Winter Awesomeness


Old Man Winter was very good to Arkansas Thursday. Some parts got up to six inches. My yard only saw three, but it was enough.

I don't know if you know this (insert wink), but I adore a good snow day. Is that putting it mildly?  Okay, snow to me is like street drugs to Charlie Sheen.

I love snow for a lot of reasons, one of them being that it makes me so poetic and such a deep thinker. Here are some reflective thoughts I came up with while on my day off.

1. My attempts to telepathically convince my neighbor kids to bring me my mail were unsuccessful.

2. The hill behind my house could be perfect for sledding. Except for those 200 trees.

3. My snow day hair could scare small children. And Chinese dictators.

4. Forgoing hygiene gross? Nay, character building.

5. Snow days are far more enjoyable when all of my family is safely tucked back in at their respective homes. Thus, I am recommending they all become teachers, so they, too, will experience the joy of these frosty workless days. And detention slips. Also nice.

6. Sometimes people email me and angrily blame me for the snow. I'm talking to you, co-workers. And Mom.

7. You say lazy, I say Nappishly Efficient.

8. My back yard is crying for a snow angel.

9. Snow and sugar free diets are a crime against humanity.

10. Dear hot chocolate, I miss you. And love you. And wonder if you think of me, too…

11. All attempts to get work done are futile. So is wearing anything but sweats.

12. All attempts to sleep before night of undeclared snow day are futile.

13. All attempts to avoid the chips in my cabinet? Also futile.

14. Somehow the snow freezes my cooking abilities.

15. When deprived of carbs for weeks, everything looks like a cupcake.

16. Frozen streets somehow make General Hospital watchable.

17. Upping the telepathic ante to neighbor kids with bacon does no good.

18. Wish Sonic would deliver me a tea with their rabbit pellet ice. And a banana split.

19. Healthy meatballs made with beef, tomatoes, carrots, and cauliflower do not honor the Lord or his bountiful snow.

20. Cutie oranges have stayed me in a few dark, sugar-detoxing hours.

21. On snow days, I am easily overwhelmed by a to-do list that includes anything more than turning a page, picking up the remote, or fluffing my pillow.

22. What's better than one snow day? TWO snow days. Friday, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Polar Fleece Britches.

22. No snow dance is ever wasted. Neither is my 1989 bedazzled unitard.

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Erin McFarland - January 21, 2011

right next to your gleeful proclamation of snow day on FB, another FB friend CURSED the weather man for in her status for snow day being announced. ha! She does have 10 children though (no joke, TEN!) So in regards to #6, I’ll let her know where she can send her “love” notes for snow days 🙂

heather sunseri - January 21, 2011

I prayed and prayed God would give all the snow to you and not bring the storm eastward into KY. Why-oh-why do I have to learn the hard way that sometimes his answer is, “No!!” He saved some for me. Enjoy your snow days, Jenny!

Kim - January 21, 2011

you love it now but you’ll hate it come June when you’re still in school:) snow days are fun excuses to work from home but unfortuantely can’t get away from work.

Jenny B Jones - January 21, 2011

Erin, it is a love it-hate it thing, isn’t it? We have some serious haters at my workplace.

Heather, I so appreciate your sacrifice. I will not forget them.

Kim, I don’t know what you could possibly be talking about! ; )

Allie Smith - January 21, 2011

i think im gonna move to not only will i be able to stalk my favorite author (be afraid,jenny,very afraid…) but i will also be able to bask in the joy that is a snow ashamed to admit that i wasnt able to experience any of that this year.i here in the Anti-Snow Capital of America,a.k.a. durham.
ya know i can honestly say i’ve never heard the ice they put in sonic sweet tea referred to as “rabbit pellets”. i’ll never look at my Route 66 sized sweet tea the same way again.
thanks alot. 🙂

Tracy - January 21, 2011

I love the idea of a snow day. A whole day where noone has to go to school and you can just snuggle in at home? A delightful surprise in the midst of a busy school term, I’d say.

As for cursing those days come June….consider us Aussie’s who only get 6 weeks of summer holiday. I’d say in the span of an 11 week summer holiday, what’s a few catch up days here and there?

I wonder if God would consider sending snow to Melbourne?

Paula - January 22, 2011

LOL seriously 🙂 to the post and the comments. How delightful! and this is from one who loves in northern Maine.


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