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so over my head
Thanks to all who played along with the “what's your favorite song” game. I think that was my most favorite question EVER. Congrats to winners Laura G and Dixie Smith! Ladies, email me (jen at jennybjones dot com) and send me your home addies. Hope you enjoy So Over My Head.

Have you signed up for my newsletter yet? You totally should. Mostly because low numbers make me feel like a loser. And low self-esteem means I'm too depressed to write. And too depressed to write means all I do is hang out in the McDonald's drive-thru. And that means a future heart attack. And that means quadruple bypass. . .do you really want that on your conscience?  I'm giving away some books only to my fabulous subscribers, so if you want to stay in the know (you never know when I'll throw out a sneak peek of the next book Save the Date) AND win a book or possibly other cool prizes, then sign up! You can sign up HERE in the form at the bottom of the page.

I had something profound to say in this space, but I can't remember what.

It's that time of year again. Time to tell the truth and tell it slant (name that poem). It's Chip MacGregor's annual Bad Poetry Contest. Hop over to his blog and get in the running AND wish him a happy birthday as well.

It's also Mother's Day this weekend! I would like to wish my mom a very happy Mother's Day weekend. I have a GREAT mom. She is my good friend, a wise gal, a fabulous cook, a great listener, a fabulous cook, a shopping buddy, she makes a mean strawberry pie, a wonderful grandmother to my niece, nephew, and Miller the Puking Cat (she LOVES him), a fabulous cook, and she is also just downright foxy (I truly hear that ALL THE TIME).

I would tell you what I'm getting her, but she likes to peruse the blog from time to time. I'd LOVE to hear what you love(d)  about your mom, grandmother, or mom-figure. Get to bragging!


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Joe McClung - May 7, 2010

When is your new book going to be available? I have some very impatient 8th grade girls that are ready for it to come out.

ashley - May 7, 2010

i bet my mom cooks better than your mom

Jenny B Jones - May 7, 2010

I bet my mom can spit further than your mom.

Joe, the book is out. I will get you a copy.

Macy - May 7, 2010

I got my mom a coach purse

Lynn - May 8, 2010

Hope your Mom has a great mother’s day…will you be writing more Charmed Life books?

Kaitlin Rose Jones - May 9, 2010

My mom really deserves a greaat Mother’s day, because both of her parents ( my grandpa and nanny) bothpassed away this week, 3 days apart. She’s been so strong and I couldn’t even hope for a better mom than her!!

Beth - May 10, 2010

I know the contest is over, but I just have to share two of my most favorite songs as of Sunday. How to Say goodbye by michael smith and ill follow you into the dark by death cab for cutie. Both are excellent yet sad, and they will not leave my head!

Mary - May 10, 2010

I posted some of the reasons why I LOVE my sweet mamma on my blog….

AND just for the record, I bet my mom can cook better than ALL ya alls mom’s AND Jenny, I BET I CAN SPIT FURTHER THAN YOUR MOM!!! FOR reals!!! 😉

tana - May 11, 2010

well, besides me getting my moms fabulous good looks (sarcasm is present BTW) i love the meals (and sundaes!!) she makes. and just about everything else about her.:)

and i am one of you fantastic subscribers–which im proud of!


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