Creepers Will Be Dealt With

Happy mid week! If you're like me, and you're trying to stay up on the Nashville flood situation, my friend and excellent blogger Ashley is doing an awesome job reporting about the disaster HERE.  The last few days, as she's posted about the flood, have obviously been somber, but her blog is otherwise so funny and well-written. It's one of my definite follows.

Have you entered this week's contest for a free copy of So Over My Head?  If not, you better trot on over to Monday's post for the details. I am LOVING LOVING LOVING reading everyone's song recommendations. What a wide variety we've got here. I've been busy checking them out on youtube and iTunes.  Clearly I'm gonna have to up the ante from one book giveaway to at least dos. Dos libros. (High school Spanish at it's finest right there. In honor of Cinco de Mayo. In fact, I did so well in Spanish I was wondering why we weren't celebrating it YESTERDAY. On the fourth. . .which I always thought should be called cinco. Numbers were never my strong suit…)

We're doing persuasive speeches right now in class. The kids have to persuade their audience that they would make an awesome principal by describing what things they'd change around our high school. It's always interesting. One student began his speech by saying “I will address the chairs in the cafeteria, the bad food, and the creepers in the bathroom.” He also did a homemade flipchart for a bonus visual aid. I thought I'd share.

He really wants us to vote for him.
couch 2 016

He's going to personally address the scary cafeteria food.
couch 2 010

What's another problem at our school? Tests, he says. The solution? Self-evaluations. “You do a unit. Read your chapter. Whatever. Then you evaluate yourself. Man, I think I learned that well. ‘A' for me.” Here is graphic evidence of the success of this idea. This is Adam lobbing a spit wad at his teacher while demonstrating his grasp of angles in geometry.
couch 2 013

This student is also going to address our cafeteria menu with “biodegradable food.”
couch 2 011
While those are great drawings of veggies, I have no idea what Jeff Foxworthy has to do with anything. But I guess it's relevant to remind you I teach in Arkansas.

This student is sick of “creepers in the bathroom,” peeking over the stalls.
couch 2 014
He goes on to say, “I think the Morse code system in the bathroom for ‘get away from me' is too complicated at one tap, two tap, left tap, two flush.”

His solution? Stalls with some space between them. Here is the proof it would work and end all Carl Rove moments.
couch 2 015

Don't be jealous that you don't get to sit through 15 speeches an hour. Some of us are just lucky like that. Have a great week. Enter the contest. Pray for our friends in Nashville.

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Ruth - May 5, 2010

That flip chart is just all kinds of awesome. Hilarious!

nicole - May 5, 2010

what’s the address for your friend’s blog?

Bethany Ellis - May 5, 2010

That is sooooo awesome. I would love to be a fly on the wall in your classroom…

Christie - May 5, 2010

ROFLOL!!! That’s awesome… Hahaha.. Hope he wins, he’s got my vote 😉

and yes, you are just SO lucky!!

Fallon - May 5, 2010

ello, 🙂
um, I’m just curious because I just found this and I love your I’m So Sure and So Not Happening stories. 🙂 Your an amazing author.

and awesome, i will try the contest. 🙂

I vote for him!

Gretchen - May 5, 2010

This is hilarious! Love it! Also loved how he spelled biodegradable. =]

Jenny B Jones - May 5, 2010

He’s a funny funny guy. And a good illustrator.

Megan - May 5, 2010

i love the creepers photo!!!!i would totally let that be my screen saver!!!!lol

Laura - May 5, 2010

I had Adama! So funny…loved the pics. 🙂

Laura - May 5, 2010

That was just supposed to say Adam.

Megan - May 5, 2010

i would totally vote for him though!!! i think he could convince alot of kids to vote for him through that presentation!! lol 🙂

Megan - May 5, 2010

ohh and i always wanted to ask but what does zippity mean? is it like arkansonian for cool?

Tracy - May 6, 2010

I am rolling on the floor laughing!!! That kid sounds like a real character…one of those ones that makes life at school hilariously enjoyable. I’d vote for him, just because he’s got such a great sense of humour….that somewhat matches my own!

I do Tiny Toastmasters with our Year 6’s in Term 4 each year. This is one of the things I love about the program. It is full of the kid’s personalities and humour.

ashley - May 6, 2010

JBJ -you little minx! I had no idea you were going to give such mad props! I am flattered, you rule and I really like your hair.

the end.

Siri - May 6, 2010

XD lmbo


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