze a bit, and say, “No!” It’s close to what Mama dogs do to discipline. Also, make her roll on her back. We call it “putting her down.” You are the master, she is not. Tell her what’s up. Honestly, it’ll make her happy because she’s a dog; she understands things from a dog perspective, not a human perspective.

Like C.J. said, the annoying phase does pass…but at the same time, enjoy her sweetness, her crazy puppy rips, and other antics. However, don’t let her think AT ALL she’s the boss.

She’s going to be exhausting, annoying, and you’re going to be ready to kick her to the curb. Don’t. It’s illegal. That and you named her, so technically, she’s yours for keeps. And really, God cares about little Tilly, so pray. And I’ll pray for you, too. I don’t think that God finds any of this silly at all. In fact, I think we were meant to care for animals. 🙂

Jenny B. Jones - January 18, 2010

Thanks so much for the encouragement, girls.

Cara - January 19, 2010

This last weekend, I went to a winter camp (which was AMAZING), but the head guy of the north pacific district really felt that God put it on his heart to take up an offering for Haiti. Through all the other Foursquare churches having their retreats (about 15) throughout the country, he wanted to raise 10,000 dollars to send over there. God is amazing though, and in one night at the camp and from 650 kids, we raised 4,000 dollars. And that was only one retreat! Haiti is in our hearts and prayers right now.

Abbigail - February 4, 2011

I know this is over a year later, but I thought it might be good to mention something. Another mission group that works in Haiti is New Missions. You can visit them at http://www.newmissions.org Remember to keep Haiti in your prayers! They truly still need them – even a year later.
–Lots of Love,


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