Charleston, You’re My Kinda Town


Okay, for real this time, you can get a free Kindle download of In Between. But just for a limited time, so hurry and download that thing now!

I just got back from a week in lovely Charleston, South Carolina and Asheville, NC. It was a very hot time, but I had a great time. Sometimes you see a local landmark and just instantly bond with the town.

I found the store where Scarlett O'Hara buys her t-shirts.

Charleston is a beautiful town. So much history there. We toured a bunch of historic homes, ate at some great places (don't think I didn't pre-research every single spot and have a flow chart of our options). We started off the visit with a carriage tour of Charleston. I was really impressed with the ambiance in the stable.
I could tell those horses really appreciated the Japanese lanterns.

Be jealous of the cute boy who sat in front of me.
Check out his cheeks. This baby was hot. Carriage rides do not have air conditioning. Or air fresheners.

Our car didn't qualify for this parking spot. Again, horses had priority.

We went to a famous plantation where lots of movies have been filmed, like the 1980s mini-series North and South. (Patrick Swayze at his best?) Recognize this famous driveway?
It's been in a ton of films.

We happened to be at the plantation when Army Wives was filming. Apparently the woods of Charleston are perfect for recreating. . .Afghanistan. (I know the heat was certainly reminding me of the Middle East.)
I think this made the trip for my friend Kim. She loves her some Army Wives. So of course that meant. . .we had to stalk them.

These men had the nerve to block the road and give us “go away” eyes.
When they stood in the path with their arms crossed, we decided to turn around and leave. But we totally could've taken them.

We took a two hour sailboat ride, thinking it would be so fun. It was everything I could do to stay awake. By the last hour, I couldn't even stay upright.

We walked downtown through the market. The picture quality here is horrible, but this is a girl after my own heart.

You can buy these downtown.
I was excited to try these peanuts. I mean can you imagine what it must taste like–a peanut with an edible shell? I had to eat one! And…… it tastes just like you're eating the dang shell. I was spitting that stuff out for a good hour. My friends were like, “What did you expect?” Magic. Peanut magic.

Saw this bumper sticker and for some reason it resonated with me.
Pork Trifecta. I'm going with bacon, sausage, and ham. But I don't know. I don't want to slight Canadian Bacon either.

We ate at the best restaurant, Slightly North of Broad.
When you go in the bathroom, it's decorated with framed prints of autographed book covers of books based in Charleston.
Sue Monk Kidd!!! I got to pee next to her book cover!
And Pat Conroy of course.
His inscription says, “Jenny, I'm so glad you can stare at my million dollar signature while you're having a tinkle.”

Christian fiction was even represented. Here's fellow Thomas Nelson author Nicole Seitz's book.

Conroy even has his own drink on the menu.
Well, my next book, Save the Date, is set in Charleston, and I'm hoping to see my name on a menu too. Preferably on the dessert menu. With something frozen. And chocolaty. And artery clogging. It would be an honor to be associated with something that has absolutely no nutritional value.

At one plantation property, there were some beautiful gardens.
It reminded me of Disney's The Princess and the Frog. Kim's eyes got wide, and she said, “I think I just saw an alligator.” Uh-huh. Right. On private property. Where thousands of tourists walk.  “No, seriously, I saw its eyes peeking out above the water.” We just laughed. Even a stranger walking with us laughed. . .until ten minutes later when the stranger saw something herself.
Can you see him? Sure enough, there were at least two alligators. Not sure how many tourists they eat a year. I left before I could ask him.

I hope you have a great week. I'm still on summer hours, so I'll see you next Monday.

Committed to the Pork Trifecta,

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Whitney - June 28, 2010


So glad you enjoyed Charleston, SC! Did you eat at Jestine’s Kitchen by any chance? It’s one of my favorite resturants in Charleston. Another author who sets her novels in and around Charleston is Dorthea Benton Frank; she has some really great novels.

Jenny B. Jones - June 28, 2010

Whitney, yes! Jestine’s was a highlight of my trip! I loved it!

Kim - June 28, 2010

that’s what you get for not believing me. I told you I don’t make this stuff up:) Always a pleasure traveling with you!

ashley - June 28, 2010

peanut magic

Cynthia Reese - June 28, 2010

That gator looks FIERCE!

Katie - June 28, 2010

Jenny, when will your next book be available?

karenk - June 29, 2010

loved this posting jenny….great pictorials, too. would love to visit charleston, sc one day 🙂

Nicole O'Dell - June 30, 2010

LOL I’ve had those fried peanuts before, and I thought the same thing. I expected the deep frying to do something magical to the shell. No chance.

Wonder if they rolled them in peanut butter then powdered sugar THEN deep fried them. Maybe then…? Nah.

Leigh Moore - June 30, 2010

LOL @the peanut experience! Yep, it is H-O-T right now, but SC is gorgeous~ great pix! :o)

OGP - July 2, 2010

I didn’t know you were gonna be in Ashville!!!! I live near there and would have died to see you; you’re my fave author!!! Well darn! : – (

Caroline - July 6, 2010

That driveway…it looks exactly like one in Nicholas Sparks’ The Last Song (the movie). Maybe because they have the same hangover trees.

Bethany Ellis - July 14, 2010

So. My Summer plans. Let’s see…

Work. Work. Church. Work. Maybe a trip to New England. Work. Church. Work. And maybe some work. 😛

Oh, but lots of reading is definitely gonna happen. I’ve got books coming at me left and right… I can’t wait to read them all. Like: The Jesus You Can’t Ignore (John MacArthur), Stop Dating the Church (Joshua Harris), Fatal Convictions (Randy Singer), Dug Down Deep (Joshua Harris), The Last Operative (Jerry Jenkins), and The Witness (Josh McDowell). I think that’s all of them.. so far, anyway 😛

So there ya have it. I plan to be a geek this summer.

Ashleigh - July 14, 2010

Well, i was hoping last holidays would come back, so i could be in Thailand, with a bunch of my friends.Its currently winter here in Australia and my 3 weeks school holidays are almost over.. 🙁 But i have been to Laser Tag and 10 Pin bowling these holidays. You try laser tag, its ultra fun, but requires alot of energy… Back to school on Monday! 🙁

Rachel B. - July 14, 2010

My summer plans include: a beach trip, going to Hershey Park, a cabin trip, and a bunch of cookouts! And possibly some reading in between there somewhere, lol..

Heather aka Dynamic Uno - July 14, 2010

I went to Sylvania, GA to visit my teacher friend who retired up there with her husband a few years ago. Talk about peaceful!

Now, my plans include–catching up on my TV shows, reading, eating, napping, working at my part-time job, a few summer trainings, napping, eating…although not exactly in that order.

Catrina - July 14, 2010

Work. That pretty much sums up my summer plans. 🙂

Kim - July 14, 2010

Summer Plans:
Work – New full time job that God blessed me with.
Hawaii – Oahu! With my family! – I need just graduation from college!
Lots more!

Maria - July 14, 2010

My summer plans are: swimming, water skiing, tubing… (I live on a lake) reading, watching TV, finishing an online course 🙁 and some basketball here and there! Oh, and there will be lots of hanging with friends and youth group fun 🙂 On the last weekend of summer I’m going to have my 15th birthday party.. fun fun fun!

Jae - July 14, 2010

Hmmm, my summer plans are (in no order):
soccer, running, sleeping, eating, swimming, tanning,
reading, writing, church, movies, getting caught up on TV, a fishing trip, a camp, and other interesting (and not-so-interesting) stuff.

Erin McFarland - July 14, 2010

I’ll be changing the world one diaper and photo at a time.

Sarah - July 15, 2010

Loved the pictures and I can’t wait for the next books!

Sarah - July 15, 2010

I don’t think the free kindle is working! 🙂

kristina - July 15, 2010

My summer plans are going to TN next week for our first year anniversary then in August we are going to CA!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see my family and the beach!!!!!! 🙂

Madison - July 15, 2010

This summer, I am staying home and watching the grass grow while drinking many chocolate banana milkshakes (and promptly not cutting the grass) 🙂

I am also hanging out with my little cousins for a week…who doesn’t like to play trains and Barbies for seven days straight?

Vacation Bible School is also a highlight. Love running around with the 200 odd munchkins that show up.

That’s it other than reading, and thinking that I should clean the house eventually. 🙂

Kristin - July 15, 2010

My summer plans are: finishing my summer courses (next week, thank goodness!), sewing a lot, catching up on my “to read” list, possibly spending a weekend at the lake in a huge, gorgeous cabin, and watching a ridiculous amount of Cary Grant movies.

By the way, thanks for the Etsy link you left on my blog. Those dresses are beautiful! I’m definitely going to print out some pictures of them to put in my sewing notebook.


Abigail - July 15, 2010

My summer plans include:
A fabulous trip to Florida for school competitions. But I get to go to Disney World! My first time there, so I’m pretty excited.
Also, my first job as a Tae Kwon Do instructor. It rocks, and the kids are too cute. If only they would stop saying I scare them (jokingly)… Apparently a white Tae Kwon Do uniform is terrifying?
I’m also studying for the PSAT and ACT. Summer can’t be perfect, but it isn’t so bad. I’m learning a lot, so let’s hope my score will not make me want to hide for all eternity…
Reading!!! I’m trying to read as many timeless classics as I can. Jane Eyre, Emma, Romeo and Juliet, In Between… 😉


Melena - July 15, 2010

My summer plans: Went to Disney World in Orlando and had the best time ever! It was my first time there which is pretty cool. I’m going to church camp next week and I’m so excited to see all of my friends. And in two weeks, I’m getting BRACES. Not exactly how I’d like to end my perfect summer, but oh well.

The pictures are beeooutiful : )

Katelyn - July 15, 2010

hmmmmm…summer plans. Nothing very exciting, just volleyball camp, volleyball conditioning, basketball practices, toonnnnsss of sleeping in, and maybee a few books here and there (or everywhere!!). Also my family’s going to Brandson, MO for a few days and hopefully see a show or two…yup i think thats all. Boring, I know;)
PS…Can’t wait for you next book!!

Olivia Pittman - July 15, 2010

I’m @ the beach now! My mom’s off of chemo for 2 months!!!!!! YAY!!! Bought an ice cream maker!!!! So… I ate a bowl! Gonna read ,relax ,and ruin my bathing suit!!
Gotta go swim!

Olivia Pittman - July 15, 2010

Swimmin, singin, and sleepin!

Olivia Pittman - July 15, 2010

Yay!! I am happy.

Sarah Beth - July 16, 2010

Going to Michigan to watch my fav cuz get married. Did I mention I’m in the wedding? Climb up star mountain (in roanoke) and look at the awesomely beautiful star up there. It’s red, white, and blue. ;)and vball camp. 🙂

Ken - July 17, 2010

When summer does come in Australia I will be sitting on the beach relaxing and reading books 🙂

Macy - July 17, 2010

My summer plans aren’t the greatest. We went to Oklahoma to see a whole lot of family (most under the age of ten:(). We had to go to Tulsa where my dads family lives. You mention Tulsa alot in the charmed life series! One fun thing is that we have connections with a billionaire and they let us and my dads sisters family stay there for a week. They live in Dallas TX in the same neighborhood as emit smith the football player. Our Orlando trip was cancelled so as of right now I watch tv read and babysit. That’s my summer!

Sarah Stewart - July 18, 2010

Hey! My summer plans are well just yesterday I had an audition for possible comercials and such as a volunteer (i LOVE acting!) and maybe a movie. I am also getting ready to leave for Taiwan for a mission trip to have vbs with the kids there and anyone else who wants to join. So yay thats my summer and im rereading the Katie Parker series! (just cant get enough of Katie and mad Maxine haha) And just reading a ton of other books but your books are my favorite! Soooo that is the Summer plans of Sarah Stewart! 🙂 (cant wait for save the date!!)

Suzanne Schaffer - July 18, 2010

Summer plans? I just got back from the beach. Does that count? I saw an Amish man sitting on the pot in an outhouse with the door open yesterday. Does that count?

I’m turning 41 on Thursday. I know that counts for something.

KELSEY - July 22, 2010

That sounds soo awesome! now I want to visit charelston!!!!

KELSEY - July 22, 2010

helping at VBS and going on a local mission trip!

ugg classicol - August 2, 2010

Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.
Have a nice day

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