Is This Only Wednesday?

Before I go any further, I have to get this out of my system. Stick with it. Just when you think it's close-worthy, they change it up.

Did you check out the Jack Black wanna-be? You know he probably left that lobby with some phone numbers. It looked like the lobby of my first dorm. Except that one had fun in it. And people. And paint of this decade.

Things I've learned in the last week:

1. My readers have really blessed me recently. I've received tons of sweet emails lately, and then there's this swanky review of So Over My Head.

2. Summer vaykay couldn't get here quick enough, even though it's all completely booked, and I have no idea how I'm going to squeeze in the massive painting overhaul my house is crying for.

3. I currently have two couches in my small living room. This is because Craig's List is not the “quick selling gold mine” people told me it was. It's a freak show of pervs and spammers. And I refuse to play the perv-spammer game, so I'm currently stuck with enough living room furniture to seat all 90 of my students.

4. Dr. Mercola FREAKS me out on a daily basis, and I don't know why I get his newsletter. Here's a typical example:

Monday: If you don't eat more fish, you're going to die.
Tuesday: Your cell phone is going to kill you, but luckily the FDA is waving red flags.
Wednesday: The FDA is a corrupt bunch of goat worshipers and their red flags were not even biodegradable.
Thursday: If you don't listen to Lawrence Welk and buy 500 dollars of my own brand of supplements, you're going to die.
Friday: All fish are contaminated, and if you've eaten any this week, you're going to die.

5. I'm now shamefully sorry I laughed at Bret Michaels when he got clocked by a descending set at last year's Tony Awards. If I'm not legitimately praying for this man-of-many-hair-extensions, then every rose does not have a thorn.

6. My friend Kari had a baby this week! Welcome to the world Sarah Jane. I will try not to hold it against you that your mom is quitting work as a fellow teacher and ditching me. Because baby sitters aren't that bad. They're character building. And if that's not a good option, how hard would it be to strap the baby on and just teach too? My friend Kari's selfishness is out of control. She's lucky I'm still willing to eat queso with her. On a daily basis.

7. Loved the “love your body shape no matter who you are” episode of Glee this week. I also loved that the cheerleader with Down Syndrome was back. I love that character.  But why is Rachael's boyfriend going to her school? When did that happen?

8. My house smells like a crock pot. I hate the crock pot. I would tell you what I cooked in it, but it doesn't matter. No matter what you put in it, it all smells and tastes the same.

9. Kristin Chenoweth has more talent than a girl has a right to. She is the team leader for short girls. And why does she have such great arms? You should either have one or the other–talent or sinewy biceps. But not both.

10. My Komen Race for the Cure got rained out. Actually about 1600 people showed up, but usually about 15k more are present. I still got up at 5:45, and there are pics of the event (the race, not my getting up at the unholy hour), but let's just say instead of running/walking, my portion of the team (Save the Hooters, complete with owl t-shirt), went out for breakfast instead. My friend Holly's portion of the team finished the race. Waffle-free.

11. Speaking of running, May is national running month. To celebrate I'm going to eat some cupcakes.

12. I'm pretty tuned-out to Idol, but Bowersox was awesome last week.

13. At my school, we got to wear jeans the last half of the month of April. It was awesome. The problem with this is it makes you really dread May. I have enough sick days to miss the whole month and just not show up, but I'm worried they'll start asking for doctor's notes after week two. And I have yet to get a doctor to write me a note for sickness fake-itus aurora borealis.

14. I'm not sorry Kate is gone from Dancing with the Stars, and I refuse to buy into this Kate Propaganda and feel pity for her. I will never feel sorry for someone who routinely invests that much time with self-tanner and hair extensions. Bret Michaels and Barry Manilow being the natural exceptions.

I hope you're having a good week! See you soon.

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Tracy - April 28, 2010

Cool review. Otherwise, I’m just gonna sit here and giggle 🙂

The teacher I work with mentioned that we’re one day closer to mid-year holidays. We’re only 3 weeks into the term….poor man!

Ruth - April 28, 2010

Kristin Chenoweth is just amazing. I listened to her autobiography on CD – read by her – and it’s just awesome!

Kristin - April 28, 2010

Thanks for the link to my blog! Did I mention that I really loved “So Over My Head”?

And that I was only the slightest bit creeped out when, the day after finishing it, I was driving to school and noticed that a small carnival had set up in a deserted parking lot? Very ironic. Not to mention that it’s so close to the road that the ferris wheel practically hangs over cars as they pass by.


Siri - April 28, 2010

UGH YES! Crock-pottery concoctions are a potluck currency at my church XP bleh

Cynthia Reese - April 28, 2010

Oh, my, what a week you’ve had! Good luck on getting your doc to write those notes!

Debra - April 28, 2010

I love your blog! It always make me smile. 😀

Evangeline Denmark - April 28, 2010

I think I’d rather watch those guys do that song than Lady Gaga–she freaks me out.
I agree with you on Kristen Chenowith. She rocks.

I also live with crockpot issues. My mom, who lives in the basement, likes to cook things in her crockpot overnight. We never know when our home is going to be fumigated with home cookin’ so, inevitably, my husband and I wake up around 2 a.m. and accuse each other of passing poulty-scented gas. Once we’re awake enough to realize what’s going on we can’t get back to sleep. So we lie there with the scent of chicken or whatever it may be robbing us of much-needed beauty rest.
Do they have support groups for this sort of thing?

ashley - April 28, 2010

that lady gaga wanna be clip, prompted me to share with you that a vendor i work with asked if was going to be at a certain conference so he could “put a face with a name.” i sadly informed him that i would not be at said conference, but that i had attached a picture of myself so he could put a face with a name.

it was a picture of lady gaga.

his response was “wow, you have a very lenient dress code.”

Rachel B. - April 28, 2010

In response to #7 on your list of things learned this past week, Rachels boyfriend, Jesse (from Vocal Adrenaline) moved in with a relative that lives in the Mckinley school district, because his parents had to go on some long trip or something outside of the country (I think.) So, he left his old school, and Vocal Adrenaline and enrolled at Mckinley, and joined New Directions. This all took place in last weeks episode “The Power of Madonna” a little bit after the “Like a Virgin” montage.
The episode is still available on if you wanna catch up, hope that helps!

Nicole O'Dell - April 28, 2010

Great review!

I was going to answer about Jesse, but Rachel got it just right. 😀


Megan - May 3, 2010

I LOVE GLEE!!!!! i also loved last weeks episode… i also was gonna answer your post about jesse but i think Rachel prett much got it…


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