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Hooray to Stephanie H, the winner of A Blue So Dark. Stephanie is spending her summer going to school and hanging out with her daughter. I loved reading everyone's summer plans. Sounds like many of you are going to Disney World. I'm not jealous though. (I considered asking you to never return to my blog.)  Lots of girls doing the summer job thing. I used to get a new job every summer as a teenager. My favorite job was answering phones in a seed mill. The phone rang like twice a day, so all I really did was scrub the toilet daily and read romance novels.

I saw the movie Killers with Kutcher and Heigl last week. I give the movie a C- at best. It had pretty much no plot, but you don't know this for absolutely sure until the end. It's an odd movie and a letdown, but the strange thing is, a week later, and I'm still thinking about it. It had so many elements in its favor. It wouldn't have taken THAT much work (says one revising a book right now) to make it significantly better. Things it had going for it that would make it worth seeing, especially if you are interested in writing rom-com or romantic suspense/comedy:

1. Snappy, well-written dialogue. I just learned (from reading Meg Cabot's latest release Insatiable) that soaps can have dialogue writers. Can movies? Because the screenplay seemed very split-personality to me. Dialogue was the show stealer and Grade A.  The actual storyline? I think someone wrote his part on his Blackberry.

2. The chemistry between Heigl and Kutcher. It wasn't like Mr. and Mrs. Smith chemistry, but more like the Huxtables. They were really cute together. They were weirdly normal. Hollywood usually doesn't portray normal. But this couple, married 3 years, liked each other, and it worked well. I saw the movie with some friends, including a 20 year old who is looking for her Mr. Right. I said, “Ashton was a great example of the guy you need to be looking for. . .Well, minus the killing people part.” I just really loved Kutcher's portrayal of a devoted husband. Hard to explain, but if you see the movie, you'll know what I mean. Something in this flick was just…different.

3. The pairing of Heigl and Kutcher was kinda old school classic like Hepburn and Grant. Kinda Philadelphia story-ish. An odd combination of actors, but somehow, probably thanks to great dialog and onscreen humility, it worked. The Killers plot was not classic though. It was past the point of believable and elementary and didn't really make sense.

4. It gave me a better feeling about Heigl playing the starring role as Stephanie Plum, the zany mess of a heroine in Janet Evanovich's famous summer release series.I can sleep peacefully now over that casting. (this is not a book recommendation, so don't send me hate mail. At least not about that.) ; )

Anyone else see the movie?

Moving on.

I've always been fascinated with the adult version of the Olsen Twins. Or the Dual Mrs. Havishams. They are curiosities worthy of their own museum. People magazine has announced that the OTs have new summer hair. I was hoping it was a nice trendy cut of this century. Or at least something that involved a close encounter with some Biolage shampoo. But the twins are too cool for that. Check them out HERE.  (And seriously, if you're so rich you pay a man to walk near you holding an umbrella over your day-glo head, you seriously need to reevaluate your priorities. And your green roots.)

Lucy, the character in my next book  Save the Date, has a love for all things sci-fi/fantasy. She would appreciate this Adidas ad. That Snoop Dog. My friend Sheila has a theory that Snoop Dog is a secret genius and I've yet to find anything to prove her idea wrong. The guy shows up everywhere. I mean Adidas+Snoop Dog?

YA author Holly Schindler had the forethought to have someone record our Teen Mania YA panel from last weekend at the Springfield library. If you turn the volume WAY up, you can hear all our answers to the question about when we first knew we were writers. You can check it out HERE.

Under the heading of “Happy News that Came Out of Nowhere,” So Over My Head is going to Washington, D.C.!   The Arkansas Center for the Book is sending Bella Kirkwood to the National Book Festival. So Over My Head will represent Arkansas and YA. Some big time names will be at the festival, put on by the Library of Congress. (The people who insist on listing my birth year on the inside flap of every book. Thanks so much for that.) I'm hoping Katherine Paterson or Isabel Allende will breathe on the book. And maybe Mrs. Obama. Because maybe if Mrs. Obama breathed on the book somehow I would at that very moment be overcome with the urge to to bicep curls on a regular basis.
Probably not.

Have a great weekend.

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Sandra - June 11, 2010

I am reading So Over my Head now, and enjoying it very much! Good Luck! I know this book will represent Arkansas very well. Wonder what Bella will learn in D.C.? Hahaha!

Kristin - June 11, 2010

I haven’t seen the movie (not exactly shocking, LOL). But I think a lot of modern movies could learn something from the classics- like the dialogue from 1930s-40’s comedy films. Have you ever seen “His Girl Friday”? Genius (“The Philadelphia Story” isn’t a favorite of mine, despite the general awesomeness of Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart). I’ll reign in my classic movie nerdiness now.

I’m also fascinated with the Olsen twins. I confess to being a “Full House” lover, cheesiness and all, and I grew up loving the Olsen twins…well, their books and movies, anyway. It looks like if you were going to go for those colors, you would at least cover your whole head, instead of leaving the roots. Just saying. =)


Jenny B. Jones - June 11, 2010

Thanks so much, Sandra!

Kristin, Phil. Story isn’t my favorite either. But it kind of had that kind of chemistry that’s slightly funny/more friend than Hollywood-sexy type of thing. I think my fave old movie would have to be Charade for sure. LOVE it.

Abby Minard - June 11, 2010

Omg, Michelle Obama has the best arms ever! Congrats on the book trip to DC!

ally - June 12, 2010

unfortunately, here in Oz its winter and in the middle of exams…yuck. so jealous of all you on summer hols 🙂

sheila - June 12, 2010

I hadn’t thought about my Snoop Dogg theory in awhile.. but it’s sooo true! The man is a marketing genius! I bet in real life he’s very well spoken and probably doesn’t even DO all those drugs!
I think I’ll wait for the Killers movie on DVD 🙂

Macy - June 12, 2010

I grew up loving the olsen twins but they have just bcome weird now!

Sarah - June 12, 2010

The Killers looks interesting but I do like both the actors-they’ve sort of grown on me over the years and I think they’re both really good. I haven’t read Stephanie Plum yet, but my co-workers all love the series and tell me to start reading them!

The Olsen twins have the strangest hair ever-and this coming from a girl with pink hair!;)

And I think it’s only fair that you go with your book to D.C.-it will be all scared if it travels by itself-you need to go and hold it’s hand..or pages, I guess! I hope you get to travel with it!

Jenny B Jones - June 12, 2010

Ally, think warm thoughts!

Abby, she seriously does. The coolest arms ever.

Sheila, i bet in real life Snoop is the preppiest, most formal guy ever. You know he totally drives a Volvo.

Macy, they’re a little different, aren’t they? I figure they’re probably nice gals and just misunderstood. . .I hope.

Sarah, the twins could take a lesson from you in coloring their hair!

madison - June 12, 2010

I love So Over My Head it is definatly at the top of my fav’s list,but mrs. Obama isnt.I bet she is a great friend and mother and I love her but I dont exacly like her. My church did a mission thing and at the end of the week we always go to a water park and on the way there we saw a sign that said “Obama, God doesn’t like liers and cheeters.” It was totally awesome! I completly glad about your book though! No book could represent AR better!

Miranda - June 13, 2010

I finished So Over My Head a few weeks ago, and I just need to say something…

Where’s MY Luke Sullivan????!!??

Jenny B. Jones - June 13, 2010

God may not like lying and cheating, but he still adores every person, thank goodness! I can’t think of a single first lady I haven’t admired for one thing or another. It’s a job I wouldn’t want for anything. And somehow Mrs. Obama still finds time to do bicep curls! : )

Miranda, God said to tell you your Luke Sullivan is on the way. One day. ; )

Jae - June 13, 2010

I read So Over My Head from start to finish today as soon as it came in 😀
I wanted to tell you that I loved it.
And my family thinks I’m crazy, because I’d randomly laugh out loud while reading it. But that’s okay, my family already knows I’m crazy.
I hope there is more to come in the series… Please?

i also hope there are other Luke Sullivans out there! 🙂

Renée - June 14, 2010

I agree with Miranda! Where IS my Luke Sullivan! haha…. I wish some books were real… I sometimes wish I could have a life like Bella Kirkwood…. 😉 haha

ugg classicol - August 2, 2010

why the teas in my eyes,becuse i love it so deeply.

Livi :) - December 5, 2012

Did you know that the average person has 14 people who look similar to them. Luke Sullivan lookalikes: We will find you. Now, we just have to figure out how many actalikes an average person has…

Hannah - April 27, 2013

Congrats. I am reading so over my head for like the millionth time. LOVE IT!!!!

Emily - April 11, 2014

Hi Jenny I would love to star as Bella when the Charmed life series comes out. I have contacted you before but please I am a rising star and loved the series. So why not do this. PS I accidentally posted this on the blog that came out in April of 2013 so I am so sorry but again why not have me be Bella Kirkwood for the movie that will be awesome


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