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WHERE have y'all been? I've been waiting forever to talk to you! Actually, I so appreciated the blog break. It allowed me some time to get some stuff done, to quit ignoring my students (then to discover paying attention to them wasn't all that effective either), work on my yet-to-be-titled YA that picks up with a character from Save the Date, and flunk out of National Novel Writing Month. Again.

Every day I would think of a million things to tell you. And then I'd remember. “Oh. I'm not blogging this month.” So I definitely missed my blogging friends. And I'm sure you've missed our deep, intellectual conversations. Like I wanted to tell you that the famous Asian You Tube cat who jumps in boxes is now in an American Fresh Step kitty litter commercial. Deep, intellectual conversations. I have missed them.

First of all, Harry Potter. Anyone see it? I know the whole HP thing is a debatable topic, so I'm not encouraging those of you who abstain from his Royal Potterness to order a wand off of ebay, watch the movies, and get down with your bad occult loving self. But for those of you who did see it, what did you think? I must admit, I stopped reading the books after book two. I think they are the most brilliantly written, brilliantly created, brilliantly executed things ever. I truly do. JK Rowling is a freakin' genius. It's just not really my cup of tea. But I love the movies. How have these things not accumulated a million and one Oscars? I mean the cinematography, setting, costumes, and art direction is unreal. The movies are like stepping into one of Bert the Chimney Sweep's sidewalk drawrings. Assuming he drew dark and wizardy stuff. And I love the mix of realistic visuals with quirky. The mix of serious lines with laugh out loud moments. But you really needed to be up on the actual book to truly follow along and get it all in movies six and seven. And I miss Hogwarts. Some other thoughts:

1. Hermione can pull a month's worth of clothing out of her purse, but not a broom to get away?
2. Hermione is related to Mary Poppins. That being now understood, Hermie clearly needs to sing. On screen. At critical times. With jazz hands.
3. I think Bellatrix is mean because it takes her so long to comb through her hair. I had the same hair as a kid. Bellatrix, girl, get you some Johnson and Johnson No More Tears. Life saver.
4. Rita Skeeter=the best name ever.
5. If you were Voldemort and had his sinus issues, you'd obviously be on an evil tear, too. Cut the guy some slack. He barely has nostrils and probably has to carry a portable oxygen tank in his robe.

I'd also like to talk about Glee. Did you see last week's episode, where Sue married herself? I got the whole “accept yourself/love yourself” theme. But that was the dumbest episode ever. Even Jane Lynch is on record as calling her wedding weird. The music was good. But it was a total waste of my hero, Carol Burnett. I loved this person's thoughts on the episode.

My main problem with that episode is that the fact that Sue married herself (huh?) was bizarre and just purposeless. I mean, she had no shower. And let me tell you, if there is any reason to marry yourself, it's not to send out invitations, like Sue did. It's to have a dang shower. At this point in Sue's life, she would've been invited and produced gifts for a few thousand people, their babies, their graduating children, and their questionable Bar Mitzvah's (…but I could've sworn you were a Methodist..?)  So to stage an event where you get to contact alll those folks you've gifted over the last twenty years? Brilliant. To marry yourself in an assisted living facility wearing an Adidas floor-length skirt? Lame.

Did you guys have a good Thanksgiving? I did! We had so much food. I tried to make these adorable pilgrim hats. See them HERE? How easy could those be? You slap some icing in the middle of a cookie and squash a mini Reese's on it, then pipe some “hat” details on to round out your simple hat. Let me show you mine.


And this one: P1070816

Let me tell you, Martha Stewart is looking at those pictures right now and fearing for her job. That's right, Martha. Hide your icing bag. I'm coming to get you.
And since the hats didn't work, what's a girl to do with all those cookies? Yep. Eat them. Details are a little fuzzy what happened to the icing, but some friends of mine were recently alarmed that I brought it with me to church Sunday.

Before I wrap it up and embarrass myself by bragging on any more of my baking prowess, I'd like to thank you for being my blog friends. I appreciate you returning after my little hiatus. Thank you to those of you who commented or emailed to remind me that you were waiting for some blog posts. 🙂  That was almost as good as the turkey.  I appreciate a reader I will call “Flossie” who had this to say:

Jenny, I think I might be addicted to your blog. I have missed the blog more than you could understand. I didn't even know until it was gone. I call my disease nojonesblogitis. And it desperately needs a cure because it is starting to consume my every thought.

That's really sweet, Flossie. But many of us are wondering…did you try more cow bell?


See you guys Friday!

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Kristin - December 1, 2010

Good grief, I missed your blog posts around here! =) It’s great to have you back.

I also failed NaNoWriMo, which is such a disappointment. Between school, Etsy, ridiculous amounts of novel reading, much-anticipated movies coming to the theater, and Christmas decorating, I guess it was doomed to fail. November is not a good time to write a novel! Why didn’t they pick a month like June or July?

I saw Harry Potter and loved it! I wrote a lengthy, nerdy post on my blog about it. I’m one of the book nerds as well, and I think this was the best book to film adaptation yet. I’m hoping to go see it again soon. =)


Allie - December 1, 2010

Welcome back!

I have to write a paper, but I’m taking a break to inform you that Hermoine hates flying, especially on brooms.

Thanks for all the giggles.

Jenny B Jones - December 1, 2010

Kristin!!! Are you busy crafting for Christmas?

Allie, GET TO THAT PAPER!!! …and I didn’t know that about Hermione. Is that a “must read the book” detail? And I’m sure she likes flying more than…I dunno, death in a forest?

tammy c. - December 1, 2010

Jenny!!! I’ve missed your blog so much! Its awesome to have you back again 🙂 I agree with you on that glee episode, I was soooo disappointed, I had a lot higher expectation for it….I’m hoping last nights episode was better (haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet) I hope your 1 day in the wonderful month of December is awesome!

Shauna - December 1, 2010

So glad you’re back to blogging! 🙂

I loved the HP movie and think it’s the best adaptation of the books that they’ve done. The scene in Bathilda’s house with Nagini the snake was almost exactly as I pictured it when I read it. Can’t wait for the big finale! The books are still so much better than the movies that I’m usually disappointed when I see the movies even though I still like the movies a lot, too. I hardly ever see movies in the theater anymore (can’t justify the price, especially for a whole family!), but I always make an exception for Harry.

Shauna - December 1, 2010

I have also recently started calling our kitten Bellatrix. Her real name is Twix, according to my girls, but Bellatrix more accurately characterizes her disposition.

Mikayla - December 1, 2010

FINALLY!!!!! YOU’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!! I have missed your blog so much! It helps me start the day out right…By laughing!
Also Last night I was finishing up reading my SUSIE Magazine and there was an article on “How to Pray” or something like that and I thought “Oh boy, not another thing about how to pray…I’m sick of this.” But when I quickly glanced (I honestly skipped the article the first time around…figuring I would come back and read it later, cause I always do 😉 I saw that in small tiny letters(they really should make the author bigger to give credit to the author) Jenny B. Jones, I honestly almost ripped the page out in excitement! I immeaditly started to read the article, and I LOVED IT! It wasn’t another boring article about ‘How to Pray’ but it was filled with Humor(just like you) and really good thoughts. After I read it I prayed and it was so rejuvenating! I love when you change glum looking things into life changing things!

Thanks Jenny, your Amazing and Make my Day! 🙂

Laura - December 1, 2010

Wow I really missed your blog!

I am IN LOVE with the HP books, and I thought this movie was better than the last two. I can’t imagine watching the movies without having read all the books, so it’s interesting to get the “outsider” perspective. 🙂 I thought Emma Watson was the star of the show. And, as always, I wished the movie was longer!

I officially gave up on Glee, but I keep crawling back. Each week I’m disappointed, but I can’t seem to stop…

Amy K - December 1, 2010

Last week’s episode of Glee was the first one I have ever seen. I have been debating whether or not to give it another chance. So. Very. Weird. But Carol was good!

Jenny B Jones - December 1, 2010

Amy, you CANNOT let that episode be your guide. Glee can be iffy, but last week’s show was AWFUL. (Though I loved the wedding dance/song.)

Laura and Shauna, it makes me happy that the HP readers love and appreciate the movie. You know JK Rowling has to be smiling at that. How rare to hear that about a book-movie interpretation.

Mikayla, I’m so glad you enjoyed the article. That makes me happy! Can you tell me which issue it was in?

Hannah - December 1, 2010

YAY! You’re back! For the last few weeks, I’ve been constantly back at your site, ready to read a new blog post then realizing you were taking a break until after Thanksgiving! Although, to make up for no new blog posts, I read “So over my Head” for the 5th time 🙂

ashley - December 1, 2010

the fact that you referenced Bert from Mary Poppins makes me extra happy today. Or just happy in general.

Ashley Clark - December 1, 2010

Okay, so the pictures of those cookies seriously made me laugh out loud. Twice.

Chip - December 2, 2010

You’re back! Something to laugh about. And I already did — I laughed out loud at your stoopid cupcake hat things. But my real reason for writing is this fabulous quote from Glee (which would never have occurred, since the kids are too young, but also made me laugh out loud): “I have been planning weddings since I was two. My Power Rangers got married and divorced in so many combinations they’re like Fleetwood Mac.” That’s brilliant.

Ruth - December 2, 2010

Welcome back to the blogging world, I have missed your posts!

Saw Harry Potter and LOVED it. They did such a good job translating the first half or so of Deathly Hallows to the screen. I’m gonna be so devastated when part two comes out next summer and it really is THE END. *sigh*

Other Jenny - December 2, 2010

Glad to have you back! Such a fun blog.

I have never read/seen Harry Potter or watched Glee. I didn’t make anything cute on Thanksgiving Day. One would think that would mean I shouldn’t comment, but I couldn’t resist.

One thing I have done is read my ARC of Save the Date. I do not have a blog or a place to review books for the masses, so I decided where better than right here on the author’s site? I will spoil nothing (because what is worse?), but I will say this: it did NOT disappoint. The entire book I was in that “just one more chapter” mode. If I would have started it in the morning, it would have been done by nightfall. You, Jenny, have a great way with dialogue. It reminds me of another favorite of mine when it comes to dialogue, Rachel Hauck (and then I saw her name in the acknowledgments in the back). Evokes emotion, sounds authentic, and at times causes me to reread it because it is just that good. I do love a great story, and this was one 🙂 One last thing, do you think Kate picked a royal blue dress for the engagement announcement because she saw the front of your book on line and knew what a trend setter you are? I know the world thinks it has to do with the color of her ring, but I am not so sure…

Thanks again for the book! I loved it.

Allie Smith - December 5, 2010

hey ms.jones!!!ahhhhhh,i cant bekieve you’re finally back!!i was beginning to go into denial.my rents booked a therapist and everything.ok,im jk,they said that would be a waste of money.whatever.
anywayz,ya i saw the harry potter movie.it was great!!!the only thing was that i went with my dad and he hasnt seen any of the other movies so i was having to explain every little detail. “yes,dad,baldy is the bad guy.no,i dont know why Ron thinks Harry and Hermoine like each other.yes,its sad that Dobby died.” and on and on.but you know what i noticed?there is a great unification in those movies.everybody in that theater laughed at the same time,screamed “noooo way!!!” when that snake jumped outta the old woman (that was gross,btw),and we all cried when Dobby died…well,i did anyway.Harry is a uniter.a powerful force.and about a million other adjectives that i wont say.lol 🙂


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