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Did everyone have a merry Christmas? I  know lots of you had a white Christmas. I did as well. Sorta. We got an unexpected dusting. It was cold enough to support a blizzard though. And there is Wintery Mix Talk for New Year's Eve. Snow days would be a great way to start our next semester.

I had a fabulous holiday. My brother/his family and I hung out at my mom's on C'mas Eve. We ate 'til we felt sick because that's the American Way and somewhere there are starving children who don't get to do this, and we played the updated version of Clue. I think we might've made up a few rules. I haven't read instructions in years. I discovered it's a really effective approach. I might even try that tactic again. Christmas day was with the extended family. I had to step outside and watch the tiny snowflakes. Sunday was Christmas with my dad's family at my house, thus the manic painting last week.

So  questions for the day:
1. What was your favorite gift to receive? Mine was a tie. My mom got me a DVD of a few episodes of the Carol Burnett Show. LOVED LOVED LOVED it. It included the famous Scarlett O'Hara episode which is just so clever. And I finally got with the times and got a Kindle. It's an adjustment, but I like it! It's gonna great for travel.
2. What was your favorite gift to give? I love giving presents. My mom requested Paula Deen's bakeware, That got put to use immediately. Then I gave my brother Mark Twain's 50 lb autobiography (volume 1), but I was jazzed to get him Keith Richard's autobiography. It did not weigh 50 lbs, though the jury is still out if Keith's book also came out 100 years after his death too.

Okay, what about you? I'd love to hear about your Christmas!

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Rel Mollet - December 27, 2010

Hey Jen! My fav gifts were a Kindle,too (you won’t be surprised!)and some Lego – my other weakness in addition to books.

And to give…always books but this year I took a great photo of my kids with their cousins and framed it for my in-laws. Their response – “couldn’t have asked for a better present”. Gotta love that!

Kristin - December 27, 2010

It’s hard to pick my favorite gift that I received! Probably my records or my “I Love Lucy” purse, because I started using those right away. But I also love all the books and movies I got. =)

My favorite gifts to give were the ones I gave my mom, because she’s really the only one I sewed for this year. She has sort of an obsession with pillows, and one of the things I made her was a few pillows for the couch that match the curtains I made her for her birthday.


ashley - December 27, 2010

favorite to receive was a new set of pots and pans. totally unexpected! i’ve been using some distant aunt’s cookware from the 1950’s that are avocado green and not coated with that non-stick stuff. let my cooking skills go from mad to mind blowing!

to give – the cooking toys to my niece. the pot made a bubbling boil sound. cuuuute.

i just realized it was a pot christmas. take that as you will.

Hannah - December 27, 2010

haha! Whenever me and my sister and I play games, we almost NEVER read the instructions, if we don’t know how to play already, we just make it up or guess xD

Katharine - December 27, 2010

I am so jealous of your Carol Burnett DVDs. Can I come over?

My favorite gift to give was to my husband. A set of stainless steel collar stays for his dress shirts. He didn’t even know that they existed. He said he was going to tweet about it. They oozed love to him. Yay me!

One of my favorite gifts to receive, and this is SO nerdy — was a quart bottle of Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbena cleaning solution. My kitchen smells fabulous! And I got Angry Birds on my iphone. WOOT!

Rhonda - December 27, 2010

So excited you got the Kindle–you’re going to LOVE it. I always thought the Carol Burnett dvd’s would be a great gift for you.
The favorite gift I gave was a bobble head of Ralphie (from “A Christmas Story”) in the bunny suit.
The favorite gift I got was a new phone (but I can’t use it until Jan. 19–when my service ends with my other phone). AHHH
BTW–love your snow, but it freezes up my old laptop

Bethany Ellis - December 27, 2010

My favorite to receive was my nook 😉 I also got an incredible deep plum colored coat that I simply adore 🙂

My favorite to give is so tough. I love giving presents and searching for just the right thing for each person… For my Dad it was a personalized portfolio; for my mom, a hoodie-footie ;).

shabbygeek - December 27, 2010

I LOVE asking this question! My favorite gift to receive was a travel speaker set. I posted it on my blog under my first IMM vlog. (It’s ~9:10 if you’re interested) They sound amazing! You best believe I took it with me to work and forced everyone to listen to the TRON: Legacy soundtrack.

My favorite gift to give was a personalized recipe gift set/embosser for my MIL from Williams Sonoma. It’s made out of cedar and smells deeeeelightful. Oh, and I got books. =)

Mandy - December 27, 2010

Carol Burnett dvd’s sound great, and you’ll love your Kindle once you get used to it. I read one paper/hardback and then one on my Kindle. I’m breaking it in slowly but surely!

My favorite gifts were a crocheted pig hat from my mother and a digital picture from from my girls. The pig hat is too cute not to put on and I’ve wanted one of these frames for a while now to take to the office.

My favorite gift to give was hands down the blankets that I put together on Snapfish for my mother and mother-in-law! They are covered in photos of our girls and they were both thrilled to get them. So far, the best idea yet!

Annie - December 28, 2010

My favorite gift received was Photoshop Extended CS5. I foresee many happy hours of photo editing.

My favorite gift to give – probably the book my brother and I gave my dad for Christmas – Radical, by David Platt.

Jenny - December 28, 2010

My favorite gift I rec’d this year was fleece jammie pants, shirt, and slipper socks from my mom. The moment after I put them on I told my husband, “I have never been so comfortable in my life.” I am a simple person…and often cold.

I am a stinky gift giver. I often see people open things and wish I had thought to buy that for them. The best reaction I got was from my sister’s surprise when she opened her Mickey Mouse snuggie.

Jenny B Jones - December 29, 2010

Jenny, you CANNOT have enough fleece jammie pants!

Annie, GREAT gift. I’m getting ready to buy the Creative Suite. I have no idea what to do with PhotoShop. Yet…

Mandy, I’m having to break myself into the Kindle too. I still need my real books.

ShabbyG, anything from Williams Sonoma is awesome.

Bethany, we need pictures of this hoodie footie. Let us know how you like your Nook!

Rhonda, you always come up with cool gifts for your guys.

Rel, Legos are HOT this year. I had to do some Lego shopping myself.

Ashley, happy pot Christmas to you. Use it well.

Kristin, your mom is so lucky to have a family member who loves to sew. I’m sure she adored the pillows.

Hannah, I hate reading instructions. Too time consuming. I guess so is sitting there for an hour or so saying, “I have no idea what I’m doing.”

Katharine, the DVD is awesome. I love the Carol Burnett Show. And I’ve been meaning to try Mrs. Meyer’s. does it really work well? I don’t have good luck with natural cleaning products.

Allie Smith - December 31, 2010

I GOT SOME PURPLE CONVERSE!!!real,not fake.and they are soooo cute!i cant say i was totally suprised because i had to go try them on and was there when my mom bought them,but thats ok.
My sister and i bought my mom a digital picture frame.she’s been asking for one for like 2 years.
and although it cost alot of $$$,it was worth it to see her look of bewilderment/frustration as she tried to figure out how to work it.good stuff.


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