Friday, Where Have You Been?

I didn't think Friday would ever get here!  That pic above is me and the fabulous Janna Ryan, a wonderful book reviewer and the amazing woman who runs the conference bookstore every year at ACFW, a task that would scare Superman. AND she did it this year with a new baby.

I'm short on time, so I'm gonna hold my ACFW conference stories til next week. But how awesome to come back home to fall TV premiere week! Glee was interesting. I had to do a little background check on the new football coach. Yep, that's a woman. She looks so much like Emma Pillsbury's ex-fiance, I wasn't sure what was going on. Actually she reminds me of a character from Shrek. The barmaid. Anyone remember that?  And then Castle. I accidentally slept through that, so I need to catch it online. And I watched Modern Family. What new shows did you guys watch?

Have you guys seen this? The German American Idol winners. I've only listened to it a few hundred times.

I find they sound better with my mad harmony skills. All 100 times. I don't even like U2 and I like that song. (Sorry Bono diehards. You know who you are. *cough*Shauna)  This cover of “Hallelujah” is good too.

Have you seen this cat who adopted a baby squirrel?

It purrs. Isn't that awesome? If Miller had adopted that thing it's only talent would be meowing 1440 minutes a day.

I've started watching Psych. That show is so smart. And dumb. The perfect combination.

Some of you have been singing its praises for years, and I would occasionally catch an episode, but didn't commit. Well, Psych and I are going steady now.

I stole this from someone's Facebook, but this cracked me up.

“For God's sake woman, he's a man who's caught a cold. A man cold.” Sadly, I was that whine-bag this week. But all I needed was sleep+drugs. Some of my students also seem to require sleep+drugs, but that's altogether different.

On a writing loop I'm on someone brought up this site, the six word memoir.  I think mine today would be:
Friday always gives me happy tinglies.

What would yours be? Six words that describe you, your day, etc. I'd love to hear them. They're almost haiku-ish. And we all know what a connoisseur of the haiku I am.

Happy weekend!

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Ruth - September 24, 2010

Oh, I’m so happy you’re watching Psych now! Smart and dumb is the perfect way to describe the show! 🙂

Erin McFarland - September 24, 2010

oh, that last clip just made my day. so ridiculously true. “Poor little bunny” hee hee. my haiku-ish 6 word memoir: potty training is a dirty job. yep, that sums me up right about now. have a great weekend!

Kristin - September 24, 2010

Mine would be: I am crushing on Michael Buble. Or maybe: I make sewing a dangerous sport.

In other words, I sewed all day long today, listening to Michael Buble, and my finger is still sore from where I stabbed myself with a pin.

By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask if I ever sent you my address for that book giveaway? I wasn’t sure if I remembered to in all of the excitement. =)


Nikki - September 24, 2010

Psych is the best!!! 🙂 You’d probably like Leverage too – the characters and dialogue are just as hilarious.

Jenny B Jones - September 25, 2010

Thank you for the Psych support. I’m glad I finally got on board.

Erin, potty training is a dirty job! Hang in there!

Kristin, that made me laugh–sewing IS a dangerous sport. And send me your addy again. A little glitch on my end.

Evangeline Denmark - September 25, 2010

Ok, you can add my name to your list of loyal to the grave Bono fans. I couldn’t watch the German guys, well-intentioned and talented though they may be. So here is my six word memoir.

How can you not love U2?

And here’s another.

I’m still bummed I missed ACFW!

Amy Matayo - September 25, 2010

Two minutes ago, mine might have been “I’m a happy Razorback fan.” Now, it’s changed to “I cannot believe this awful game!”
I need to watch Psych…

Abby Minard - September 25, 2010

OOh, I love Glee and Castle! You’ve got to watch Castle from last Monday- it was awesome, as always. Thanks for clearing up my confusion on the new Coach as well- it was so hard to determine whether she was a male or female.

I’ve been really wanting to start watching Modern Family- the first season of that is next on our list to watch.

It’s funny you mention the 6-word biography. When we have holiday get-togethers and vacations with my parents, they always come up with some kind of topic to discuss at the dinner table. This year on our summer vacation, it was the 6-word biography. But it was to sum up who we are. I can’t remember exactly what I had but it was something like : “Mom of only, husband is bestie”. It’s really hard thinking of 6 words to describe your WHOLE life.

Englandgirl - September 26, 2010

Haha I love your writing! You make me laugh so much!!! LOL! I just finished reading the Katie Parker series which were amazing and hilarious! I can’t wait for your newest book! Alright I am done gushing!

My day would be: Never gonna drive a stick shift again!

I think you would like the Tv show on ABC family- Melissa and Joey!

Rhonda - September 26, 2010

Forever thankful for my sweet family.

Mattie - September 26, 2010

I love watching Wipeout! But I’ve heard that Glee is really good too!
My current haiku is: Mascoting for school is sweaty work.
Yes, I am the mascot. I get the joy of spend my football games in a sweaty wolf suit… But it’s worth every second 🙂 I love it.

Alicia - September 27, 2010

Psych is the best show ever! Once you start watching there is no going back! Just thought I’d comment on the fact that you watch psych.

Kelli - October 1, 2010

I love your blog, it always makes me laugh.

New definitely have to check out Mike & Molly. It’s absolutely hilarious! I cried I laughed so hard!


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