It’s Like We’re Twins

Congrats to Erin, winner of the blurb contest. I tweaked her “bringing funny back” to “Bringing Sassy Back” and it won with you guys AND with me. I love it. I hope people don't think I'm being all ego-driven and boastful. For the record I don't think sassy went missing, but I love the nod to Justin Timberlake. He has curly hair. I have curly hair. He loves SNL. I love  watch SNL. He does good bye-bye-bye hands. And I don't want to brag, but so do I.  I would like to think this ad blurb would have his blessing.  Winner Erin, email me your addy. (jen at jennybjones dot com)

My second pick was Suzanne Schaffer's idea: Real life. Real laughs. Real love. I like it! It was definitely between those two for me. And for you as well! Do you do bye-bye-bye hands too? We're all so alike! (By chance did you just spit a mouthful of walnuts into the trash? Because I just did. And it would be uncanny if you did too…)

I thought all the blurb suggestions were awesome though. If I posted about 90 speeches on here, would you guys weigh in on those as well? Maybe 340 pages of a book I'm editing? ; )  Kidding. . . for now.

I'm trying to work on being more positive this year, speaking positive things and verses out loud. I don't know how someone caught this on video, but this is footage of me in the morning. Pardon my crazy hair.

 I've been collecting funny things my students have said. While I won't miss them in June and July, I will miss their quotes.

Me: What do you think might be some good tips for working in a group?
Student 1: Do address me as Master of the World.
Student 2: Avoid Preston. Or anyone who acts like Preston.
Student 3: Avoid dumb ideas
Student 4: Avoid a groupie who smokes. It's bad.
Student 5: Don't steal your groupies crayons.
Student 6: Wear clean underwear.

Me: What did you do over Spring Break?
Student 1: I went to Italy.
Student 2: Did you have spaghetti? I hear they have good spaghetti.

Me (after assigning students to new groups): Tell everyone at your table your name.
Student I overheard: I'm Optimus Prime
Me: Your REAL name.

Me: Finish this sentence: I fear___________.
Student 1: Big noses.
Student 2: I don't have fears. People fear me.
Student 3: Heights. The dark. Girls running after me with scissors.

Me: I need a little help for a book. If you were naming a professional football team, what would you call it?
Student 1: The Megatrons
Student 2: Raging Wild Beasts
Student 3: Hedgehogs
Student 4: Down and Dirty Dogs
Student 5: The Duggars

Tonight is the Idol finale! I really don't care. I think Bowersox is the better singer, but something about her doesn't work for me. And if Lee wins, then we have two years in a row of a white boy coffee house singer. I think they need to scrap it all and start auditions over. The screening process failed this year. The smartest thing that's happened is Simon's decision to leave. Who can blame him? Bring on The X Factor. American Idol, you and I are done. Take back your mix tape, because we're over.

Have a great rest of the week-

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Amy - May 26, 2010

Yes! I can’t wait for “The X Factor”!!! Maybe Paula will be back…one can only hope. 🙂

Thanks for the affirmation video. Maybe I should do that in front of the mirror, too. 🙂

Natalie - May 26, 2010

This video kills me! I crack up everytime I watch it. With you on Bowersox. I like her a lot. I think she’s talented. But I don’t think I would buy a whole CD of her stuff. Or Lee’s stuff (but maybe …). I think you were right about the star quality being amiss this year. Tonight Idol and I are breaking up.

Heather - May 26, 2010

Who’s Preston?

Bethany Ellis - May 26, 2010

Woo hoo! Yay for Erin 🙂 I like!

I also LIKE LOVE your students. I can’t get enough of your student quotes. You should totally publish a book of them.

Bethany Ellis - May 26, 2010

PS – do you ever use their quotes in books?

Nicole O'Dell - May 26, 2010

Jessica needs to be my life coach.

Tracy - May 27, 2010

Your kids sound a little like ‘my’ Year 8’s. I only see them for two lessons a week. This week when I started with a small group I began with “This is what’s going to happen….you won’t touch anyone’s stuff and you won’t touch each other”. Boys! They just gotta thump someone!

Love Jessica’s daily affirmation. That is one positive kid. Sure beats the ‘glass is half empty’ viewpoint.

chip - May 28, 2010

We need video of you doing the bye-bye-bye hands.

ally - May 29, 2010

absolutely LOVE the Duggars comment. hahaha
love the blurb too!


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