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Happy Monday!  Congrats to Gretchen, the winner of Lisa Wingate's Never Say Never. (Gretchen, email me your home addy: jen at jennybjones dot com)

Did everyone have a good Valentine's Day? I did! I always do. Any day that involves celebrating with candy or a dinner out is my kind of holiday.

This weekend my girls and I celebrated my friend Kim's birthday. She's one year younger than me, so I think she's 25. (Right Kim?)  Anyway, when it's your b-day, you get to pick the outing. So Kim wanted to see Dear John. She has been looking forward to this movie forever. And its' not because she's a sold out Sparks fan. I think it has more to do with being a sold out Channing Tatum fan. He's an interesting actor to watch on screen. And by that I mean I haven't decided to what extent he can't act. But he had some decent acting moments in this flick, but does anyone really care if he can act? I didn't think so.

The movie was okay. I haven't read the book because I intentionally don't read Nicholas Sparks because someone ALWAYS dies. I have two good friends who LOVE his books pretty much because of this, and they were always trying to get me to read him. I resisted. So they said, “You HAVE to read this one book. It's so good. And we promise–not a single person dies in it!”  So to appease them, I take the book home. About half way through it hits me what's going to happen. The freakin' DOG is gonna die. Sure enough in the end, the dog bites it. I was SOOO ticked. An animal dying? Even worse.

Anyway, so I'm not a fan, but it was Kim's birthday, and if she had said, “Let's go to Nascar, get tattoos, and eat brats,” I would've agreed to it. It was her day. One fun thing to know about Kim is that in high school she had a date to go to the drive-in.  He rolls up to her house in his van. With a couch in the back. Kim was not allowed out of the house with this boy.

So the movie was okay. It was actually a good one for a little Mystery Science Theater running commentary. (Reason No. 29458 to never sit beside me in a movie.)   I think some things must not have transferred from the book to the screen because I had a few “huh?” moments. But honestly I think any book-inspired movie is a success as long as it doesn't star Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, or any member of the original 90210 gang.

Last week I also saw When in Rome. Avoid! Avoid! It's a total renter. Did anyone see Lightning Thief this weekend?

Favorite blogger Green Bean Teen Queen has such a good question of the week up.  She wants to know who your literary crush is. You definitely need to hop over and share who your favorite man-of-the-pages is.

There's a campaign on Facebook to get Betty White on Saturday Night Live as the host. This is brilliant on someone's part. And about the only thing on Facebook that makes sense these days.

Eighties kids, remember Sweet Valley High? Well guess who's coming back? Author Francine Pascal is releasing Sweet Valley Confidential in 2011, a book that picks up the lives of Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield in their late 20s and early 30s. You know– old.  Reading this news didn't make me happy like the article said it would. It totally depressed me. The kids of SWH are not in their 30s. They're still teens. Young. Like the rest of us. I need to believe they are living in some time/space continuum where they still tuck-roll their jeans, Madonna doesn't have Hulk arms, and the eye shadow is still blue with an extra dose of frosty.

Okay, there is a new Kay Jeweler's commercial and…it's actually good. Have you seen it? I can't find it anywhere and it's driving me nuts. It's the one where the guy accidentally drops to one knee, has a catch in his leg, and thinks, “Well, as long as I'm down here, I might as well propose.”  If you find it, please send it my way!  I also can't find a link to We Are the World Part Deux.  My friend Salle has been obsessed with We Are the World pretty much her whole life. In fact, she has had the redo planned forever, including assigning all the parts. She even wrote the Super Bowl folks and pitched her idea. I'm really sad that she didn't get the credit for her genius. She should totally get a cut of that donation money. ; )

I would love to know what you gave or received for Valentine's Day.  Lemme know!


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Ruth - February 15, 2010

I saw The Lightning Thief – have very mixed feelings about it because they rewrote the book SO much. That was a little disappointing. I think I would’ve been better off seeing it if I hadn’t read the books. I also saw When In Rome, and I’ve got to say I liked it. Wouldn’t call it the greatest romantic comedy of all time or anything, but I thought it was fun. Of course maybe it was just extra fun because Saturday was gray & overcast and I was in a horribly funky mood? I suppose that factor must be considered. 😉 I also want to see Dear John but I have a feeling that it’ll make me cry – so that might wait for a rental.

Evangeline Denmark - February 15, 2010

I wanted to see The Wolfman because I’m Goth like that. In fact, yesterday hubby accused me of wearing a necklace with “the black raven of death” on it. It was just a Victorian heart pendant, but whatever. Anyhoo, didn’t get to see the movie. Did anyone else see it?

kit - February 15, 2010

Ok, true confession: I have We are the World on LP!!!! Not even kidding. And right there with you on the Nicholas Sparks thing. I just can’t go there. But kuddos to you for sucking it up for a friend. (I’ll never ask you to watch NS with me, just so you know.) My Valentines was LAME. Always is. Perhaps I should just expect it to be lame and then maybe I wouldn’t be disappointed… hmmm?

What are we giving up for Lent???

Erin McFarland - February 15, 2010

Haven’t seen any of those movies! I share you opinion about Nicholas Sparks books though… always a great story in the works and then someone DIES!! Ughhh… i have to rewrite the story in my head to a happy ending. I know life is not always a happy ending, but i like my novels to end on a chipper note. For V Day, hubby got me one of my fav movies on DVD, Dan in Real Life and a card suggesting what HE wanted for V Day. The next movie i’ll probably see is Cop Out… usually i get to drag hubby to a chic flick in exchange for seeing a movie like that with him, but it actually looks pretty funny. I might have to whine a little anyways to get my chic flick in return 🙂

Sheri - February 15, 2010

I saw Lightning Thief this weekend and LOVED it!! I also read the book. Very well done – you just have to realize that there has to be some adjustments to the movie or it would be too long. Action packed, great characters and awesome effects!!

ashley - February 15, 2010

I saw Dear John this weekend and really liked it! I also read the book and they changed a lot for the movie. Oh, Hollywood, you always get your way don’t you??

I cannot wait for SVH 2011!!!!

Amy - February 15, 2010

Brilliant as always!!!!

Jenny B. Jones - February 15, 2010

Ruth, I’m sad to say I couldn’t get through the book Lightning Thief, so I had high hopes for the movie version. I’m such a chick-book reader.

Evangeline, I thought of you today. I got a ton of books for my classroom and made sure Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was one of them. I didn’t even put it on the shelf. Held that one back for me. And I don’t know if I can do Wolfman.

Kit, I have SUCH fond memories of WATW. My class sang it in like 3rd grade for the community. It was a big deal. And probably scared the local animals.

Erin, I don’t know about Cop Out. Anything with Tracey Morgan makes me think flop. But I have high hopes for it because I’m Team Bruce Willis for sure.

Sheri, SO glad you liked Lightning Thief. The idea of the books/story is pretty clever.

Ashley, you are too young for SVH. And I’m glad you liked Dear John. I hope it was for the right reasons, but I will let your heart judge you–and not me.

Amy, you make me laugh. : )

Gretchen - February 15, 2010

Sweet Valley….oh my word! That’s crazy! Jessica and Elizabeth are always going to be young to me. I only ever read Sweet Valley Twins and whatever their jr. high years were called–I can’t imagine them being in their 30s! But I will probably check those books out, just to see. =]

Cassidy - February 15, 2010

I saw Dear John. It was like better than okay, but not amazing. It’s one of those movies that’s good to just have a girl’s night out with your friends and you’re hanging out at the mall, not really doing anything. Or a rainy day. Haha = )
I just got candy and some money. But it was good = ) I’m very thankful for the chocolate and the money = )
Valentine’s really isn’t a big deal to me, unless I have a boyfriend to spend it with.

Veronica - February 16, 2010

Valentine’s day is my brother’s birthday and i gave him a 3 day pass to a music festival. My gift to myself was to see Valentine’s day with chocolate and icecream afterwards.

Jennifer - February 16, 2010

VD~got my favorite sort of present, B&N gift card. So I completed my Jane Austen collection. Yea!
On the Lent question, something I’ve never done, but feel led that way this year. Um, Starbucks. Yes, it will draw my attention to the Lord every time, as I cry out for help & emotional sustenance!!

Sarah - February 16, 2010

I saw Percy Jackson and loved it! It keeps the spirit of the book, but I thik it’s more action packed from the start. I also loved the cast and Percy is just so cute!

I won’t read any Sparks book or see the movies-so dumb. You need to find Meg Cabot’s review of Nights in Rodanthe-hilarious!

Cathy West - February 16, 2010

Wow. I read that whole post wondering when you were gonna tell me that Kim snuck out of her house and went out with the guy anyway. Disappointment.
I just saw Valentine’s Day. On VD no less.
Erm. I enjoyed it. Yes, I admit it. I laughed. I also cringed a coupla times. On the whole, it was a pretty funny movie. Not Oscar worthy by any stretch of the imagination, but hey, it was okay.

Becky M. - February 19, 2010

I loved that literary crush post you linked to! I’m so glad she had Gilbert Blythe as her #1 – he has always been the man of my dreams.

Didn’t do much for V-Day, but we never do. I’ve managed to carry over my dislike of the holiday from my single-life, so it takes the pressure off of both of us to find something for each other.

Kim - February 20, 2010

Wow Jen, when you asked to verify my story the other night at the movies…I didn’t know you were going to blog about it…..so riska…Cathy sorry to disappoint you but I didn’t sneak out of the house that night…and correction to the story that I think makes it even more hilarious is that he had a suburban with a couch not a van with a couch:) I did get to go preview the frat house he was living in at the U of A. My mom would have killed me knowing that. It’s amazing how many guys they can pile up in a small house. Needless to say, It didn’t last long and I don’t even remember his name.


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