It’s a Nugget Revolution

It's Easter Sunday as I write this, and I'm sitting here in a gluttony-induced coma. Speaking of eating for five, has anyone seen Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? I accidentally caught it Friday night (lame night for a TV show to be stuck on), and though it was a tad slow, it was still so good. Basically Jamie raised BILLIONS of dollars to totally revolutionize school food in the UK and is now trying to do the same in the U.S. He is starting with one town, Hungtington, West Virginia, which (prior to the show) was the unhealthiest city in America.

I could not turn this show off. Jamie is a great TV personality, but mostly I was impressed with how he totally got the group of kids he's mentoring and working with. Like one kid he chose for his team–a kid who's “at-risk” and been in juvie and various facilities. Jamie just changed this boy's life, just by asking him to participate and learn to cook.  I see this type of kid every day–the ones most of us can't reach–the ones who just need somebody to invest in him and give him some sort of skill, something to excel at. And Jamie Oliver gets that. And he also gets what a huge epidemic our kids face with their eating choices at school.

It was funny to see Jamie deal with the various cafeteria worker and administrative personalities. It's always the same–you have the nice ones, the not so nice ones, the ones who will never see what's wrong with feeding children chicken nuggets and fries. And yes, fries count as a vegetable according to just about any state standard, including those in West Virginia. And in the clip they show feeding kids pizza for breakfast? That is not rare. That's a common breakfast food in public schools. (There's egg on it. It's not a total Domino's rip off.)

I'm so glad to see this issue getting some attention.Have you checked out the Fed Up With School Lunch blog? A teacher is eating in the school cafe every day for a year and anonymously blogging about it. And will soon be getting some new medical tests to check out her health.

One of the sole reasons I brought up my birthday last week was to show off a poem my friend and reader Bethany created for me. And then I forgot. Check this out:

“Just Between You and Me, I hope your birthday’s killer
Save the Date for another time and spend today with Miller

And in Between the Twinkie binges, have a little cake
Your Writer’s Butt will thank you for the love, for goodness’ sake

Your Life is Charmed and you may find a gift that beats the rest
Chris Tomlin standing at your door, in a chocolate brownie vest

And if you’re thinking, “I’m So Sure, that is So Not Happening”
Then just ignore the doorbell, dear, and start the gift-unwrappening

(Just so you get The Big Picture, my mother’s questionably poetic juices were On the Loose and although this genre of art is So Over My Head it’s not funny, it is my little gift to you, my dear author friend, and I hope your birthday is as marvelous as your books!)”

Isn't that awesome? Chris Tomlin in a chocolate brownie vest. Can you imagine? Someone needs to patent that idea.

Wish me luck. Tonight I'm joining my mom in being in a “commercial” for Congressman John Boozman, an Arkansas favorite, who is running for Senate. My mom worked for Mr. Boozman for years, and he was my eye doctor. He was also kind enough to sit down with me for over an hour and dish on life in politics while I was writing Save the Date. This man is a great Christian and just a stand-up guy. That doesn't change the fact that I'm totally nervous about what I've been drafted into. Commercials and I go way back. . .

When I was young, my dad was in advertising. He was creating a commercial for a local mall, and my brother and I got roped into being in it. It was for Father's Day. They set up a fake putting area, gave my dad a golf club, and he was to make a hole in one while my brother and I cheered like trained monkeys. I think I was about eight. And they had to do a million takes. All because of me. They were like, “Jennifer, you're supposed to cheer for your dad. Act enthusiastic. Take forty-one…”  I pretty much refused to do it. I wasn't getting paid for this gig, and I knew even at that young age that we looked like total morons, and I didn't want any part of it. I was a method actress, and I just couldn't find my motivation. When it was all over, the mall manager offered to buy us ice cream. My dad politely declined. Understandably, our relationship was never the same. The mall was also never the same. It never quite took off and even now is just a shell of a building. But I'm not gonna take the blame for that one. Ironically, the dud actress would grow up to teach drama. And eat ridiculous amounts of ice cream. And hate golf.

Finally, Oprah alert–Steve Carell, Tina Fey, and BETTY WHITE (BETTY WHITE! BETTY WHITE!!! ROSE NYLUND!) are on Tuesday. It's like winning the funny person lottery.

Have a great week! I'm currently reading Prada and Prejudice and excited to get back to it.It's MUCH better than a Newbery I just trudged through.

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Amy - April 5, 2010

I really need to get back in my reading groove…or any groove at all really. Yay for Betty White! How can you not love her? 🙂

Sarah - April 5, 2010

I will try to Tivo that Oprah-love all of them!:) (Well, the guests, maybe not so much Oprah since she’s gotten all fruity spiritualist, but she still has great interviews!)

And I really enjoyed Prada and Prejudice-such a fun story and super cute!

Bethany Ellis - April 6, 2010

Aw thanks for posting that. You’re sweet 🙂 I hope to hear more about the commercial in the future.. and perhaps see it 😀 Sounds like a marvelous thing.

Jenny B. Jones - April 8, 2010

Amy, love, love, love Betty White! And she’s so pretty, I think.

Sarah, O is a little fruity, but it’s been a great week for the show. Glee cast was Wednesday!

bethany, I loved the poem!!!!


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