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I love a good love story, don't you? I'm about to do something kinda crazy and not really relevant to this blog, so bear with me. A good friend of mine sent me an email recently and introduced me to a blog, Kelly's Korner, where a woman was inviting people to post links of single friends, and maybe with all the entries, matches could be made. ( Before you laugh, this blogger has had over 22 million hits. I am proud of this fellow Arkansan.) The blogger did this very thing last year and two couples are now engaged. At first I was semi-appalled. But then I kept checking the website. Then checking it again. Now I'm flat out addicted. I've been reading everyone's bios and there are just so many stories there. And I keep matching people in my head. (I just read two novels about match makers, so maybe it's just a bug in my brain.)

I couldn't get it out of my head. And I thought…I know single girls. And I have a blog. And I want to play along! So without further adieu, I'd like to introduce my friend Jill from Arkansas. She is a Godly gal, a corporate success, beautiful, interesting, funny, and willing to be subjected to my quirky little plan. Y'all, I'm like Chris Harrison! This is so fun, and my girl Jill so deserves a wonderful guy.

As her friend, I can tell you she is really smart, kind, enviably cute, a snazzy dresser (again, envious), funny and quick-witted, intellectual but loves to have fun. She is faith-filled and pursues Christ with her heart and life. She also does shots from the Fountain of Youth, as she looks at least ten years younger than her 34. So far she has not fessed up to her secret. I'm hoping if she finds a like/love match, she will cough that info up. For the sake of our continued friendship.


My friend Jill:
1. 34
2. Manager of a category for a well-known company
3. Loves Jesus and has led a small youth group of girls for almost 15 years.
4. Loves to read, travel, shop
5. Interested in politics and adores Ronald Reagan


6. She loves college football (cute AND loves sports? Dude magnet.) Adores the hogs.
7. Also adores her family and is very close to them. Jill is crazy about her role as aunt to her niece. 
8. Loves the History Channel and reality TV
9. Loves new adventures and is always up for having fun
10. Graduated college with a degree in marketing

Jill and her brother

Thing she's looking for in a guy:
1. Godly man who will be spiritual leader of the home
2. Someone who has a relationship with God and doesn't just go to church on Sunday and wear the label of Christian.
3. Someone intelligent
4. Employed (Jen adds: and has most of his teeth and doesn't ascribe to the Matthew McConaghey school of No Deodorant)
5. Sports fan would be nice
6. Humble and doesn't think he's “all that.”
Jill in center, celebrating a Razorback game.

So…there you have it! If you know someone who would be perfect for my sweet friend Jill, then send me an email at jen {at} jennybjones {dot}com and let me know some qualities and info on your guy, and I'll pass it through my Friend Setter Upper Filter and get it to Jill. I'm SO EXCITED!!!!

Also feel free to leave a comment of encouragement to Jill. This is not exactly the easiest thing to do. (Friends with Jenny=thrown under bus…)

Let the Bachelorette show begin. (Minus the hot tub scenes. Minus the keg parties. Minus the girl fights. Minus the skankiness. Minus…)

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Rel Mollet - January 21, 2011

LOL! Author Erynn Mangum has done the same thing on her blog for her brother 🙂 It is obviously the thing to do!

Ruth - January 21, 2011

Go Jill! 🙂 As a 30 year old single myself I wish you ALL God’s best. Jenny if something comes from this you have to give us updates! 🙂

Gina - January 21, 2011

You lost me at number six… Is there such a man, outside of fiction, I mean! 😉

Rachel Billings - January 21, 2011

Okay, you definitely got me hooked on Kelly’s matchmaking blog. That’s just what I needed, yet another way to procrastinate! I loved reading the comments from all the single women qualifying *themselves* for the handsome, eligible men. They’re practically screaming, “pick me! pick me!” to the friend/family member of the bachelor. lol! Too funny – I could spend hours reading all of those replies.

Kudos to Jill for having the guts to do this! 🙂

Abby Minard - January 21, 2011

Aw, good luck to her! That’s amazing about that blogger. So cool.

Sarah - January 23, 2011

What a fun idea! I wish I knew some single guys to send Jill’s way! I’ll keep my eyes open!!

Jessica Epps - January 25, 2011

Great post about Jill and SO true!! She is a sweetheart and is a great catch!

Tiffany Savage - January 25, 2011

How fun is all of this match making stuff?!!! I LOVE your blog and I think Jill looks like a super cute girl and I wish her luck!


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