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My mom carries hand sanitizer attached to the strap of her purse on this little contraption that is a modern-day holster. That's her and my aunt in the pic above. Being all germ free. Do you see their matching Germ-X holsters? Except Germ-X is too common for these ladies. They go all out and get the good stuff from Bath and Body Works. So then they're germ free and all Juniper Breezy. My mom is also rarely sick, so there's probably something to her purse danglies.

Comedian Tim Hawkins has noticed the hand sanitizer trend too.

(Thank you to my friend Tiffany for letting me steal that off your FB wall.)

Have a great rest of the week. And don't forget–cough into your elbow. It's the latest craze. (That and chocolate covered bacon.)

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Abby Minard - October 6, 2010

Love it! My daughter is all about the hand sanitizer- she needs one of those dangly things for her bookbag. Ooh, I see a stocking stuffer in her future!

Chocolate covered bacon makes me queasy just thinking about it- 2 things that make me sick all rolled into one. Yum.

Bethany Ellis - October 6, 2010

I’m sorry, but what is WITH the chocolate covered bacon craze?! Ew. Like someone wise once said, “I’m waiting for the strawberry haddock flavor.”

Jenny B Jones - October 6, 2010

I have no idea what is with the chocolate+bacon craze, but people say it’s 100 percent better than what it sounds like. I don’t know how it could be. gag.

Abby, I think the holsters are from Bath and Body, but I’m not sure. : )

Kaye Dacus - October 6, 2010

I just “converted” from Southern Baptist to United Methodist, and a UMC that is about as Episcopalian/Liturgical as you can get and still be a UMC. So on the first Sunday of each month, we have communion. There is a whole ceremony that goes along with this (with responsive readings and songs and the whole nine yards) and as we go through the ceremony, they introduce/bless the elements. Well, they’ve added a step to this—the ceremonial anti-bacterializing of the hands of everyone who will be passing out the bread (we go down to the front and kneel and they hand you a chunk of—yes yeast-risen—bread). They even have a decorative glass bowl that they’ve put it into and the associate pastor goes around to each person with it as the readings are being done. I wonder if she says something when she holds it out to them.

“Gel of Germ-X, squirted for you.”
“Thanks be to God.”

Lily - October 6, 2010

Love it! I am a huge Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer fan! I have a little sparkly holster on my purse! :o) My lit class spends about 5 mins at the beginning of class discussing hand sanitizer and the different scents. ~:-)

Also, I LOVE your blog and books! They make me happy! Reading your writing is a little bit of sunshine in my day! Thank you!! You are so delightful!!

Kristin Gray - October 7, 2010

LOVE it! Ha!


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