Um…There’s a Cat On Your Head

I'm taking the day off to write, but I wanted to share the video I stole from Meg Cabot's Tweet.

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Bethany Ellis - March 3, 2010

WOW! Lol. That is insane. If my cat did that, it’d be to escape something chasing her. And she’d dig her claws hard enough into my skull to draw blood. And she’d jump off as soon as she could.

Heather aka Dynamic Uno - March 3, 2010

Too funny! I used to have a cat that would sit on my shoulder like a parrot as I was getting ready for school in the mornings. Then she would wrap herself around my shoulders like a scarf.

Ruth - March 3, 2010

Wow…that video is all kinds of awesome. I don’t know if I’m depressed or relieved that my cats have never tried to do that…LOL!

Kaitlin Jones - March 10, 2010

The toothbrush sounds like a little toy rocket or something.


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