Days of Tears and Zombies


That would be a picture of a bathroom I recently visited. What? Don't tell me you never snap pictures of cute bathrooms. This one was just crying to have its photo taken.

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So this weekend I was lured in with good home cooking and then forced to watch a Nicholas Sparks movie. Yes, I finally saw Last Song. The highlight? Seeing Greg Kinnear and the Tybee Island lighthouse, where I was this summer. The low point? The other two hours of the movie.

In all honesty, it was much better than I thought it would be. Better than Dear, John. And I like Greg Kinnear a lot. Number one, he used to host Soup, which might be the best show ever. And number two, he's just a surprisingly good actor. He has all these little subtle mannerisms that are so authentic, reminding me of Meryl Streep's acting style. They're just real. It takes a lot of skill to be so convincingly unpolished onscreen.

But, ladies, here is what I do NOT get. I do not get purposely making yourself cry. I'll admit I teared up a little toward the Nicholas Sparks Someone Gonna Die Ending. I even KNEW the ending. But it was still sad. And then I got TICKED that I was all teary. That is not a good feeling. I just don't get WANTING to put yourself through that. I know a lot of you choose to watch sad movies for the same reasons I choose not to. And. . .you're weirdos.

Miley Cyrus actually did a decent job in this movie. And if I were a teenager, I'd probably have that Liam Hemsworth's posters plastered all over my room. (But I'm not. So I just stepped into creepy town.)   There were still some moments in the movie that I was like, “WHAT just happened? I'm so sure!”  These moments were a little lonely as my friends do not believe in Movie Talking. I tend to do a little Mystery Science Theater dialogue through each and every movie I see. It's charming. It's beneficial for all.
It makes people want to hit me.

But there are just some moments when it's IMPOSSIBLE to keep your mouth shut. Like when two teenage characters say, “I love you.” “I love you too!” after knowing each other after like 12 minutes of screen time. Or when a 10 year old kid is capable of creating a beautiful and intricate piece of stained glass after only weeks of tutelage from his father. And how the sun shines through the stained glass at just the right time during a funeral, just as the deceased said it would, signifying that he/she is nearby. (Seriously?!)

You know what would be good? A Sparks-Zombie movie smash-up. Then we can justify all the dead bodies in the movie. And if a significant character dies, you won't be crying for long because soon you'll be laughing when he comes back to life and his arms fall off and he runs into walls and makes poor clothing choices and drips a little ooze and smells. And we're all happy! (Spielberg, call me.)

Today we begin our first full week of school. For those of you who started back, how did it go? Homeschoolers, are you back to it yet? Public/Private schoolers, did you stress over your outfit? Did you get all the classes you wanted? How was lunch?

Let me know how day one of school went! See you Wednesday.

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Kaye Dacus - August 23, 2010

That’s exactly how I feel about the Sparksian-types of movies. Why purposely go into something knowing it’s going to make you cry? (My exception to this being dog movies—like Marley & Me.) Which is why I’m usually first in line for the newest Jason Bourne movie and have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to a “romantic” movie. And me, a romance writer, and all.

Have fun at school!

Liv - August 23, 2010

Omigosh Me and my family talk to TV to! My Aunt Sandra makes fun of us but, i mean, come on. How, just how, could you NOT scream at Jon Gosselin? Hmmm?
BTW, on the last blog I tried to put a weblink on there but put the wrong one by accident. Click on my name(this goes for readers to)and it’ll take you to; it’s this Christian mix of Facebook and Youtube it’s really cool. My link takes you to The Skit Guys’ page. Watch all of their videos; They’re hilairious! I’m not allowed to watch the youtube videos you post on your blog so could you please start posting from


Amy - August 23, 2010

I can’t watch THE NOTEBOOK…just thinking about that movie makes me want to cry.

Fortunately, I have a good friend who also likes to talk during movies as much as I do. So it’s MST3K (with Joel, not Mike) all the time around here.

And crying is good for you. It releases hormones. 🙂

Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect - August 23, 2010

I don’t watch movies that are going to make me cry if I can at all help it. I was tempted with Dear, John, but only because the main character was super cute in Step Up. Yes, that’s right. I said it. And if it means I went to creepy town, then so be it.

I’ve been teasing my husband ever since I saw a preview for Last Song, because a couple months before that, he told me he’d heard that Miley Cyrus was going to be in a movie and it sounded good. I questioned him then, because he does NOT like chick flicks and we’re still a few years away from Disney shows that aren’t animated at our house, but he said, Oh yeah, the guys on the radio said it was good, so it must be good. I cracked UP when I saw the preview. Apparently “the guys on the radio” didn’t exactly say what kind of movie it was. Weird. (And hilarious. To me. Not to him.)

hannah - August 23, 2010

i admitt i liked the movie better than the book. nicholas sparks has some cheesy lines in his books tho. there is a shooting star (how origonal) and will kisses ronnie for example…. how cheesy. miley was…. okay at acting. but her dad, or the guy who plays her dad was good tho…

Carra - August 23, 2010

Every once in a great while I get a hankering for a good ol’ weepy chick flick (I chalk it up to all the crazy, testosterone-laced action/thrillers I watch with the hubby). But then I watch one in all its corny, weepy goodness/badness, and I can’t stop wondering why in the world I would put myself through that. Ever. Some days I wonder how Sparks live with himself…but then I realize I’ve already given the question too much brain energy…

Evangeline Denmark - August 23, 2010

I absolutely agree, they should start doing Nicholas Sparks monster mash-ups. Then again, monster mash-ups are my prescription for everyone who takes themselves too seriously. Although, now that I think about it, maybe I should stop bringing that up during prayer request time.

Our first day of school was last week. As is traditional, I wore something in the black, shapeless, Yoga catagory to drop my kids off. I like to think my boys don’t care what I wear, but last year my youngest asked me to please wear lipstick when I came to pick him up from kindergarten. I’ve gotten miles of self-loathing out of that one.

Kim - August 23, 2010

ahhhh Jen you make me lol. I love movies that make a girl cry. It makes me feel raw human emotions:) I loved Dear John, Loved the Notebook, Loved the last song. Love it so much I ended up watching it two more times this weekend before returning it to redbox this evening. I loved the music, the romance, the great acting and Jen squirming during the whole movie just dying to dish. Thank you for mostly restraining yourself until you couldn’t handle it no more.

Mattie - August 23, 2010

I’m such a movie talker too! My friends get so anoyed when I go see a book movie with them an I read the book. They get sick of me saying, “that did NOT happen in the book.”
I’ve had friends hit me before… Hard. Right in the middle of the movie.
Jenny, I agree with the whole who wanna makes themself cry? I’d rather see something blow up or zombies coming to life 🙂
School just started today and I was oober doober excited, until I walked in and saw a bunch of upperclassmen… And absolutly no one I knew.
Until I walked down the hall and found a few friends, but I did get all the classes I wanted.
Lunch was good. I had about five minutes to eat being as we are on a block schedule and I got there way late but my PB&J made it all better 🙂

Nat - August 24, 2010

Please oh please oh please send out the August newsletter soon!!! I’m dying for more zippity!!! I’m zippity obbsessed I’m zippity addicted I…I…uhhh…I’m facing zippity withdrawls!!!! I’m zippity deprived!

Your Zippity Desperate Fan,
Zippity-less in ‘Zealand

PS I’m not really in new zealand im in NC but anyhoo….

Leah - August 26, 2010

I just watched the Last Song too. I liked it!
I talk during some movies, If they are pathetic i wont STOP talking and yelling at the actors:)
I’m home schooled and we start in about a week….:( I’m kinda excited and a little bummed.

Jenny B Jones - August 29, 2010

Leah, have a great school year!
Nat, it’s coming soon. 🙂
Mattie, lunch is NEVER as long as it’s supposed to be. Not sure why that is.
Kim, if Nicholas Sparks ever becomes available, you should marry him.

Evangeline, that is awesome–please wear lipstick. ha. But you’re just wearing your writers uniform. He should be proud!

Mary, I love Step UP. And I hope you made your husband watch Last Song just to see if your husband STILL thought it was a good movie.
Carra, sometimes you do need a break from the action-gun-toting movies. But that’s what E! is for. ; )

Hannah, so the movie is better than the book. Interesting!

Amy, I’m glad you have friends supportive of your movie talking. I need to find new ones. ; )

Hey, Liv, Tangle is a good idea, but not one most of us are familiar with. So I gotta be faithful to my YouTube. : )

Kaye, now that’s even WORSE. I cannot, cannot, cannot watch animal movies. They put me right in the floor. MISERABLE. I’d rather see a person die on screen than an animal any day.

Nikki - September 2, 2010

I so agree with your evaluation of Sparks movies! I don’t get self-inflicted depression! 🙂

Have you seen Greg Kinnear in Dear God? Its an old movie, but I loved him in that one, and the other characters were hysterical too.


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