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Okay, first I gotta tell you that life just keeps getting more and more exciting around here. First my cat flies up a tree, demonstrating his previously unknown superhero skills. Much mayhem followed. Then tonight…TONIGHT I experienced my first earthquake. A nearby town had a small about three weeks ago. But I didn't feel it. I was bummed.  So I'm in my office pretending to work writing and I feel this weird shaking. My windows rattled for a few seconds. We've had a week of storms, so my first thought was, “That was some serious thunder.”  Then I look outside. Sunny.  SO I think, “Could it be? Earthquake?”

I run outside to see if anyone else in the neighborhood was gathering. (Facebook Phenom I've decided to call it. Come on, people! Let's assemble together and make short, pithy comments about our experience!)  But there wasn't a soul outside. So I thought, “Obviously this just hit my house and wasn't a quake. Maybe a tree fell on the house.” So I walk all the way around the house inspecting. Nothing. I go back inside to check my garage to see if anything's exploded. Nothing. So I'm thinking either that was a quake or it was a wild, lone clap of thunder.

Fifteen minutes later, I'm checking Twitter…and my loyal, dependable weather man Dan (he makes me snow happy) is giving the news–it was a 2.6 magnitude quake. This is almost freakishly weird where I live. There is a fault line near, but still. Earthquakes just don't happen. I think the earth is angry–angry at BP. (I have another theory that something in the universe got shifted when Kara was added to American Idol and Paula left, disturbing the perfect balance of a pop culture trifecta. And oceanic/continental plates.)

About ten minutes after the earthquake was announced, I got a random update that “Prayer Requests” is now following me on Twitter.

And now we arrive at the portion of the post where I tell you I need your creative brains. Mine is not working. It's on summer break. Some writer friends and I are creating (and by creating I mean someone smarter than me is creating…) an ad to go in a conference book for ACFW in September. The ad will have our individuals pics, a few of our books, and a VERY short tag line. Well…I have no tag line. We had one, and then we lost it. And everything I keep coming up with is lame. Something that conveys the books are not total downers, they're for teens AND lady folks, and if they bought one I'd be their very best friend. (Just kidding on that last part. Because there's not enough room for bribery. I checked.)  And it needs to be about 8 words or less. One of the lady's is Romance, Ruses, and Redemption. (I tried to go with “Romance, Ruses, and Redemption, As Well” but the group didn't think it fit my books.)   I also thought about just a generic blurb that covers everything like, “Yo momma.”  Nobody seems to like that idea either. So….here's where you come in.

Let's do a contest. (Life is short and earthquakey. I need to give away books.)  Leave me a comment with your suggestions on my blurb. It needs to allude to humor and I'd like it to NOT sound like I just write for teens because we've had enough confusion over people assuming Just Between You and Me is YA.  (I'd also like it to be so magically appealing that my books outsell Twilight and knock out Romeo and Juliet for required high school reading. I know you can do it!!!!)

Can't wait to hear your audacious greatness. You have until Tuesday night, at the closing credits of Glee to enter. If I pick one of the ideas as my blurb, you will get a copy of So Over My Head (or a book of your choice–um, one of mine since they consume my garage). If none are blurb-ready, then I'll just randomly draw. Winner announced Wednesday. Unless the earth cracks open or something.

You can do it. I believe in you.

Blurb like you've never blurbed before.


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brenda - May 21, 2010

In a world gone crazy-might as well laugh

Amy - May 21, 2010

Here’s a bunch of words I think describe you.

Hilarious. Refreshing. Unique. Quirky. Excellent Writer.

Hilarious. Quirky. Unique. And those aren’t just her YA books… (too long)

Hilarious. Quirky. Unique. Refreshing. Jenny B. Jones in a nutshell.

Perfect for all the quirky, hilarious unique ladies in your life.

She’ll be your best friend.

She love animals. And writing.

Hmm…maybe someone can build off of this. It’s cool. I just want you to have the perfect catch phrase.

kristi - May 21, 2010

I just want to say that I REALLY enjoy your books! I haven’t really been much of a reader my whole life (I am 24) until I picked up your books just a few weeks ago…and I just can’t seem to put them down! I have read So Not Happening(read that in one day!), I’m so Sure, and Just Between You and Me. I can’t wait till our library gets So Over My Head!!!!!! I think I’ve put in more than one request hoping they would get it soon! 🙂

As for a suggestion, I’m not much good at coming up with things like that. But I would have to say that your writing is spiritually uplifting, hilariously funny, and incredibly unique! 🙂

Jenny B Jones - May 21, 2010

Thanks for the kind thoughts and suggestions, ladies. You’re too kind.

Kim - May 21, 2010

How about….
LOL funny, always a twist on life, love and happiness.

Siri - May 21, 2010

My friend Savanah and I were talking yesterday, and we both agreed, your books just keep getting better and better…so my first suggestion:

“Just Keeps Getting Better and Better”

and my second:

“With all (and more) wit and hilarity than Meg Cabot…but, cleaner (BIG bonus) and Christian (DOUBLE bonus ;)”

the ‘bonuses’ being optional ;D

Bethany Ellis - May 21, 2010

Sass, wit, and romance for all ages.

Danielle A Cloakey - May 21, 2010

For spiritually engrossing reads, Jones is your girl.

grace bruton - May 21, 2010

if you want humor and wit, you found it!

Yeah I know, pretty lame. Sorry! Love your books though.

Evangeline Denmark - May 21, 2010

Jenny Jones: Making teens and women pee their pants.

Ok, maybe not. How about this to the tune of The Adam’s Family:

She’s funny and she’s kooky, never trashy like Sookie, she’s Jenny B. Jones.


Jenny Jones: All you reading ladies, if you liked it, it’s got her name on it.

Christiana - May 21, 2010

Hmmm… Is the blurb describing you and your writing style, or your books themselves? How about:

“Practically pithy in every way.”

Gracie - May 21, 2010

“You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wish she was your best friend.” [stolen in part from Amy :-)]

“You have to grow up. You don’t have to read like it.”

I know these are both long. Sorry! I think I’m gonna have to let this boil in my subconscious for awhile and come back later with more expositions of my wonderful genius.

Christiana - May 21, 2010

Still thinking…

“Belly laughs that span generational gaps.”

Jenny B Jones - May 21, 2010

Oh, my gosh. You guys are so much better at this than I ever could be. And you’re making me laugh!

Practically pithy in every way. Christiana, have you seen Mary Poppins on Broadway? (love that musical and love your idea!)

Gracie, I love “You have to grow up. You don’t have to read like it.” I love how it’s not about me, but the books. Clever!!!

Bethany, I love the word “sass.” Always have. Gonna think on that one!
Evangeline, I’m singin’ it right now!!!

Cathy Armour - May 21, 2010

Witty life tales for contemporary God girls!

Christiana - May 21, 2010

I haven’t, but wow, wouldn’t that be amazing? I take it you’ve seen it?

Glad you liked my idea! :o)

Jenny B Jones - May 21, 2010

Christiana, check this out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eDsRWubPV4&feature=related

Cathy, I like it!

Nicole O'Dell - May 21, 2010

Giggles for girls, and sass for yo momma!

😉 j/k

I like sass too!

Nicole O'Dell - May 21, 2010

Oh, hey…I just found the blurb we lost. It was:

Putting the funny in fiction…

I’m thinking your readers can come up with something better. 😉

Erika - May 21, 2010

Why read Junie B. Jones when you can read Jenny B. Jones?

ashley - May 21, 2010

i get paid to do this…just so you know….hint hint

Rachael - May 21, 2010

Putting the sass in your fiction.

Women’s and girl’s funny fiction=Jenny B. Jones

Annie Miller - May 21, 2010

Giggles, cute boys, laughs, attractive men, can’t get enough. (nine words)

Lost that lovin’ feeling? Find it, with Jenny.

Won’t eat, won’t sleep, yeah it’s that good

Hold onto your purses, this is gonna be radical

Real life was never so truthful

To get mind blown, read this

Better than chocolate and ice cream

Most radical thing since sliced bread

Pictures wouldn’t have enough words to describe it

Sparkly vampires and star-cross’d lovers don’t even come close

K that’s all for now, i don’t think any are too bogus but also none too radical but thought at least they would make you laugh

Dan - May 21, 2010

“at least there is no vampires”

Carla - May 21, 2010

I like Kim’s, Bethany’s and Grace. Had to look up Pithy…but it very much works! Annie’s got some good ones too.

I always say, “Better than Edward AND a sense of humor.”

“LOL funny, romance you want to read again”

Melena - May 21, 2010

“More flavor-packed than a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.” Cheesy, I know. But I also know you LOVE Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. : )

Katie P. - May 21, 2010

Sassier than Meg Cabot, more brilliant that Stephanie Meyer, and prettier than Taylor Swift (I had to add the last one–it’s true!)

Jenny B Jones - May 21, 2010

Katie P, you are FULL of it.

Melena, that’s sweet. But me? Ben and Jerry’s? I think you meant more flavor-packed than a stalk of broccoli. Yep…veggies. yum.Can’t get enough of them…

Thanks, Carla! You’re too nice.

Dan and Annie, a few vampires emailed me and told me to tell you to get off their backs.

Thanks, everyone. Great suggestions. I’m leaning toward something simple like, “Buy my books. Today. Please.”

Melena - May 21, 2010

Ooops. I realized that was more than 8 words. What about “Ben and Jerry’s hasn’t got anything on her”? Not as good as the other one, but oh well. /:

Rachel B. - May 22, 2010

How about “Her books are ‘slap yo grandma’ good”? or maybe not, that kinda insinuates violence… Oh! How about “You’ll laugh, you’ll cry -because you’re laughing so hard- you’ll wanna do it again!” Oops, too wordy… Oooh! “Simply Fun. Simply Ageless. Simply Jenny.” Ah, now I’m onto something!!! OK, I’ll stop now… lol

Rachel B. - May 22, 2010

Ok, I know I said I’d stop, but I just thought of a GOOD one! “Oprah Approved” BAAM! You will outsell Twilight in an instant with that one little mention! Even if it is false maybe you can squeeze in some fine print that says “Not really, but by the time you finish reading one of her books, you won’t care what Oprah has to say!” lol .

Ok, I’m really done now.

kristina - May 22, 2010

Sass, spunk, and spirit that will capture the heart of all ages! I thinks i’st too long. Is spunk a word? I made it up…short for spunky

Suzanne Schaffer - May 22, 2010

Real life. Real laughs. Real love.

Ryley - May 22, 2010

“Funny girls of the reading world unite!”

Haha I like reading these! Have trouble titling my own blog posts, though, soo… 🙂

Darria - May 22, 2010

(love all the blurbs on this post!)
heres some i thought of….

Become a hermit with these books

laughter, love, and full of life.

not sure if that helps at all…..but…. 😉

SavannahB - May 22, 2010

I think you may have written your own blurb, “Life is short and earthquakey. Read some Jenny B. Jones goodness.” Ok, you only wrote the first part, but it’s a team effort, right?

Heather - May 22, 2010

How about:

Even better than Twilight!

Hysterical memories,cute boys,and laugh out loud moments.

Have no fear, Jenny B. Jones is here!

Laugh until you cry.

Sarcastic, sassy, and silly: suprisingly sureal statements.

witty+funny+cute boys= Jenny B.Jones

Cassidy - May 22, 2010

How about Writing to bring laughter back in the world! Or just take off the back in the world part and say Writing the bring laughter! Or.. something along those lines = )
Don’t put me in the running. I already got and read your book = ) Which was really good by the way. Very funny and well-written and people need laughs in life = ) And well-written books, because there aren’t very many of those in the world nowadays
So, I just wanted to suggest something = )

Elizabeth Duncan - May 22, 2010

1. Age is irrelevant. Funny is not.

2. Ferociously funny fiction no matter your age!

3. Wit. Sass. Truth.

Lindsay - May 23, 2010

sass, love, and faith, bounded between 2 covers.

everything you oould want, bounded between 2 covers.

Look out, you just might fall out of your chair laughing!

Erin - May 23, 2010

If you can get away with a Justin Timberlake reference-

“She’s bringing funny back.”
“”B” is for Bringing funny back.”

Or, if a “Sexyback” take-off won’t fly-

“You’re gonna like this chick’s lit.”

Hannah - May 23, 2010

“Jenny B. Jones is….I don’t know….Hey, she’s….idiosyncratic!”
“There’s a smile in every book!” (Hershey’s candy slogan!)

Jodie - May 23, 2010

first i wanted to say that i was scrolling up and thinking to myself “wow why are all these girls last name’s may…?” untill i realized that was the month :/

As for my suggestion, how about: Jenny B. Jones:Read Between the Lines?? okay i’m not sure if that has to do with anything.. like the mystery part? idk. don’t judge me based on my lame idea 🙂

Kaitlin Rose Jones - May 23, 2010

I haven’t been able to find a copy of you new book in anoy of the usuall stores:( they say they sold out the day before. So I need this contest.

“The only books in which moms around the world will raid their daughters shelves for more.”

“Books that change you into a character, so there is no time to look at reality and realize how old you really are”

“Books you’ll read and rearead twenty years later and love them just as much.”

Still thinking … might be back before Monday… idk . Earth Quakes sound scary! good luck at the conference thing!

Mikayla - May 23, 2010

The books that make you LOL for real!

Jenny B. Jones - May 23, 2010

SUCH great, humbling suggestions, guys. I’m overwhelmed. Thank you.

Lauren :) - May 24, 2010

Just about the greatest thing since cookies and milk.

Watch out ladies! Her books will create earth quakes.

Who says laugh lines are a bad thing?

Eco friendly? No. Make you pee your pants? Yes.
Any help here? Probably not. hahaha

Jules - May 25, 2010

Aw, I missed this. Oh well. I probably would have said something like: Like you best friend, only funnier. And probably cuter.

Mattie - January 18, 2011

How bout….
Not always YA but always funny
To love her books is to love her… And Ben and Jerry’s
Vampires can’t bite this chick lit
Chick lit that bites vampires back
Or something like that 🙂 Thanks!


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