But Summer, We Were So Good Together

grassy knoll
Have you ever thrown something in the trash at night so you wouldn't eat it and then dug it out the next morning?
Me neither.

The picture above is from Isle of Palms, a small beach community near Charleston, South Carolina. This is also where you will find seven million dollar homes along the beach and where a scene takes place in my winter release Save the Date.  When that book hits the shelves, summer will be a distant memory, and I'll pull out my beach pics and have warm fuzzy summer thoughts. Because I have had one fabulous June, July, and August.

This summer I:

1. Painted the interior of my house

2. Painted some more

3. Took classes for school

4. Took more classes for school

5. Went to Charleston, SC

6. Frollicked on the beach

7. Did not get a sunburn

8. Almost died of Hot Historical Homes Without Air Conditioning Syndrome

9. Drank ridiculous amounts of iced tea (no sugar, if you please)

10. Worked on a book

11. Worked on a book some more

12. Went to Savannah, GA

13. Saw historical homes that DID have air conditioning

14. Coerced my family into going on a Savannah ghost tour

15. Got rained on during said ghost tour

16. Got attacked by a rogue militant band of mosquitoes on tour…though no one else did. Spooky? No, just itchy.

17. Stayed on Tybee Island

18. Frollicked on the beach

19. Did not get a sunburn

20. Did not get stung by freak amount of jelly fish

21. Ate at Paula Deen's

22. Missed seeing Paula by a millisecond

23. Ate so much Southern food, my arteries are Kentucky fried

24. Read some books

25. Went to Kansas City

26. Ate a piece of cheesecake big enough to satisfy Goliath and his entire inbred family.

27. Realized I've been using the wrong form of inbred all my life and reflected how this will change many a lesson plan

28. Saw a concert

29. Had a great time with my mom and family

30. Got to August 9th, my last day of vacation, commemorated this Monday with a breakfast of cold fajitas and Fruit Loops.

31. Pulled out my teacher's hat, dusted it off, and hugged summer goodbye.

What about you? If your summer was a list, what would it say?

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Debra - August 9, 2010

You were at my beach! Ahhh, I can’t believe Jenny B. Jones was on my beach and I totally missed it. I am at Isle of Palms–I’d say all the time but it looks like there are storm clouds forming above my head so I’m going to go with once every few months which is closer to the truth.

I so wish I could have met up with you in a totally non-creepy, non-stalker way when you were in SC. 😉

PS: Now I can’t wait to read that scene! Looking so forward to it. 😀

Liz Johnson - August 9, 2010

Sounds like a great summer! I’m very jealous! Mine mostly consisted of
1. Started a new job
2. Tried to figure out what I’m supposed to do in said new job
3. Survived floods
4. Finished writing a book
5. Immediately began proposals for next books
6. Tried again to figure out new job
7. Planned trip to Prince Edward Island
8. Soon to take take trip to PEI!

Happy first day back to school. Your students don’t know how lucky they are. 🙂

ashley - August 9, 2010

1. Bid adieu to my paternal grandmother. she had a meet and greet with Jesus.
2. celebrated 9 birthdays of friends and family
3. played lots of kickball
4. went to the flood benefit concert by tim & faith
5. went to fl for the 4th
6. threw a bachelorette party
7. went to a scary red neck water park
8. was a bridesmaid in my college roommates denver wedding
9. saw my college buddy pitch in the cubs vs rockies game
10. got the keys to my new to me but 1970’s throw back apt
11. threw a mad hatter un-bridal tea for my friend

and summer for me doesnt end till Sept 19th! with LOTS more to come!

going to nap now……

Jenny B Jones - August 9, 2010

Debra, I had no idea! Loved Isle of Palms.
Liz, I’m SO excited for your book release! WOOOO!!!!! And crazy jealous of your PEI trip. Can’t wait to hear about it.
Ashley, I’m so sorry about your grandmother. That stinks. But congrats on the new 1970s apartment. Kelso and Fez will love it!

Tracy - August 10, 2010

Well…I went to the US and enjoyed a mid-year, mid-winter kind of summer! As for historical homes, my daughter and I had a tour through Molly Brown’s House in Denver and indulged our love of all things old.

Can I just say….if I were to enjoy a Colorado summer, I would say summer is one of my favourite seasons. As it is I live near Melbourne and our summers are outrageously awful. This year during our summer I will dream of being in Colorado!

Olivia - August 10, 2010

Umm my list would probably go something like this…
1. Graduate from 5th grade(hallelujah THAT’S over)
2. BFF ignored me
3. Made a new(and improved) BFF
4. Mom FINALLY let me read/watch Twilight(My Dad’s true 1st name is Rev. so that was tough
5. Went to VBS
6. Watched so much TV I think my brain may fall out of my eye sockets.
7. Got a laptop(it’s pink and will be here in 5-7 days!!!)
So that’s what a summer is like for a person with Chronic Random-ness ‘Together we can find a cure’;-D LOL

Tammy - August 10, 2010

wow your summer sounds so exciting!!
I actually did like nothing this whole summer which kind of sucks but then it doesnt because it was nice just to relax and stuff 🙂

Katy - August 10, 2010

Actually I have thrown something in the trashcan so I wouldn’t eat it, and then have eaten it the next day. Just so that you guys don’t think I’m completely disgusting I put it in a completely sealed container and nothing else was in the trash bag so it’s ok.

I didn’t really do anything this summer but read, relax, and swim

Abby Minard - August 10, 2010

Sounds like a great time– looks like you possibly went to Cheesecake Factory in KC, eh eh? Here is my list:
1. Got a tick bite on my shoulder that lasted months
2. Got a spider bite while in bed (still shuddering from that)
3. Planted pretty flowers in my flower garden
4. Went to Sunset Beach North Carolina with the fam
5. Threw my daughter the ultimate 5 year birthday pool party
6. Went to Lady Gaga!!!
7. Went to my 10 year high school reunion- whoa, what a trip.
8. Worked on my book, although not as much as I wanted to.
9. Celebrated 10 years with my husband (6 being married)
10. Now, just getting ready for my daughter to start kindergarten!!

Holly Schindler - August 13, 2010

“Pulled out my teacher’s hat, dusted it off, and hugged summer goodbye.” LOVE that. You should be a writer or something…

Nikki - August 14, 2010

#16 – According to a Snapple cap I read recently, mosquitoes tend to bite people who have recently eaten bananas. Was this by any chance your trouble? 😉

I had an extremely busy summer, too – quite possibly the most busy ever! I start back to school on Monday (no kids this week), but I’ve spent every waking moment of the last week preparing…good thing I love my job. 🙂 I’m going to miss summer though…only 9 months to go…

Jourdyn - August 16, 2010

My summer probably goes like this:

1. Slept
2. Wrote stories with my friends
3. Got my hair done (red and blonde highlights)
4. Got ready for school
5. Swam
6. Went to a couple concerts

And so on.:)


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