Miners, I Know A Good Agent


Chi! Chi! Chi! Le! Le! Le!

Omigosh, has this been an incredible week for stories or what? What an inspiration those miners are. Did you see this little boy?

He's just overcome, can't contain it.

My favorite is this one, Mario Gomez, the oldest of the miners.

Skip to minute 3:12.

Mario was the designated spiritual leader of the group. He came out holding up the Chilean flag. Went to his wife of 30 years then dropped to his knees and prayed. I love the commentary in the background there. “I suspect he's praying.” ha.

I love that each miner has such a story. There are 50 books waiting to be written here. Like Mario, whose wife waited outside day and night in the cold for him. The day of the disaster, she had asked him to take the day off and help her. But he refused and said he had to go to the mine–he was needed. After the accident, the wife had been told to prepare herself for bad news, that it was unlikely most miners had survived. But she said she knew the whole time her husband was alive.

And then there's the schmuck who had a wife and a mistress; and of course, the two ladies met while keeping vigil. (Total party foul.)  The wife did not show up for the rescue. I think she was booking an appointment with Perez Hilton.

And Franklin Lobos, a former pro soccer player who said, “This was the toughest match of my life.”

I love the spirit of the miners and the spirit of the Chilean people. Who comes out holding your country's flag? Not me! I'd come out screaming to get me out of that skinny time warp capsule. Who celebrates by chanting your country's name?  We'd probably come out calling for the name of our attorneys. And you know by the time we came out, we'd all have one. Or a team of them. (Anyone else catch yourself doing the chant at random moments? What? Um, no. Me neither.)

And then there's the story of their shirts. I had never heard of the Jesus Movie  until a few years ago when my friend Lizann went on a mission trip. The Jesus Movie is a film by Campus Crusade for Christ International that tells the salvation story and has been translated  into 1105 languages and seen in every country. The miners were given an mp3 copy of the audio of this film along with the audio New Testament. The film tells the story of Jesus buried in the tomb, then resurrected to new life. I love that parallel. One of the miners sent up a letter to CCCI that said, “I am fine because Christ lives in me.” He closed the letter with Psalm 95:4, “In His hands are the depths of the earth…”  This same miner later asked for “special” shirts from CCCI. On the front it says Thank you, Lord. On the back…Psalm 95:4.

Those low moments (for the miners, literally) are divinely designed to be the worst and the best of our lives. The worst–during the process. And the best, how we choose to rise from it. Like Jonah and the whale. Or a mine containing a group of men with unquenchable spirits.

Gracias, Senor.

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Julie Garmon - October 15, 2010


Jen Daiker - October 15, 2010

I’m so glad to know that all of them remained safe, and I’m sure they were all very overwhelmed when exiting out of the mine after 69 days! I mean could you imagine being left alone with your thoughts for that long???

Wait a minute. We are. But not in the dark! In the dark it’s serious, the sane and insane moments you experience during the darkest of days doesn’t amount to want these people endured. Truly remarkable.

As for the man and his mistress… how outrageous!

Kristin - October 15, 2010

Those guys are so amazing and strong. I honestly don’t think I would have survived that.


Amy - October 16, 2010

Yeah, awesome story! 🙂


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