Can I Have a Star on Hollywood Blvd?

Happy mid-week! I'm happy to announce that my once-dead newsletter has been resurrected. It's the Edward Cullen of newsletters–you just can't kill it. (Believe me, I've tried.)  Anyway, if you'd like to sign up to get updates about new releases (do you have a book coming out soon? yes! will there be another katie parker? no!), then click HERE and scroll to the bottom.  If you signed up 100 years ago, you might want to do it again. And it goes without saying that your email addy will never be shared with spammers.  But if Jake Gyllenhall knocks on my door and asks me for them…I might cave then. Or that Burger King guy. Because he's just scary.

I'm happy to say I survived the filming of the commercial for a local Congressman. My mom gave a stellar performance. She was a star in the role of “woman helping young, cute child with new glasses.”  (The Congressman is a former eye doctor.)  I hear Angelina Jolie was originally scheduled to play my part, but she had to fly to a third world country at the last minute. Her loss was my gain, so I shined as “woman behind counter in uncomfortable heels checking out a patient and chatting in a friendly-like fashion.” And by checking out, of course I mean the kind involving a computer. Not the kind involving roaming eyes that say, “Hey, hot stuff, you shop for fashionable frames often?”

A guy and I were supposed to make small talk for about 10  minutes while the camera crew rolled. As soon as I heard my assignment, I thought, “Oh no. It's the golfing incident all over again.” I STINK at fakeness. Immediately I started stressing about what we would talk about. Luckily, the man was a talker, and there were few moments of awkward silence. But those few moments that did occur? Brought to you by yours truly.

Have you seen the creepy previews for the new ABC show Happy Town? There are all these spooky, evil images, then a voice comes on and says, “Happy Town…don't let the name fool you.”  Every time I hear it, I'm like, seriously? A group of people sat around a table to come up with a tagline for Happy Town and “don't let the name fool you?” is all they could think of? How about,”Happy Town: Our spooky images are meant to make you think this show is kinda creepy.  Or Happy Town: The preview is scary and so the show probably is too.

I debated sharing this book suggestion, but I'm going to anyway. Have you read the YA novel Hush Hush?
hush hush
I'm afraid it's good.  I felt a little guilty reading it (until the end when things get straightened out a bit), but it's about a girl who finds herself in danger as she's pursued by a fallen angel. But is he on a mission to hurt her…or protect her? That's right, I said a fallen angel. As in not the ones circling the holy throne and having cool parties with God and stuff. And you find yourself rooting for this fallen angel (of course). I'm not really into books with fantasy elements, but I still try to read a few here and there, and this one was worth it. There are a few moments reminiscent of Twilight and a few moments of “kinda stretching it here,” but I still couldn't put the book down. It kept me up Monday and Tuesday night. My students will be glad to know I'm done with the book because I have been coming to school tired and C-R-A-B-B-Y.

Hush Hush isn't for everybody, for sure. It's a clean book, but Patch, the fallen angel (not exactly a name that screams “I'm so bad, God kicked me out of heaven”) is a little aggressive with his romantic intentions. Not that he necessarily acts on them. And some people will probably be offended at the angel business. But what was interesting about the book (one of a handful of things that caught my attention) is that it has a message about how evil can get into your mind and control your thoughts–and things will seem like truth to you, even though it's not.  It was like the YA fictional account of Joyce Meyer's Battlefield of the Mind. In fact, I'm wondering if Joyce wrote this book on the sly. She so strikes me as the type to have a little crush on the tall, dark, flappy-winged types.

I also read Prada and Prejudice, thanks to the great blog of the Green Bean Teen Queen.  It was a cute book about a girl who trips and falls (this is about the point I started relating…) and when she gets up, she's in 1815. I read historical romance (don't tell anyone), so it was fun to see a lot of those elements through the eyes of a modern teen. I mean, can you imagine having to use a chamber pot? Or being expected to change into formal wear for dinner? Or having to wear a corset? And living in a society where it was perfectly acceptable–and encouraged–for a young teen girl to be married off to some ancient disgusting old geezer for the sake of money? Good times!

Did anyone watch Oprah Tuesday? It was so good. I wanted Steve Carell, Tina Fey, and Betty White to stay longer though. I'm not a huge Tracy Morgan fan, though this quote from him cracked me up:  United we stand, divided we fall.  We gotta be tighter than panty hose–two sizes too small. How inspirational is that?

Okay, have a great rest of the week. I'm gonna go call my agent and see if the acting gigs are piling up yet. I wonder if Scorsese's called yet…


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Tracy - April 7, 2010

Is there any chance this commercial has a YouTube debut?!

You had me rolling with laughter….all the way through, but especially about ‘Prada and Prejudice’. In Year 5 & 6 my girls and I went to school camp at Sovereign Hill. It’s a tourist attraction really, a replica town set up so that we can experience the gold rush era of our history. Fantastic place when the kids are doing ‘Australia Getting Started’ for General Studies. Anyway, my second daughter was completely horrified and grossed out when she discovered that it was the job of the youngest girl to empty the chamber pots. It was not enough of a disgrace that she might have had to use one…but to empty them all in the morning? You’ve got to be kidding! The poor child was horribly conflicted though. We were told that every week kids got one lolly as a treat, of the hard boiled, pretty coloured variety. She turned to me at that point and said “I wish I’d lived back then”. There you go, lollies trump chamber pots any day.

Ruth - April 7, 2010

Congrats on surviving the commercial. That is so out of the realm of my expertise, LOL!! And thanks also for the book recs…I have a copy of Prada and Prejudice sitting around my apartment here somewhere, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

chip - April 8, 2010

Tracy Morgan is looking for a co-star in his latest bad movie — a remake of the TV show HAPPY TOWN. Call me and I”ll give you the lowdown, bay-beee!

Evangeline Denmark - April 8, 2010

I’ve seen Hush, Hush and been tempted to check it out. But I’m always afraid someone will see me and know me for the geek thirty-something mom that I am. But since you’ve boldly gone, now I can timidly follow. And if anybody gives me grief, I’ll tell ’em you recommended it. =)

Jenny B. Jones - April 8, 2010

ha, I am guessing the commercial will eventually make it to YouTube. I’ll let you know. Unless it’s hideous. And I love how your daughter forgot the chamber pot with the mention of a lolly. Girl after my own heart…

Ruth, P and P is pretty cute. I think you’ll appreciate a few elements of it. : ) It’s a clever idea.

Chip, you always get me such good gigs. Thanks for looking out for my best interests.

Evangeline, get the book! Read it boldly. I dare you.

Sarah - April 8, 2010

I loved both Hush, Hush and Prada and Prejudice!:) There was librarian discussion awhile back on one of the library listservs I’m on about how they didn’t like Hush, Hush, but I defended it! I thought it was a fun read and Becca is super sweet. And Prada is so much fun and I loved how there wasn’t a ton of set up-it was like boom, she’s in the past. I hate too much set up when from the front (and back) of the book I know what happens!

Amy - April 8, 2010

Haha…more goodness from the mind of JBJ.


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