Short and Sweet.

Congrats to blogger friend Suzanne Schaffer, winner of the yet-to-be-released So Over My Head. Not only did she win in the “drawing,” but she had the best idea for a tshirt slogan. I didn't share my own ideas because I wanted all fresh ideas, but Suzanne actually picked one of them–These Boobs Are Made for Walking. It's in my top three for sure. It would be a total  thumbs up, but I've yet to think what we would do for the t-shirt. Sadly, my number one suggested idea, sent via text, can't be repeated here. But it was goooood. And thought up by a man. Need I say more? Nope.

Stole this “Dork Anthem” off of someone's facebook:

I love that. The book I'm finishing up now, Save the Date, is about a woman who pretends to be engaged to one hot former NFL player-turned politician. And she is…slightly nerdy. So everything in that song was so her. (Well, except for the line about blogging and watching wrestling. I happen to know PLENTY of cool people who blog and watch wrestling. Why I can think of at least…one.)  Anyway, this girl is in to trekkie stuff and hangs out with men who own light sabers. So that is pretty much her theme song.

I'm pooped. As I write this, I just got in from another night of conferences. It went well. The only griping this time were the teachers. They have to feed us, and they ran out of food and lots of teachers didn't get to eat. One of them might've snuck out and made a McDonald's run. I'm not gonna name names or anything. But she's the bloated one.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend. I'm off to write and work some of these French fries off my butt.


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Evangeline Denmark - March 12, 2010

I love that video. I grew up with dorks, married a dork, and love dorks, though I am not one–of course. Ok, maybe I am.
Your new book sounds awesome. Can I review it when it comes out?

Jenny B. Jones - March 12, 2010

Would love for you to review it!

Tammy - March 12, 2010

ahh your new book sounds awesome 😀 I cant wait to read it!

Suzanne Schaffer - March 12, 2010

Thanks so much Jen 🙂
I promise to review it and promote the heck out of it too!

Amy - March 13, 2010

SAVE THE DATE–I can’t wait for it. I bet it’s going to be excellent.

Tammy - March 13, 2010

Hi jenny me again
so i know im late and all with the naming of your shirt, but i thought of another one and i thought i would share it with you

Two is better than one or none!

hahaha 🙂


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