Where’s My Pool Boy?

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I just wanted to pop in to let you know I'm taking a blogging vay-kay this week. I will return March 22nd, the first day of Spring Break for most Arkansas schools. It has been a crazy few weeks with my teacher hat on, and I am more than ready for a week off. And possibly some hallucinogenic drugs. Just kidding. But I wouldn't turn down a bowl of Fruity Pebbles if someone forced it on me.

I'll be finishing up my next-next book to release, Save the Date, a book I'm super excited about. Okay, excited might not be the right word. You know how when you babysit (or used to), and it would be fun at first, but during those last twenty minutes, you just prayed for the parents to come home early or time to magically fast-forward or aliens to suck up the children? That's where I'm at. It's not that I don't love the book. I'll just love it more when we've had some time apart. Or it gets sucked up by aliens.

While I'm at it, many Christian stores have So Not Happening for a steal, so now is a great time to buy it! You might need to refresh your brain before So Over My Head arrives in May. I know I do…Bella who?
so over my head

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Brittanie - March 15, 2010

I had fruity pebbles for dinner. lol Glad to know it is not just my weakness. I am amazed and grateful how you write all these great books while teaching high school full time. 🙂

victoria - March 15, 2010

i can’t wait til so over my head comes out!!!!

Kristin - March 16, 2010

I love that cover (especially the ferris wheel)! I’m really excited for “So Over My Head.”


Alli - March 16, 2010

Very cute cover! Have a good vacation.

Ruth - March 16, 2010

Enjoy the vacation!

Kim - March 16, 2010

Where do I sign up to one of your models? I want to be on your next cover:)

Siri - March 16, 2010

aw 🙁 miss you!
have a fun vacations ^_^

Jennifer - March 16, 2010

Love the cover! I have found “So Not Happening” for $5 at my Christian bookstore and I’ve stocked up so I can give to people to expand the Jenny B. Jones kingdom!

Debra - March 16, 2010

What happened to the farm animals? That girl looks normal! Where are my wacky covers that inspired my ten year old sister to start the weirdest conversations with me?? 😉


Lanie - March 16, 2010

Yes, i would also like to know where to sign up to be one of your models for your next book:)

Melena - March 16, 2010

YAY! Can’t wait to read it 🙂

Jenny B. Jones - March 16, 2010

Thanks for the encouragement, guys! And Debra, don’t be fooled. Of COURSE she’s not normal. She only plays one on the cover…

ashley - March 16, 2010

i totally know that exact baby sitting moment you speak off. the last 45 minutes were always torture.

Jacelyn - March 17, 2010

Hooray!!! Love the new cover, I wasn’t so crazy about the other ones you were trying out, but I think this one is fabulous!

Kaitlin Jones - March 17, 2010

I miss the animals too… this cover doesn’t match. but I’m not OCD and I’m flexible. Sooooo…

The cover’s cool. I guess.

JK! love it! Can’t wait to read it!

rachel - March 17, 2010

I’m so excited for this book to come out,but i’m not sure that the model is bella. I thought the other model looked more like the bella i was thinking of. Great books by the way!

Sarah Stewart - March 20, 2010

cant wait to read it! love your books soooo much! i kinda miss the farm animals… but i still luv it.

Jenny B. Jones - March 20, 2010

Thanks for the book enthusiasm, guys. And for the thoughts on the cover. Bella can still look like whatever you want her to. When I see a character on the cover, I usually don’t carry that image in my head when I’m reading. I usually tape a picture of myself there…

just kidding. ; )


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