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Hours into Monday and I've already failed. I didn't watch the Emmy's. Did you? I hear Jimmy Fallon was pretty much awesome. I like Jimmy a lot. He's subtle. He's low-key. He's funny. And he does good impressions.

I also like him because his wife isn't a size zero-zero.

Speaking of SNL alum, I was sad to hear Will Forte is leaving the show. While this isn't my favorite sketch of his, it is my favorite moment. There is language in this, so skip past it to the good part at 2:39 and stop at 4:14 where Manning prances out. (Anything before or after this will get you serious cussing. And me hate mail, so if you're a teen be warned! No trespassing!) To set this up, this basketball team is losing by a million points and the team wants to go home at the half. This dork coach has just told them about a time he was in the same situation as a player, his coach played a zippy little cassette tape, and it changed the game. Now he's going to play that same tape for his own team. Watch the cast behind him try to keep it together. You can watch it HERE.

Thank you to Mary of Giving Up On Perfect for her wonderful review of Just Between You and Me. You can read it HERE.  Interesting that the subtitle of the book scared her away. And interesting that she doesn't read YA. And yet I like her anyway. ; )

If you've followed the blog long, you know that I hate awkward situations. I don't like things that make me feel squirmy. This next video ranks right up there. And as a speech teacher, I don't even know where to start with this mayoral candidate. In my next book Save the Date, Alex Sinclair is a retired football star running for Congress. And he's nothing like this guy.

Impressive, yes?

Quick question: Is this Courtney Love or the the Olsen Twins?

Have you guys seen this marriage proposal? Love his flair for stage dance.

Have you seen the New Dress a Day blog, where the girl takes totally awful dresses and redoes them into awesome? 365 days, 365 dollars. Some are super cool. And some are super questionable. Behold.

Finally, Cat in the Box never fails to crack me up. Love his passion for the job.

My August newsletter went out yesterday. I announced a newsletter-only contest winner, shared a little devotional on Samuel the Man, shared some good YA reads, and gave some hints about Save the Date. Hope you got your copy!

Have a great week. See you Wednesday!

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Ruth - August 30, 2010

Oh my gosh. That Coffee with the Candidates video has scared the bejeebers out of me! LOL!

Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect - August 30, 2010

It IS interesting, isn’t it? 🙂 I’m glad you like me anyway, and your readers who have visited my blog (thank you) have convinced me to get over my YA bias and READ YOUR BOOKS! So, they’re on my list! 🙂

Kristin - August 30, 2010

Oh, wow, that marriage proposal was amazing. It was so sweet…and strange. It made my day! =) Seriously, how cool will it be for that couple to tell their kids and grandkids how they got engaged? Or maybe they can just show them the video. =)


Christa Allan - August 30, 2010

The cat video…OMG…belly aching laughter! Can’t wait to show it to the hubby.

Nicole O'Dell - August 30, 2010

I’m totally voting for that guy.

Mattie - August 30, 2010

They did something similar to the SNL sketch when Michael Phelps was on (minus the cussing)! I love that though! Lol 🙂

Camy Tang - August 31, 2010

I totally love that 365 dress blog! Most of what she’s done is pretty darn creative, esp considering how hideous the originals are that she has to work with! If I had more time I’d be on that blog all day.

Olivia - September 4, 2010

omigosh Jenny!
Where’d ya go? It’s all ready Sat. and I haven’t had Zippity since Mon.!!!

Erin McFarland - September 9, 2010

gahhhhHHH!!! is this the new generation of politician? that was beyond Michael Scott kinda awkward. if i were that journalist, i would demand extra pay for having to endure that interview!


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