Everything’s Better…In Song


People who do not watch Saturday Night Live, do not let this post scare you. This is all gonna be totally rated G. Great for General Audiences. G for Great. G for Glee.

This past Saturday eve, Jane Lynch hosted. (Finally! Someone who isn't a model-turned-actress or athlete!) And it was one of the best opening monologues I've ever seen. Nearly perfect. To combine flawless comedic timing PLUS singing? It was almost too much for me.

Check it out. Madame Lynch.

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jess - October 13, 2010

Thanks for posting that was GREAT! 🙂

Susan Pruitt - October 13, 2010

Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your blog. My name is Susan and I am Laura William’s sister. My daughter, Megan, loves your books and she is excited about your new one coming out. We are missionaries to Ecuador and when Megan gets one of your books all of her friends want to read it. So, we have passed your books all over. Megan now has an ipad so she can download all the books she wants in English. Quite a blessing when you live in a Spanish speaking country.

Susan Pruitt

Abby Minard - October 13, 2010

LOVE Glee! I wish I wouldn’t have missed this SNL! I bet she did great- I’ve always loved her in the movies she did, like Best In Show.

Jen Daiker - October 14, 2010

I’m a newcomer!! Thanks to a blogger around the blogosphere for having your book on goodreads, I stopped by and realized you’ve written a ton of books, so I look forward to stopping by the bookstore this evening to pick up one of your series! I love finding about about authors!!

That being said, I LOVED THIS! Jane Lynch is amazing! I even got my husband to watch Glee a few times when Sue Sylvester was the star of the evening!!! Seriously, she is awesome… just like she is in the movies she does!

Great meeting you!

Sarah - October 15, 2010

What? So bummed I missed it! Thanks for sharing the video though-I’ll have to look up the other sketches!


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