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Before we jump in, I'm giving away a copy of Save the Date. Read on to discover how you can score the win.

The lovely and talented Kimberley and Kayla Woodhouse had me stop by for a blog visit where I paid them to say nice things about me, and you can find that HERE. I think those two girls are the bee's knees. And Kayla is the youngest published author of a full-length novel. Can you imagine the talent? This family has also been on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and all sorts of cool stuff.

I made a deal with myself I wouldn't read any reviews on Save the Date. But I'm failing. Especially when they are as as surprisingly kind as THIS and THIS. This it totally God, as this book and I almost divorced a few times. I had sooo many friends praying for me as I wrote all 500 versions of Save the Date, so that it could be anything but kitty box liner is totally divine grace. And good editors. And lots of fajitas. I'm grateful God specializes in making all things new–including my messes.

Love is in the air. (What a transition.) With the release of Save the Date to my trying to set up my friend Jill, to our march toward the big February 14th, I can sniff Cupid from here. (I always imagined Cupid smelled like Little Debbie's. The Zebra cakes. Even though Fudge Rounds are my favorite. But they don't exactly smell. Or maybe I always eat them too fast to notice.)

In case you missed Friday's bonus blog, my friend got me hooked on a blog called Kelly's Korner, and after reading it a million times, I knew I had to play along. So I created a post about my friend Jill, who is so stinkin' cute and funny and smart and successful and full of Awesome Guy Worthy Wow.  So if you know of a great Christian guy for my friend, let us know. I am probably enjoying this a little too much.

In honor of all the romance swirling around, I thought we should talk dating advice. In Save the Date, Lucy has her heart set on a man named Matt, but then Alex offers her a deal she can't refuse, and she has to take it. Will Matt still be there when all is said and done? Can she survive “living” in Alex Sinclair's world? I wondered about her dating tips and came up with these.

Lucy Wiltshire's Advice for Dating

1. When in doubt which fork to use, just eat the Twix in your purse.
2. Just because a man looks like an Adonis, has a loving heart buried beneath his hot exterior, and kisses like a dream, does not mean he's the one for you…right?
3. Always let him drive. Especially if he owns a BMW.
4. Money may not buy happiness, but it is does buy fried chicken. And that's pretty darn close.
5. Find a friend who knows more about hair and makeup before going out with America's favorite quarterback.
6. Watch some SportsCenter before going out with America's favorite quarterback.
7. When you fall for said quarterback, do not let him know.
8. If Mr. Football Stud asks you to his beach house, you must say yes.
9. If Mr. Football Stud asks you to an art gala with lots of expensive things on the walls, you must say no.
10. No date is worth dieting for.

Along those lines, I'd like to offer some dating advice myself. I call it “Topics To NOT Use As Conversation Starters.”
After much field research, I believe it is safe to say it is in your best interest to avoid saying the following:
1. Guess how many toxic chemicals are in bacon? No guess.
2. My cat barfs. Wanna hear my theories? Um-kay.
3. Does dairy make you phlegmy too?
4. You're SO much better looking than that guy I picked up off of Craig's List.
5. Wanna hear about the time I was in first grade and drank chocolate milk through my nose?
6. And then when I was in second grade…
7. Who's your favorite on Jersey Shore?
8. Some people say I look just like Scarlett Johansson. What do you think?
9. Have you ever used the puke bag on an airplane? I have. Funny story…
10. I think sports are stupid, don't you?
11. Of course I play a musical instrument. I just happen to have it with me. Any requests for my nose kazoo?
12. So about your prison record…

What about you? Teen or Teen at Heart, what are some tips for surviving a date? Never been on a date? Too young to date? Too long since you've had a date to call them? NO PROBLEM! Just make something up. Best one wins a signed copy of Save the Date, so you can see if Lucy's rules were of any help at all. (Contest ends Saturday. Winner announced next Monday.)

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CarolM - January 24, 2011

LOL! I love the dating rules! How fun! I can’t wait to read this one!

Dating tips? Um… it’s been too long…

Rhonda - January 24, 2011

Dating tip: Before going on any date, consult Jenny B. Jones for tips on improving sense of humor. Guaranteed success.

jenreads - January 24, 2011

Dating Tip: Act interested in his table doodles even if he is showing you how they perform a gastric bypass (and he’s not a surgeon!)

Heather - January 24, 2011

Never ask him if he wants to see the pictures you took of the cat you’ve been dissecting in science class at the dinner table.(Not all guys have a strong stomach.)The topic of the cat’s final meal will most likely be the last meal you eat with the guy.

Hannah - January 24, 2011

ummm…just don’t date??? lol

1) don’t accidentally put slime in his hair…then you’ll have to pick it off piece by piece…by piece(true story)
2) make sure you know where you’re going ahead of time so you don’t get all itchy and sneezey (i don’t do cats that well, though i love em…)
my best advice…
3) don’t ask them to marry you on the first date (my dad did that to my mom) and then don’t throw the ring in the garbage can when she says no (which my dad did) otherwise you’ll be looking through the dumpster for it (which my mom made my dad do)

Leah - January 24, 2011

Well I’m not aloud to date, but I sure like Lucy’s tips, and yours too Jenny!
Cant wait to read this book, to find out more tips, for when I can date. When I’m a hundred and two!!
It doesn’t matter though, there are NO cute guys in WI.
Trust me.
I cant WAIT to read Save the Date!!!

Emily - January 24, 2011

Do not – I repeat – do *not* stand in the back of the church foyer at the end of Sunday service and introduce him, one by one, to your entire church family by the wrong name.

It does not win you a second date. Trust me on this one.

Jenny B Jones - January 24, 2011

No worries if you’re too young or not allowed to date yet (or not 102 yet). Just make something up. Like “don’t blow soup out your two front teeth.” Or “Make him buy dessert.”

Emily J - January 24, 2011

Dating tips? Hmmm…let’s see. When a guy says, “Long story, but I lost my wallet…can you pay?” Just forget the date. It never goes well after that.

Annie - January 24, 2011

LOVE Lucy’s dating advice!

As for mine:
Ranch is just not in style as a fashion accessory. Not last season, this season, or next season. Also, it functions about as well as table decoration as it does a fashion accessory.

Jess May - January 24, 2011

Act as cutesy and feminine as possible… That way when you ask for Oh-My-God triple chocolate fudge death cake for dessert he can’t say no!

Sarah - January 24, 2011

I love your dating advice-all very good!!:)

Tarrah - January 24, 2011

“My philosophy of dating is to just fart right away.”

— Jenny McCarthy

Emily W. - January 24, 2011

Wow, I’m the third Emily to post!
My tip:
If you’re tall, and you’re date’s not, don’t wear heels. Or bumpits. Actually, never wear bumpits. Period.

Allie Smith - January 24, 2011 dating advice???shoot…
1.even though you might think its impressive to rattle off your extensive knowledge of all things romance,and sci-fi,he probably wont be impressed.especially if its the first thing you mention on your “things you should know about me list”
2.and he might…just might,get offended if you tell him you dont think the guys in jenny b jones novels exist.maybe.
3.dont wear your “i heart aragorn” tshirt and then rattle on and on about how cute legolas is.he might take it personally.and so will his mom. (it took an hour to explain the obsession,and assure her that,yes,i only have eyes for her son.)
4.dont flick ice cream on his favorite hollister shirt,its just sooooo NOT cute.,ya,if u dont know how to rollerblade dont tell him you do.that will only result in a three person pile up. your date looking at you like “what am i dating??and why??”.and then having your date explain to your dad why his baby girl came home in tears,bruises on her arms,and the most messed up hair ever!!!sigh…i’ll never get over that one…

Katie - January 24, 2011

Never have salad, spinach, or anything that could possibly get stuck in your teeth on the first day. Bring a mirror if you do… and floss. Or just stick to bread sticks.

Katie - January 24, 2011

Sorry, I put day and not date. Here is the fixed comment:

Never have salad, spinach, or anything that could possibly get stuck in your teeth on the first date. Bring a mirror if you do… and floss. Or just stick to bread sticks.

Hannah - January 24, 2011

LOVE Lucy’s advice! 😀

My advice is if you’re ever going on a date with a cute black dress, DON’T and I mean DON’T pick up your cat…. You’ll end up with noticeable cat hair all over the dress, and if your date’s highly allergic to cats… well… it may not end well

Paris - January 24, 2011

My dating tip is…um…pretend you know what he’s talking about when he talks about sports and then go home afterwards and ask your dad!

catrina - January 24, 2011

I’ve never been on a date cause im waiting till im 18 (im 17 now) so I don’t have dating tips but I really would like to win the book.

catrina - January 24, 2011

But if I have to make one up I guess id say always make sure the bathroom window is open just in case.

Erin McFarland - January 25, 2011

bahahahahaha! Tarrah takes the cake with McCarthy’s words of wisdom. I can’t beat that.

Courtney - January 25, 2011


1. Do NOT..I repeat.. Do NOT let your brothers show him pictures of the squirrels they killed earlier that day and then barbecued when he arrives to pick you up. First impression he’ll get of your family? They are crazy and eat rodents (not true little brothers only did that once). Your first impression of him? Wimp, he can’t even stand a little blood.

2. Do not be tricked into a date by thinking “he’s just giving me a ride to church group.” It will actually be the perfect opportunity for him to introduce you to his entire family, all of whom work at the church and/or attend church group. They’ll be envisioning you at the church in a white dress. Du-du-du-duuumm. Can you say wedding bells?

3. On a date, if a boy is ever trying to impress you with his GPA, save it for a later time to casually let him know that yours is higher. It could be the same boy who’s afraid of blood. Let’s not make him cry now, ladies.

Hope you like this! 🙂

Leah - January 25, 2011

OK here is my made up tip.
Make sure you don’t take a drink of water/pop/juice etc.
If your date is telling a joke.
It might just come spraying out!:S

Katy - January 25, 2011

My advice would have to be-

1. Make sure you know the guy pretty well before you go out with him- if you don’t and realize that he is really annoying at the beginning of the date, it’s going to be the longest date of your life.

2. Always make sure that you remember to put on deoderant before you go on the date because if you forget you’re going to be sniffing yourself the whole date and he’ll be wondering what you’re doing until he gets within 10 feet of you.

3. Never tell your older brother where the date will be or else he’ll sit in a booth where you can’t see him, but your date can and he’ll glare at him the whole time. It makes your date feel really uncomfortable and creeped out 😉

Andrea - January 25, 2011

well, I always tell girls to never date anyone who asks his friend to ask me her out for him. Heavens knows that “Ask her if she’ll go on a date with me” will eventually turn into “Ask her if she’ll marry me.” Find a boy who’s not afraid to talk to you 🙂

Kasey B - January 25, 2011

Advice, well here goes nothing:

1) Don’t tell the guy that he looks good shirtless in the morning when he wake ups and that he should invest in blinds so other don’t see. (Not that I have experience or anything… 😉

Also, never write them a letter professing your love after the appetizer. NOT RECOMMENDED, EVER.

2) Never tell him that you have a wedding dress all picked out, just in case. SERIOUSLY, DON’T DO IT! ( Even if it’s a Vera Wang 😉 )

Rhonda B - January 26, 2011

From experience:Never start out doing something you don’t want to continue doing the rest of the relationship…

Lauren - January 26, 2011

1. Always bring a wallet in case he forgets…hopefully he’ll like you more if you bail him out.
2. Watch his movies…he’ll never wanna watch yours.

Leah - January 26, 2011

Make sure you don’t drink LOTS of water during the day. Cause when your out you’ll have to pee like every 10 seconds!

Also don’t eat something that doesn’t agree with you.(you might get a little farty:S

Nikki - January 26, 2011

Off topic, but I got my copy of Save The Date from Amazon last night and am LOVING it! I would have stayed up all night to finish, but that annoying little thing called “work” got in the way… 🙂

Heather - January 27, 2011

Even though you think you could wow him with you superior knowledge, don’t. It’s a proven fact that guys don’t comprehend most things in a book and will not like the fact that you posses more knowledge than him.

Emily Sto - January 27, 2011

Do not bring up his sports team if they have lost the past 3 games!

MaidenOfEmmanuel - January 28, 2011

Pray and make sure he knows you have an identical mirror-image twin sister, we’ll see how the relationship goes on from there!

Tammy C - January 28, 2011

I bought your book and just finished it and it was amazing!!! I loved it so very much! I cant wait for your next one 😀

My dating advice is to really like the guy you are going out with other wise the night becomes very long and all you can think about is going home.

Ashley - January 28, 2011

I think that the most important dating tip(s) are that unless you’re mature enough to date you shouldn’t even mess around with dating.
Another dating tip is that dating while you’re still in school can be terribly distracting. I’m 17, never been on a date, never wanted to go on a date, and dont’ want to until I find the right guy through much prayer.
But if you feel that it’s okay to date, then go for it! Just guard your heart. Don’t let a guy walk all over you. It’s not good.

Darla - January 28, 2011

My 7th grade son, who read your Charmed Life series in secret,recently asked when he could start dating. My tip to him was the same as to his 2 older brothers: Read “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” by Joshua Harris first, then ask me that question. Mother’s tip: wait to date so you can tell your children a true love story.

Leah - January 28, 2011

I Kissed Dating Goodbye is a really good book.
I’m about halfway through.
I also like Elisabeth Elliot’s book.
And for girls I like Hayley DiMarco books.

Ashley - January 28, 2011

I haven’t taken many turns while playing the “Dating Game,” but I have a bit of advice:

1. Every kiss doesn’t begin with Kay. It begins with Tiffany. (Be sure to tell the guy you prefer Tiffany Blue.) Maybe he’ll take you on a spontaneous trip to New York City and you can pick out the ring you want at the Tiffany’s on 5th. Cross your fingers!

I also think that no one should ever settle for less that what they deserve. If the guy doesn’t treat you how you would like him to, I don’t think it’s worth all the drama! 🙂

Love your books and I cannot wait to read Save the Date!

Erin - January 30, 2011

If he asks you to an Amish quilt show, he’s probably not hiding vast reserves of interesting-ness. Bring a book. Bring a whole book series.

(It’s probably too late for this to be considered an entry for the giveaway, seeing as this blog is not based in Colorado where it is still Saturday, but the advice is sound. Heed it.)

Bree - January 31, 2011

I know its to late to enter the contest but, I just wanted to say I absolutely love your books Jenny! although I pretty sure the type of guys in your book don’t exists in real life…but its nice to read about. I am sooooo excited to read Save the Date! it sounds like its gonna be another great addition to the Jenny B. Jones books. but anyways if I had to give a dating tip I would say….

Don’t over due the whole “cutey girly thing.” it comes across as annoying and trying to hard. and btw- I don’t think you should ever, EVER! have to ask a guy out. Can’t wait to read the new book! =)


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