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First of all, I want to say: 2 million fish found dead in Maryland.

Second of all I want to say: Whose job is it to count 2 million fish in Maryland?

Third of all I want to say: This is our inaugural week over at a new blog called Southern Belle View. Five of us writers of faith and Southern sass have gotten together to create a blog home where we dish on the Southern culture, our books, Southern food (I find I want to talk about little else), and anything else that's as cool as sweet tea. Authors Rachel Hauck, Beth Webb Hart, Lisa Wingate, Marybeth Whalen and I have been waiting for MONTHS to unveil this new project to you, and our big week finally arrived. I blogged there today because I'm the Girl Who Blogs on Fridays. I was finishing up a book, so…it's BEYOND profound. (No sleep for two weeks….brain numb…sugarless diet…yeah, I got deep thoughts. Now where did I put them…) Please do stop by, look around, and just say “hey.”

Happy weekend!

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Ruth - January 7, 2011

Congrats on the new blogging venture! I love the design. 🙂

Allie Smith - January 7, 2011

omw,im soo siked about the blog post!!!even though ur the only author i recognize…nywayz,im sure it’ll be lotz of fun!!!good luck and God bless!!!

Alli - January 7, 2011

My favorite author is now writing on TWO blogs! I must be in heaven.

SavannahB - January 9, 2011

Love the new site, Jen. My pals and I launched a Southern blog the same week you did. Great minds! Can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Hannah - January 10, 2011

haha! I’ve always wondered those, things, if they have a count, that means someone had to count the 2 million stinky fish, that would be a horrible job!

I love the blog! It looks super cute too 🙂

Katie - January 13, 2011

I finished Save the Date earlier this week… it was SO good! Somehow I got an early copy from Thomas Nelson (I was going to abbreviate that to TN but it looked like Tennessee.) and I read it in like, a day. If you’d care to read my review, here’s the link: http://inafarwayland.blogspot.com/2011/01/save-date-by-jenny-b-jones.html

By the way, Julian isn’t gay? Cause he acted very effeminate, but I didn’t think he was. He was my favorite 🙂

Great job on this book Jenny!


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