Stars in My Eyes

A few weeks ago I went to the annual Wal-Mart shareholders' meeting. It's usually some great entertainment. It also starts super early. I think we were there by 6:30 a.m. (which involved getting up at 4:15). And even at that, we found we were pushing it on time because the arena was almost filled. (Which means next year I will be getting up at 3 something. I think only drug dealers and infomerical addicts are up at this hour.)

Every year when you walk in, no matter how early you arrive, there is always the same band playing. I mean they are getting with it.
But I just want to tell them, “Guys, real rockers don't play at 5:30. They go to BED at 5:30.”

There is always a famous emcee. Last year was Ben Stiller. This year was Jamie Foxx.
That guy really is talented. Great timing, good singer, great impressions (like Ray, of course), and quick wit.

Here's a really bad pic of the first performer, Enrique Iglesias.
He is one preppy dude. He looks like he's on his way to the Sigma Chi house. We're not sure why he was there, other than the fact there is always some Latin representation. But his “Hero” song just doesn't pack the whollup it did in 2001. It didn't make any of us want to couple skate or anything.

Next was Mary J. Blige.
I am a fan of Mary J, so this performance was fun. I'm not too sure about her blonde version of the Dorthy Hamil though.

We always get to see the year's American Idol winner.
Lee Dewyze. He's a pretty low-key guy, eh? Maybe a little too much for the stage. He looked a little overwhelmed. But the Wal-Mart folk from Scotland in their kilts scared him.

My FAVORITE moment was the appearance of Mr. Rollback, Darrell.
Do you know Darrell?

Lame example, by the way, but that's all that was available. (Wal-Mart, I'd like to introduce you to a little website we call YouTube… All the cool kids are there. Like Target.)

We sat on the side this year, giving us a view of the back wall. Where giant screens are with the entire event scripted out. I found myself reading it and stressing when someone would go rogue. You missed a line!
I need one of these screens at the back of my classroom.
Jones: Welcome students to class. (give partial smile)
Jones: Ask how summer was
(Give time for students to respond.) (Nod with interest.)
Jones: tell one brief joke
Students: laugh here or else

That could be very handy.

Mariah Carey showed up.
Though we saw evidence of good hair, we did not see any signs of a rumored baby bump.

But Mariah, I do want to apologize for this picture.
But for some reason it cracks me up.

Josh Groban closed out the show.
He's a good dresser, eh?

Do you have one of those songs or singers, who at the very sound of them, makes you want to punch someone in the nose? For me it's Bob Carlisle's “Butterfly Kisses,” the dumbest song ever created. For my friend Leslie, it is anything that comes out of Groban's mouth. Which does not explain why we waited for him to come out.
That's him in the backseat. Using my teacher volume, I let him know Leslie loved him. I think she went and ralphed in some bushes.

So that was my fun Friday. What about you? If you could see anyone in concert or see some actor or famous person, who would it be? I know we can't all be as fortunate to see Mr. Rollback, but maybe you have someone else in mind?Let me know!

I'll be taking a blog break until next Monday. See you then!


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Kristin - June 14, 2010

I agree completely about the “Butterfly Kisses” song. I despise that one. My parents joke that they’ll play it at my wedding, but if that’s the case, I won’t be there.

I really want to see Switchfoot in concert…they’re one of my favorite bands and I’ve never seen them. I would also like to see Relient K, another favorite, because I’ve only seen them once, years ago. As for famous people, most of them that I would want to meet/see are dead, morbid as it sounds (Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart, Gregory Peck, Elvis, etc.). So I would have to go with Johnny Depp. =)


Heather - June 14, 2010

Hmmmmmm…. It would either be Tenth Avenue North, or Easton Corbin. Tenth Avenue North because they’re are amazing and their music is powerful and meaningful, and Easton Corbin becuase he sounds like George Straight.

Kristy - June 14, 2010

I completely agree with Josh Groban! Everytime I hear him sing, I’m pretty sure a puppy dies. 🙂

macy - June 14, 2010

i would love to see Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift. But the Butterfly Kisses song is me and my dads song! But i kind of agree it is a little wierd

tammy - June 14, 2010

I would love to met jennifer garner i think she is an amazing actress, besides some of her recent movies she has done aka ghosts of girlfriends past. lol.
And I would love to see Kesha in concert, i think that would be really fun

Suzanne Schaffer - June 14, 2010

I’d like to see Amy Grant in concert. For the dozenth or so time. She’s on tour this fall, I may go to a show or two.

Evangeline Denmark - June 14, 2010

I knew you were an intelligent person. I, also, detest the Butterfly Barf song. The other song I will never listen to is The Christmas Shoes. At least they only play it at Christmas time, but that’s bad enough. Can I just say right here and now that I have little boys and they have no idea what my shoe size is and would NEVER try to buy me a pair of shoes even if I was dying. They’d be like, “Yeah, Mom, we’re sad, but we can play with this Lego X-wing Fighter even if you meet Jesus tonight.”

Megan - June 15, 2010

Hey! If I could see one person in concert it would definitly have to be Natalie Grant… I absolutly love her… I also love Natasha Beddingfield… Idk if I spelt that right… Lol

Sarah - June 15, 2010

Butterfly Kisses is a song that I want to punch everyone and rip out my hair when I hear that song! There was no way that was being played at my wedding-gross! I’m so glad someone else understands.

The event looks fun-what a great concert! Maybe I need to move to Arkansas-you have the best celebrity sightings!

Livvie Lou - June 16, 2010

Omigosh!!!!!!! I want to be on iCarly with Miranda Cosgrove. I know it’s lame but I’m obsessed!!! I would like to see Boys like Girls just long enough to see Thunder than I’m out. Jordin Sparks totally. I would have a screaming, yellin’ freak out if she came to meet me!!! She wears a purity ring and I totally admire that!!! *YAWN* I’m tired. BYE

Jessie Michelle - June 28, 2010

I saw a Chris Tomlin and TobyMac concert this friday! It was awesome! I enjoyed it so much! Definitely would do it again!

ugg classicol - August 2, 2010

why the teas in my eyes,becuse i love it so deep


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