So Over My Head

so over my head

So Over My Head would describe my week. And the entire month of April. Anyone else?  Thank goodness the weekend is HERE! WOOO!

A sweet reader emailed and suggested I preview another chapter from the latest Bella Kirkwood installment and pick it from the middle. So since I'm a little news-less, I thought I would comply. (But I will try and run some toll booths or set off some alarms this weekend so I have something to bring you Monday.)

From So Over My Head (and for variety's sake, I personally recommend reading it in a French accent.)

…As my car comes into view, so does Luke. He sits on the hood, lounged back on his muscular arms. Geeks should not be this devastatingly good-looking.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“Thought we could hang out.” He doesn't move from his lazy recline.

“I'm sure Ashley Timmons is waiting for your call. Besides, I'm just going home.”

“Sure you are.”

Not once have I ever wished for a crime-solving partner. Not one time.

Ruthie throws a leg over her motorcycle. “You know, maybe it's because it's been a night of emotional expression for me and I'm extra sensitive, but I'm picking up on some vibes here. Yeah”–she waves a finger between us–“I think you two are up to something. And it ain't a date.”

“Good night, Ruthie.” I open my car door. “And Luke.”

He jumps off the hood and grabs the door. “Not so fast. We're a team.”

A team members wouldn't dunk me in a water tank.” Every time I think about that, I get ticked. “I'm working solo.” I direct my glare at Ruthie too.

She hops off her bike and scurries to my car. Pushing Luke out of the way, she slides into the backseat. “Where are we going?” She bestows Luke with her haughtiest stare. “I am the sidekick, you know, so don't get any ideas about taking my title. I have the book and everything.”

A corner of his mouth quirks. “I know a place where we can park the car out of sight and keep an eye out for anyone leaving.”

“Oh, espionage!” Ruthie claps her hands. “I love it. Hey, should I have brought my slingshot?”

“NO!” Luke and I yell simultaneously.

After texting my mom that I'm going to be hanging out with Ruthie and Luke, I steer the car onto a side road, and we wait.

Ruthie whiles away the time by humming. “Can you guess that tune?”

“Sounds just like the last three.” Luke rubs the bridge of his nose.

Ruthie sighs. “Did I tell you the story about the time I stapled the church secretary's skirt to a pew?”

“Yes. And when she stood up to sing ‘Just As I Am,' her skirt fell down, and she farted. Good story.” Ugh, I just want to go to sleep. And get away from Luke. Seriously, the guy almost kissed me tonight. Right? I'm sure he was going to. But why? Maybe now I'm just some challenge to him. I know Ashley sure isn't.

Luke jerks his seat up straight. “There they go–Stewart and Red.”

We all watch Red's old Ford F-150 pull out of the carnival parking lot.

“Start the car,” Luke says. “But keep the lights off.”

“Omigosh. This is so CSI.”

I roll my eyes in the dark at Ruthie, and at the count of ten, I put the car in drive. We follow them through downtown, staying back a comfortable distance. They drive to the city park, adn I stop the car across the street.

“What are they doing?” Ruthie whispers.

I reach into my purse and get out my little pink binoculars. “They've got shovels.”

“They're stopping at the memorial fountain.”

“Probably gonna scoop up some pennies,” Ruthie says. “I sneak out here and do that every once in a while myself. You don't get much, but it's a good way to fund a beef jerky and Yoo-Hoo purchase.”

“They're digging all right.” I hand my binoculars to Luke. “Right next to the fountain.”

Thirty minutes later father and son climb back into the truck, armed with nothing but their shovels.

“Whatever they're looking for, they didn't find it.” I work out a kink in my neck. “Maybe this is what they wanted the dog for–to find something.”

“I totally should've brought snacks.” Ruthie pops in her fifth piece of gum. “Some bean dip would really hit the spot.”

We all duck down as the truck goes by, its headlights shining through my Bug.

“They're turning down Hall Street.” Luke straights to a seated position. “Let's go.”

Over the next hour Red and Stewart stop at a pig farm, the Dairy Barn, and a used car lot. Finding nothing at the water tower, the two guys toss the shovels in the bed of the truck.

“Wait a minute. What's that?” Luke adjusts the binoculars and zooms in. “A piece of paper. They're reading off some sort of instructions or something.”

“Maybe it's a treasure map!”

I'm so exhausted, I laugh out loud. “Ruthie, this isn't Pirates of the Caribbean.

Luke shifts in his seat, his body humming with renewed energy. “She could be right.”

I lean on my armrest and yawn. “Buried treasure?”

As we follow the truck back to the carnival grounds, Ruthie voices what's we're all three thinking. “Buried something.
(from So Over My Head, copyright 2010)

That's all for now! See you next week where we'll do some giveaways and talk about exciting things like American Idol and cat barf.


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Cynthia Reese - April 30, 2010

Ooooh, no more sneak peeks, because then I will be as hyped as a cat on catnip!

OK, no, I can’t do it. More sneak peeks! More! More!

tammy - April 30, 2010

I bought So Over My Head last Sat. and I finished it on Sunday (the next day!!!) I so badly wanted to make this book last because I dont know when your next one is coming out, but i just couldnt put it down!!! it was amazing!!

Siri - April 30, 2010

XD eeeekkkk!!!!
Hoping to get it from my library soon!!!

Suzanne Schaffer - April 30, 2010

I can’t wait to get my copy!

Debra - April 30, 2010

YAY for Luke and Bella! I love those two. You do such a great job with tension. Always have. I’m going to get book 2 and 3 in the series when I have the cash. I can’t wait. Your books are at the top of my TBR list. 😀


Erin McFarland - April 30, 2010

Ruthie is classic! Love her! The church secretary line had me laughing so hard! 🙂

Brittanie - April 30, 2010

My whole month of April was like that too. Totally wacked out. I feel like my brain is going to explode. This week esp. was overwhelming. I am going to read as many books as possible this weekend and hopefully next week will be better.

I look forward to reading this book. I have read all of them so far. 🙂

Jessica - May 1, 2010

Oh my all these previews are making me even more excited to read So OVer my Head. I can’t wait to read it!!!1

Rebecca - May 5, 2010

WOW!!! I bought this book on Monday night and I finished it today (Wednesday) I love the mystery, so many cliff-hangers at the ends of the chapters I just couldn’t put it down… I’m really sad I’m done reading it, I wish it would go on.
thanks for writing this book
it’s amazing 🙂

Sarah - May 28, 2010

I have been looking for a copy, but haven’t found one yet. My mom is coming back from a trip tomorrow, and she might have gotten it. Looking forward to tomorrow!!!
P.S. I think it’s amazing too.:)

Sarah - May 9, 2011

Okay I read the first sentence in a French accent like suggested and then I couldn’t make it. I just couldn’t, I dissolved into giggles. I flat out died lol 🙂

Jesika - June 7, 2011

Okay so I just checked out your first books and they are epic!!!!!!!!! some else has the thris one reserved at the library and i am DIEING!

Ayanna - January 18, 2012

Please don’t tell me that this is the last book of the series!!! I need more Bella Kirkwood stories… 🙁


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