It’s the Little Things

Since Monday's post was about my neurotic stressage, today I thought I'd tell you what I'm thankful for. It's the little things, isn't it?

First of all, I've had a great week of smile moments. A few days ago I did my bi-annual run to the recycling center in town. I absolutely hate this chore. The place is run by volunteers of old men driving fork lifts. This part I like. Because they're nice. And funny. And for reasons I can't guess, they're there because they want to be. And as I'm tossing my magazines in this giant refrigerator box filled wth other thrown-away mags, I spy the September issue of Southern Living. The one that costs five bucks. The one I had passed up just HOURS BEFORE in Wal-Mart. SCORE! And I got a new People magazine. DOUBLE SCORE! And I got street cred for dumpster diving.

Now we move on to last Sunday. Before I leave on a trip, I usually have a “Last Supper.” Often this involves eating at my mother's, as she is a fabulous cook. (She doesn't believe brownies come from a box. God sure knew what he was doing when he was passing out mothers.)  Sometimes the Last Supper is just going somewhere and ordering whatever I want, as I usually eat a pretty restrictive diet (despite my obsession and frequent mention of all things fatty and lacking nutrition). (Ice cream is gluten free, by the way.)  So that's what I did Sunday. After church, I joined my mother, aunt, and uncle in a nearby town for fried chicken at one of my favorite restaurants. Why Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives hasn't stopped by this place is BEYOND me.  I mean, just check out the beautiful exterior.


I think that pink paint is original. If they've ever repainted, I'm not aware of it. Neal's opened in 1944 and little has changed. It's a local landmark and they can cook, y'all. Check out this glittery chair. P1070623

That's real, genuine glitter. On your chair. You can't find that just anywhere. The rest of the interior is just as impressive. P1070626

What I love about this restaurant, besides their perfectly fried chicken, is that you can see millionaires dining beside farmers. Everyone eats here. This big guy hung over our table. P1070622 I mean literally over us. If my mom had been a little taller her head would've been up his nose. This pink monstrosity of a diner makes me very, very happy. After I filled up on home cooking, I went to our local mall. It was a beautiful day (outdoor mall), and even though I had to give Banana Republic some super cute shoes back (seriously, have you seen their flats?), I was treated to the sound of a New Orleans style band right outside Banana's doors.

Aren't they amazingly good? I was so impressed.

And then I got to watch this dad dance across the lawn with his girl. P1070638 And then my mom gave me an old family treasure I hadn't laid eyes on in decades. It's so valuable, I'm probably gonna have to get a super secret wall safe with a full-time body guard. P1070641

That's right. It's the original cast recording of Annie the movie, starring Albert Finney, Aileen Quinn, CAROL BURNETT (I love you Mrs. Hannigan!), and Tim Curry. I used to listen to this by the HOUR. And kids, the cool thing about records was you could open their covers and find all sorts of things to look at. P1070644 I can still sing “I Think I'm Gonna Like it Here” on command. (Used to room…in a tomb…where I'd sit and freeze! Get me now! Holy Cow! Would someone…pinch me please?!)

So these were my little musical, greasy blessings this weekend. What about you? What are some blessings or cool things that have caught your attention lately?

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Kristin - September 15, 2010

Awesome record! I’ve never seen any of the “Annie” movies all of the way through, but I saw a local production of the play this summer and loved it. The songs are amazing…I frequently have “Hard Knock Life” and “Easy Street” playing through my head. I really need to get an “Annie” CD. Or better yet, a record! Note to self: Look at thrift store next time…

Some little blessings in my life lately have been cooler fall-ish weather, rediscovering favorite childhood books (“Charlotte’s Web”!), realizing how much I love (and am thankful for) my sewing machine lately, and finding some of my favorite songs again on my iPod last night (sometimes they get a little lost there :).

Nicole O'Dell - September 15, 2010

Ah…I ADORE Annie! I still watch it whenever it’s on. That new version…SACRILEGE!

Preacher - September 15, 2010

I’m thankful for the blessing of a laptop that has a full size keyboard for my fat hands, especially since I have to take notes at next week’s ACFW conference during the session on Humor presented by a Ms. J. Jones. I’ll have to be able to type quickly and get all the notes down since I’ll be writing up a summary of the session for Afictionado magazine. Should be fun. (I can’t wait for the YouTube clips!)

Jenny B Jones - September 15, 2010

Kristin, you HAVE to watch the 1982 version with Carol Burnett. It’s so good. Great music.

Nicole, I TOTALLY agree! There’s no comparison.

Preacher, I can see where that would be a problem. Laptops have such tiny keys anyway. Good luck in your reporting on the class!

Amy Matayo - September 15, 2010

Great post! Funny…I knew you were talking about Neil’s before I saw the pictures. I love that place! Got a little teary-eyed when I saw the Annie album. Where in the world did I put mine?? Thanks for the fun read!

Mattie - September 15, 2010

That sounds so good! A little blessing (well a big one that I’ve just realized again) are my super amazing friends. They always support me and make me smile 🙂 I never always realize how wonderful my friends are unitl I sit down and think about it. Thank you for reminding me with this post, Jenny! 🙂

Erin Valentine - September 16, 2010

I cracked up; I just ate lunch there yesterday after BSF. HAVE to go there at least once a year for the meatloaf and fried jalapenos.

Abby Minard - September 16, 2010

So glad you are having a better week! I love the photos of your favorite restaurant!!

One major thing I am thankful for right now is my husband got a big new job! It’s a big promotion and we get to stay where we’re at! We are so lucky that he had a great job in the first place, so this new one is just icing on the cake. I know it’s so hard right now for people to even find a job, so we are so blessed to have this opportunity.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Amy - September 18, 2010

Loved the post, it made me smile. The restaurant sounds wonderful. I don’t think there are enough old diners around.

lillian - September 18, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hope you have a great day!

Kristin Gray - September 19, 2010

And Annie. Love, love.

Congrats on the Carol Award!! Wahoo!!!!!!

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Loved the post, it made me smile. The restaurant sounds wonderful. I don’t think there are enough old diners around.

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