Congrats to Jenny, who recommended I read Her Mother’s Hope by Francine Rivers. Jenny has won the ARC of Save the Date. (Send me your snail mail addy, girl.)  When I first saw the name of the winner Random Number Generator had picked, I thought, “Shoot. Did I just win my own book?”

I am taking a blogging break so I can finish a book and participate in NaNoWriMo (and cheering you NaNo's on!) and give my neglected students some attention. So I'll be gone for the rest of November. But you can still catch me on Facebook and Twitter, which I can't seem to leave, no matter how hard I try. Just like caffeine and Snickers bars. (had both yesterday) If you'd like to sign up for my oh-so-newsy newsletter (to the right), I'll let you know when I return. I'm sure you'll be counting the seconds. : )

So since I'll miss blogging about Thanksgiving, I thought I'd wrap up my November post by doing our yearly “Here's What I'm Thankful For” list. Do you have your ready?

I'm thankful for:

1. Days when my cat doesn't barf.
2. My family
3. The sheer cuteness and love-ability of my niece and nephew
4. Philippians 4:19
5. Awesome readers
6. Writing friends
7. Non-writing friends
8. Harry Potter movie
9. Disney movies
10. CMA awards next week (that's country music awards for you nonbelievers)
11. My mother's cooking
12. Funny things my students say (“Ms. Jones, am I Number Juan?”)
13. The books I'm going to read in December
14. Black Friday shopping with the girls in my fam (and the fact that they put up with my lack of enthusiasm and let me go anyway.)
15. Castle
16. Thanksgiving break
17. Holiday magazines
18. New pens
19. Being on the downhill slide of a semester
20. Fall in Arkansas
21. Halloween candy…80 percent off…if you know where to look…and I just might.

So what about you? What things are you grateful for?

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Jenny - November 5, 2010

“Woo-hoo!” That is my acceptance speech for winning your book, and I actually did yell it out loud. Thank you so much for offering this copy. It looks like a great book, and I can hardly wait to read it! I’ll be sending my address right away.
Thankful for:
1. Free books that I get to read before anyone else, even though this is the first time it has ever happened to me.
2. That CMA does not stand for Cutest Mother Awards…I kept thinking I was not winning because I just wasn’t measuring up. It seems I am not winning because in fact, I do not sing country music.
3. My wonderful family – something I long ago stopped taking for granted.

Debra - November 5, 2010

You like Jenny better! I’m convinced her awesome name helped her win the book. 😉 My current gratefulness looks something like this:

1.) Awesome friends who are coming over with pizza tonight.
2.) A God who is exceedingly faithful and merciful.
3.) My three sisters and mom who always make me laugh.
4.) Did I mention pizza?

Oh, I’m participating in NaNo too. I’ll try to add you as a buddy if that’s OK. 😀

Mattie - November 5, 2010

I’m thankful for a lot of things

1. When the guy I like says hi to me 🙂
2. For my awesome friends who actually want to be seen with me in public (I have yet to figure out why…) 🙂
3. The way the clouds look just right over the mountains during the sunset
4. Outsourced on NBC
5. Weekends
6. College football
7. Amazing author’s who write equally amazing books *cough Jenny B. Jones cough cough* 🙂
8. Swimming
9. Living (Thanks God!)

Tracy - November 6, 2010

I’m hoping my just-returned-from-living-in-the-USA BIL will invite us to share an Aussie version of Thanksgiving. Because I love the sentiment behind the event, if not the massive production of food!

You’ll love Her Mother’s Hope. I did. I’m now getting itchy to buy the second book. Not often I buy a book anymore, thanks to Rel (Relz Reviewz). But I’d happily shell out for that!

Caroline - November 6, 2010

I had a fried snickers bar yesterday at our town fair, and it was the best thing I have ever tasted. If you love snickers, you need to find some fried ones. they are sooo good!

Jenny B Jones - November 7, 2010

Caroline, THAT sounds perfectly amazing. I will pray that I find myself in the company of a fried Snickers soon.

Tracy, Thanksgiving is great! You guys should definitely do it! Happy TG to you!

Mattie, I totally hear you on no.2, and thank you for no.7.

Debra, good luck on NaNo! And pizza eating! Definitely add me as a buddy!

Jenny II, no one has ever had an acceptance speech for winning a prize on here. I love your originality! Great speech! Bravo!

Em - November 7, 2010

1.Nice homeschooled nerds
2.Rockstar Energy drinks
3.People that are as random as myself
4.Camp friends that still scream (happily) when they see me (it makes me feel happy and loved =)
5.Starbucks and new books
6.God’s time (it’s the BOMB)
7.Taylor Swift songs……
8.Jonas LA (its like my own clean soap-opera!)

ashley - November 8, 2010

since this hasn’t happened in a long time, I am thankful when I go more than one day without saying “I am so tired.”

That hasnt happened since September, if you are curious.

Angela - November 10, 2010

Your number one made me laugh out loud. If I might add to that…

I am thankful for days when my cat doesn’t barf and my two year old doesn’t step in it and totally not care and track it around the house. And furniture. Like last Friday.

Other than that… my blessings are way too numerable to count. It’s unbelievable how underserving I am and what God gives me anyway. He’s cool like that.

Cathy West - November 18, 2010

This is too easy. This year, I am thankfully that I am FINALLY going to see the book of my heart in print.
And I am thankful that my family, agent and dog, didn’t kill me during the process.
And I’m always thankful for the good food at Thanksgiving!!

Lynette Eason - November 29, 2010

Jenny! Where are you? I need a new post. Come on, you’re falling down on providing my daily laugh therapy. LOL. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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