One of THOSE Meetings

Happy mid-week!  Are you watching the Olympics? American Idol? The Bachelor? Lost? SOOO much going on TV right now.  And the cool thing is, with Twitter, I don't have to watch any of it, and I'm still in the know. Except for Lost. But I don't even think Lost watchers know what's going on there.

As a speech teacher, it's vitally important that I communicate in an exemplary fashion to model the appropriate behavior for my students.  I must strive to enunciate correctly, to speak with quality content. To verbalize with precision as I lead young lives.
Yesterday I was reading the announcements aloud to my 9thgrade class. I got to one about a CHEER meeting. But here's what came out of my mouth:
“There will be a beer meeting Monday, March 15th. . .”      So if that meeting has better-than-usual turnout, they have me to thank.

I haven't watched much of the Olympics, but I caught a news piece on something called Skeleton Racing. Have you seen this event? I mean, seriously? It's basically like climbing on a sled in order to zip to your death. These people go like 80 mph. On a sled. Head first.  For some reason, if I'm racing toward an imminent, crashy death, I want to go feet first.

So our big contender in the skeleton race is Noelle Pikus-Pace.  She got knocked out of the Olympics four years ago (literally) by a bobsled. As in it took her out. She now has a steel bar in her calf. I know MYfirst thought would be gimme some more of that. How does one even get started in that career? Because my friend Snow Loving Holly is the best sledder I know, so I want to nominate her. And unlike Noelle Pikus Pace, she doesn't have any bionic parts. That I know of.

There is a great interview with Francine Rivers over at PASTimes blog. Hop over and give it a read AND get in the running for a copy of the fabulous Redeeming Love.

I've mentioned before that I taught a girl a few years ago who is pretty much brilliant. She wants to be a SNL actor-writer, and I really believe she's on her way. She's trained with Second City in Chicago, and she's such a gifted writer. You can check out her blog HERE.  And definitely check it out HERE. After receiving a grade she thought was unfairly low on a writing assignment, this student created a top ten list for writers. Check out her wisdom.

The Top Ten Things A Writer Must Know In Order To Write Good

1. A good writer must be very detailed and specific.
(That's pretty much it for number one.)

2. A good writer needs a strong vocabulary.
In other words, a writer should kinda talk good. People who write stuff should, like, use big words or whatever. There, like, shouldn't be anything that sounds totally lame.

3. A good writer should paint pictures with words.
Like…instead of with paint and stuff…

4. A good writer knows how to take criticism.
Unless you don't like what's being said. Then you can just do whatever.

5. A good writer can find humor in everything.
Because sometimes humor is 100% necessary. . . unless you're talking to your mom. . .because then you'll just get grounded.

6. A good writer knows when to be serious…
NAH! Forget THAT!

7. A good writer reads frequently.
Magazines and DVD subtitles totally count.

8. A good writer practices.
Practices clogging, practices Yiddish, practices whatever. . .you get what I mean.

9. A good writer finds inspiration in everything
Like pasta. Or Canada.

And finally. . .

10. A good writer can make up a list of ten things just to make themselves feel like a better writer.

I can't wait to say, “I knew her when.”  Especially when she gets me front row tickets to SNL.

For those of you who write, got anything to add to that brilliance? I would add: A good writer must know that the amount of chocolate she consumes is directly proportional to her creative output. As is the quality of her sweats.  What about you?

Hope you have a great rest of the week.


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Cathy West - February 17, 2010

A good writer has her agent, pharmacist, shrink and sommelier on speed dial. And not necessarily in that order.

Gina - February 17, 2010

Got nothing on the writing front, probably because I’m fasting today…okay just doing liquids. PTL for chocolate slim fast! But on the SNL front, when she makes it big time, give me a call, I got a seven year old daughter who I’ve been saying for years, yes years, could star on SNL! She’s just got that goofy humor! And I’d be so proud to say I knew her when… Now to microwave some tomato soup.

Tammy - February 17, 2010

Im loving American Idol right now, I didnt think Ellan would be a good add to the judges but I have now changed my mind, she really has been great! And I love Lost, but your right…i am totally lost…they need like a guide to that tv show!

Melodie - February 17, 2010

A good writer can write well not only in the area she likes, but also in the areas she has to. You know, like obituaries. And those “Need odd jobs done? Call ——” type ads.
Or the stupid four page psychology project this writer has due next Monday.

Kristy - February 17, 2010

A good writer has lots of time in their schedule to write. You know, between coffee, surfing the internet, reading trashy magazines, and watching pointless tv. Because good writers don’t procrasinate…they just wait for inspiration to hit.

Lynette Eason - February 17, 2010

A good writer would much rather talk to the voices in her head than the person seated next her. I’m just saying…

Jenny B. Jones - February 17, 2010

Cathy, I’m so uncultured, I had to look up “sommelier.”

Gina, you have a whole family of entertainers. You’re like the Osmonds!

Tammy, the jury is still out for me about Ellen. I’ll have to catch up on my AI this weekend.

Melodie, good luck with that psych project! With my English degree, I always said all I was qualified for was teaching and phone book editing. I hadn’t thought about obit writing.

Kristy, I love that–Good writers don’t procrastinate. They wait for inspiration to hit. I need that printed, framed, and hung up on my wall. On all four walls of my office. And I need to figure out how to say that on a license plate.

Lynette, totally! Who wants to have a REAL conversation?

Amy - February 18, 2010

Your 10 Tips for Writers is great…esp. #10. 🙂

Dejuanna - February 18, 2010

I love this! Thanks for sharing! I also love the, “Good writers don’t procrastinate. They wait for inspiration to hit.” Thanks for validating, like, my whole life! lol I’m totally making my 12 and 15-year-old daughters read this, and e-mailing their English teachers. Here’s one I thought of: A good writer is not above making meanie pants characters out of difficult people she has encountered in life in lieu of expensive and time consuming therapy.

CHRISTA - February 18, 2010

Just popping in to say hi!

Siri - February 18, 2010

For some reason, the link to her blog didn’t work…could you post it again??? Thanx

Nicole O'Dell - February 18, 2010

LOVE the list!!! So funny and smart!

I’m watching AI but that’s about it. No Olympics this time. I used to care…

The sledding thing–I totally agree. How is there skill involved? Let’s add being shot from a canon as an Olympic sport. I mean, if you wear one of those shiny suits and really squeeze your arms in tight, you’d probably go farther.

And, in keeping with your “beer” meeting mistake, at first I left the “h” off the last word in my previous sentence. Oops.

Jenny B. Jones - February 21, 2010

Oops. Link fixed for my student’s blog.
Nicole, I’m not watching the Olympics either. It feels good to admit that and get that out in the open. Whew. And you should’ve totally left out the “h.” Would’ve made my day.

Christa, can’t wait til you can share your big news with the world.

Dejuanna, isn’t that the truth. Real people DO show up in books…only the names are changed…

Amy, I can’t take the credit. It’s my brilliant student’s creative genius. I hope she remembers her old teacher when she’s famous.


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