Whistling Dixie

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This weekend had highs and lows. A bright spot: Someone won the Masters who was not named Tiger. This person also doesn't have creepy Nike commercials running on TV where he looks into the camera with a pervy dead-eye stare as his deceased father gives him advice from the grave. Yay for Phil Mickelson.

A low point of the weekend? The loss of one Dixie Carter. I adored her. I grew up watching Designing Women, a show that made you proud to be Southern, even if you had absolutely no connections that would gain you entrance to the DAR. Dixie Carter (not to be confused with Linda Carter, who played Wonder Woman and only wore spandex, a fabric Dixie Carter wouldn't be caught dead in) played the role of Julia Sugarbaker, a fiery liberal feminist who was an interior decorator and was like something Shakespeare would write. Here is her most famous riff.

And another fave.

I think I like it because it's so true.

One of my favorite characters was Bernice, an older friend of the Designing Women.

Her comedic timing is priceless. You're either born with that ability to deliver a funny line or not.  She is awesome.

This weekend I saw Date Night. It was cute. The local paper gave it a C, and I have to agree with their review for once. It doesn't have a strong plot or script, but Tina Fey and Steve Carell make the movie.  It's a little slow moving, and about 10 minutes after they run into the bad dudes and all their problems start there is this CLEAR (and weird) moment where you're like…um, you're sitting there talking to the police and there are the bad guys. Why isn't the movie ending right now? Made no sense, but I guess they needed to fill another hour and a half. Another thing that didn't make sense was that Tina Fey, a worn out working wife and mother wore 4 inch heels through the entire movie. I don't know many worn out wives  and mother (or even exhausted cross dressers) who wear 4 inch heels. It didn't fit the character.

This weekend I also ate a ridiculous amount of bread and fried food because it marked the end of eating as I know it. I'm officially back to gluten free. I've tried to outrun it. Tried to live in denial. But this time…I'm accepting defeat. At one point this weekend I literally held up a hot roll and told it goodbye. Bread…we've had a lot of good years together. And I can't even talk about cereal. To lose bread and Dixie Carter in one weekend–well, it's been hard.

Have you seen this video of the dog singing to the crying baby?

I love that. I love how committed that dog is. I mean, he's in the zone. He's so focused. Reminds me of me when I eat queso teach. Or  shop for shoes write books.

I don't know why I spend my time worrying about the Olsen twins, but I do. I mean, if this isn't a cry for help, I don't know what is. I mean, I know you were scarred from growing up listening to Uncle Jesse's singing and Uncle Joey pulling quarters out of your ears, but girls, what the HECK are you wearing? And why? I have ten year old Hanes sweats that look better than this.  I just think life is too short to be living like a  Tim Burton character.

For those of you who watch Glee, don't forget it's now Tuesday nights. And it starts this Tuesday. Are you ready for it? I know I've got my spirit fingers warmed up!  And also don't forget this Thursday is the last day to enter in the contest to win a book from Nicole O'Dell. You don't want to miss that. I have so missed Sue Sylvester.

Happy week!


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Ruth - April 12, 2010

Thanks for all of the videos…great way to start a Monday. That crazy people in the South vid? Priceless. And oh so true! And the dog – man he is in the zone! Hilarious!

Julie Jarnagin - April 12, 2010

I loved Designing Women. So sad!

Amy - April 12, 2010

That was a beautiful tribute to Dixie Carter. I love Bernice, too, especially when she starts singing, “Black Man!” at poor Anthony. I mean, that guy had to put up with so much goofiness with those women. He was great. 🙂

Haha…and remember Suzanne’s pig? 🙂

Sarah - April 12, 2010

Oh, I loved Designing Women when I was younger. I’m sure a lot of it went over my head though-I should re-watch it now that I’m older.

I was wondering about Date Night-looks fun, but it’ll probably be a rental-thanks for saving me money!;)

And I am sooo excited about Glee-I can’t wait. It has been waaay too long. Although I’m nervous about what they’ll do to break up my favorite couples.

Tracy - April 12, 2010

I used to watch Designing Women! How come they don’t make shows quite like that anymore?

Ahhhh, I know how you feel about bread….and cakes, and crackers and pasta and all kinds of other yummy things. *sigh*. I didn’t sleep last night, thanks to a silly moment with a chocolate muffin too late in the evening last night. Stupid of me really. Must remind myself ‘gluten free flour is my best friend’. You have my deepest sympathy!

ashley - April 12, 2010

there really are crazies on every side of Southern families.

Jenny B. Jones - April 12, 2010

Ruth, Designing Women is a great way to start a Monday. So’s a day off…

Julie, it is sad. : (

Amy, a friend and I had to Google the pig to recall the name. It was Noel. I couldn’t remember that for anything. And I had forgotten that Suzanne would take Noel in her convertible to Dairy Queen.

Sarah, I thought the same thing–I missed so much of the humor back in the day.

Tracy, I had that thought TOO! Where are shows like this? It was still edgy, but yet clean and funny. I miss stuff like this. And I didn’t know you were a fellow GF buddy! It’s hard!

Ashley, it’s so true. I think we could all write a book on that.

Nicole O'Dell - April 12, 2010

The Olsen pic…the one in strappy shoes…man her feet look painful!

I loved Designing Women, too! I also loved Golden Girls. lol The one I never could stand was Reba. OH…what was that one with Brett Butler? Loved her show!

Mary R Snyder - April 13, 2010

I’m sad about Dixie Carter — she had class and sass. Something I aspire to.

She will be missed.

Oh and I LOVED it when Julia would go into a full out RANT. Thanks for sharing.

Allison - April 14, 2010

Hahaha…. Thats right! I’m from the south and they don’t keep me locked up in our attic! Well only occasionally anyways…

And wow. I need a dog like that when I babysit those screaming babies! I mean some parents may have a problem with me bringing a giant dog in their house, but if I tell them its my sight seeing dog maybe they’ll let it in. Or maybe they’ll tell me they don’t want a blind person watching… I mean sensing their kids.


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