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I have been hanging on for weeks until I could tell you about my friend Cara Putman's book, Stars in the Night. First of all, there could be nothing written inside the book besides THE END, and I'd still buy it for the cover art alone. Without a doubt, this is my pick as best book cover for 2010. I mean, check this out.

Isn't it beautiful? It's so classic Hollywood. (If anyone cares, my cover pick for '09 (besides my own) is this one. Runner up for 2010? Right here.)

Cara is giving away an AWESOME prize on her website as she launches her new release, so make sure you check out the details at the end of this blog. Anyway, I got a sneak preview of Stars in the Night and was so excited to finally get it in my hands. I met Cara a handful of years ago at the ACFW conference, and she was one of those people who I thought, “We could totally be friends.” I think everyone feels that way around Cara. She's that kind and friendly and smart and pretty and talented and energetic and enthusiastic and fabulous.

We're gonna talk to Cara more next Monday AND give away a copy of Stars in the Night, so you definitely want to come back for that. But in the meantime, I wanted to share my review of the book and give you a sample of the first chapter.

Here is exactly what I told Amazon: Stars in the Night has it all–suspense, mystery, intrigue, romance, and a time period created so accurately you swear you're right there. Cara Putman has done an amazing job taking the reader back to the golden days of Hollywood. This enjoyable read will make you long for simpler times AND Hollywood glam. If you love a mystery, and if you love classic movies by greats such as Rogers, Loy, Gable, Grant, Hepburn, Stewart, you will ADORE this book. It was like sitting down with my favorite black and white movie on TNT. I loved how the time period details sucked me right in. And Putman is a master at the red herring. I was left wondering “who done it” til the very end. Stars in the Night is, by far, my favorite book cover of 2010, and one of my favorite Christian fiction reads for the year as well.

Here's some more info, including the first chapter.

This week, the

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance

is introducing

Stars In The NightSummerside Press (July 1, 2010)

byCara Putman

A Word From Cara:

I graduated from high school at sixteen, college at 20, and completed my law degree when I was 27.

My writing journey started in 2005 when I decided to write my first novel. Now I have eleven books published with more on the way.

People say I've accomplished a lot and that I must have life by the proverbial tail. Hardly! I grew up as a home schooled kid when home schoolers were misunderstood and oddities.

I struggle with balancing my writing and law career, plus being a good mom and wife.

I often fear people won't like my books.

I've walked through the deep pain of miscarriage.

Really, I'm just like you – I don't have it all together and have gone through tough times. But in His strength, I've discovered a strength I never knew I had. A strength I want you to discover, too.

In the end I'm just an ordinary mom who has seen God do some wonderful things as I've been obedient to step into the calling He's led me into.

Stars in the Night Background


Stars in the Night was an idea that had begun to percolate in my mind. I’d written two World War II series and was actively looking for my next setting. My husband, a huge World War II history buff, and I were kicking ideas around, and I’d decided Hollywood was probably the next place for me. I’d gone to the library and gotten a stack of research books when I got the call. An editor I knew but had never worked with wanted to know if I might be interested in a new line they were starting. As we talked, I got so excited. And then she emailed me their guidelines, which listed that Hollywood was a location they were interested in setting books.

Only God could have known ahead of time. But because I followed His prompting I was ready to run with an idea. Stars in the Night is the result.


Hollywood 1942. When attorney Audra Schaeffer's sister disappears, Audra flies to Hollywood to find her.

Any day Audra might have been flattered by the friendly overtures of Robert Garfield, a real-life movie star. But on the flight from Indianapolis to Hollywood, Audra can think of little else than finding her missing sister. When Audra arrives in the city of glitz and glamour, and stars, and learns her rising starlet sister has been murdered, all thoughts of romance fly away.

Determined to bring the killer to justice, Audra takes a job with the second Hollywood Victory Caravan.

Together with Robert Garfield and other stars, she crisscrosses the southern United States in a campaign to sell war bonds. When two other women are found dead on the train, Audra knows the deaths are tied to that of her sister.

Could the killer be the man with whom she's falling in love?

If you'd like to read an excerpt of Chapter 1 of Stars In The Night, go HERE.

Contest: Lots of opportunities to win and great prizes, and the grand prize contains some of Cara's favorite classic movies as well as all of her WWII novels: Launch Contest!

Guys, it's taking all my will power (we know how strong that is…) not to enter this contest myself. I mean did you see all those old movies? Awesome.

See you next Monday for a fun interview and giveaway with Cara.


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Cara Putman - July 22, 2010

Jen, I hope I’m half the things you say. And you don’t know how much it means that you enjoyed the book. And you can enter the contest, you goose!

Cara Putman - July 22, 2010

Oh, And I love the cover to Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart. Stunning!

Kristin - July 23, 2010

Wow…I must have that book. 🙂 It would be the perfect thing to start off my break from school and the classic movie marathons I’m planning to have.

I would enter her contest, but due to my classic movie obsession, I already own three of those sets and two of the movies on the last one (that Frank Capra boxed set is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. :). But I’m definitely going to try to get the book!


Ruth - July 23, 2010

Thanks for sharing your review, Jenny! I adore this cover as well…planning on reading this book this weekend.

Erin McFarland - July 23, 2010

I thought the same thing when i first saw this book cover!! Totally eye candy!

Cara Putman - July 27, 2010

Ruth, I hoped you enjoyed the book. And Erin, I smile every time I see the cover to Stars in the Night. Amazing!

ugg classicol - August 2, 2010

Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.
Have a nice day


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