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Oh, Friday! (insert Scarlett O'Hara accent) I thought you'd never, never get here!

So I have another book due soon.
Which means I've been spending a lot of time on the Internet playing Farmville. And while I've been wasting ridiculous amounts of time on the ‘net writing, I have found some things that I wanted to share. I share them so my writer's block was not in vain. And so I can have something to show for my days minutes online.

1. I loved this pictorial article on titled “Eat a Burger, Please!” You can see it HERE. What's not great? Glamorizing eating disorders . What is great? That the pictures go like this: girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, Steven Tyler.

2. If you're a writer, debut author Jody Hedlund has a great character development worksheet. I got this tip from Twitter. Are you guys on Twitter yet? I'm such a convert. (I wish vegetables had the same brain-washing power.)

3. Sometimes you just need a little old school Selah to lift you up.

4. I LOVE Autumn decorations. (Apparently not enough to decorate myself, minus the November Southern Living on my coffee table.) I follow a million (okay, maybe 10)  DIY blogs, and Thrifty Decor Chick has THE BEST fall/Halloween project HERE.

5. The Girls Write Out Team is celebrating five years of blogging by giving YOU a Kindle. Check it out. Speaking of Girls Write Out, I'm super excited for February when Kristin Billerbeck's A Billion Reasons Why comes out. LOVE her books!

6. Denise Morris's blog always makes me smile. See it HERE.

7. Author Cara Putman is the nicest woman I know. Her books are awesome too.

8. Every time I turn around, the Green Bean Teen Queen is saying something ELSE valuable and news-worthy about YA. I can hardly keep up. I loved this post on books to be on the watch for. I know I'm looking forward to Revolution. (Right now I'm loving the YA trend of historical tie-ins.)  GBTQ's reviews are so great and always give me titles to put on my TBR (to be read) list.  (Edit: I totally had this written BEFORE I noticed she referenced my blog in this post. SEE! She won't stop being awesome.) Did you see there's a nonfiction book on her list called Poop Happened? That would've been an interesting pitch session. (Please know I am holding back many bad jokes right now. Many. Jesus is proud, y'all.)

9. If you write romance, award-winning author Susan May Warren of My Book Therapy has some great posts going on right now.

10. If you need some daily encouragement, stop by (in)courage. Love the blog design updates (fall!) and love the community there. If that's not enough pick-me-up for you, then look up Holley Gerth,  author and co-founder of (in)courage.

11. I love to pop in and see what Miss Vintage Girl has made recently. She's so talented! My character, Lucy, from Save the Date LOVES vintage items, and I think of her every time I see MVG's handiwork. I also think about how I took sewing lessons years ago. And flunked.

12. Author photos totally stress me out. Photos in general stress me out. I'd rather do something more fun than get my picture taken. Like trigonometry. Or flip my eyelids. THIS post on author photos cracked me up.

13. Has anyone ever ordered from Because I think I might love this dress.

14. Finally, reading one blog usually leads me to another one. The title of this blog, a shout-out to an SNL sketch, made me laugh out loud. Here 'tis.

What about you? What items have you come across lately on the Internet Super Highway that have caught your attention? Share!!!

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Kristin - October 8, 2010

I am still in awe that amazing authors like you and Natalie Lloyd actually stop by my blog. =) Thanks so much for the kind words!

Lately, I’ve been spending the majority of my time online at Etsy. I’m especially loving the artwork here (, especially these two prints: and


Ashley Clark - October 8, 2010

Lately I’ve been really obsessive about this website called and the Ebay Deals of the Day. I got a pair of earrings last week for just $5, no shipping. And they’re some kind of precious stone. Sure, I don’t know what it is, but they’re sparkly and normally expensive, so that’s what matters. Right? 😉 Loved browsing through your list of distractions– especially Kristin’s blog. I’m a big ModCloth fan too. Never bought anything off there but always wanted to. Let me know how your transaction experience goes if you spring for the dress (super cute, btw).


Nikki - October 8, 2010

Being in the fall mood as well, I’ve been browsing apple butter recipes (I never realized how easy it was to make apple butter until I tried it last fall!)…then I came across this delicious and easy looking caramel apple video that is making me hungry: 🙂

Also, I love love love this video of the couple in Alaska that converted an old pickup into a “Little Red Wagon” that they drive around. So cool! (Literally, since it has no top & they live in Alaska…)

Sarah - October 9, 2010

Well your blog rocks, of course I’m going to share it!:)

And you should totally check out Poop Happened-maybe booktalk to it your students-they would love that! haha

I’m really enjoying the YA historical stuff too, which is fun because I loved historical as a kid, then stopped reading it, and now there are so many amazing historical books coming out again!

Erin McFarland - October 10, 2010

I always wondered if there was some kind of rule book to author bio pics! hahaha! i think you should go for the “oh! i didn’t know you were there taking my photo” for your next one Jenny.

I can’t help but love Marcel the Shell with Shoes On:

i giggle every time.


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