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Today a list of things to discuss.

1. Don't forget I'm giving away a copy of Save the Date, which officially releases next week.

2. Rel of Relz Reviewz, one of my favorite people, is also giving away a copy HERE.

3. My oh-so-talented former student Sydney has a blog, which I love, and wants to get 1000 views on her blog by Valentine's Day, or VD. Not to be confused with STD. (Save the Date. . . ) Sydney is my mega-talented (now college) student who will one day kick Lorne Michael's butt out of the SNL seat and totally dominate. It couldn't happen soon enough… (Did you see how they wasted Jim Carrey? Come on!)

4. American Idol. What do you think? I watched part of episode one and was like, “ZZZZZZZZzzzzz….”  But then I saw everyone singing J-Lo and Steven Tyler's praises on Twitter and decided to give it another try. Y'all…it's not bad.  I love Steven Tyler, no matter how many druggies and drinkies he has, but I didn't expect him to be good at this. Check out this story and watch for Tyler reaction in the very end of the video below. Guy has personality AND compassion. Like…he's good at being nice and conversational.

5. I'm blogging over at Southern Belle View today on my childhood church.



That is a big picture, eh? 
If you're in Arkansas Feb. 18-19, come join us for a two day “Beautiful Girls” retreat. I'll be speaking Saturday on being royalty and the daughter of a king. Um, that's the Lord. I'm not Prince Charles illegitimate love child or anything. (Though one time I did write Princess Diana a letter and ask her if I could come live with her.)  I'm not the main event, but Michelle Duggar is! Before you laugh, Duggar Doubters, Michelle happens to be an excellent speaker. I know this. Because my friend Kari said so.

7. Thank you to my friend Brooke who pointed me in the direction of this snow reporting sassy lady. Have you ever meet a “Meegan” who wasn't straight up sass? No, you have no. They're always fiesty! (” Who's zooming who?”
“And of course Los Angeles is sitting over there at 62. Mmm-hmm.” “You shoulda been trying to get some more plows…on sale.”)  I don't think Meghan/Meegan/Meagan and I could hang out. Her anti-snow venom hurts my heart. (Is she holding her own camera?)

8. Watch the first 10 seconds of this one of Meeegan…

9. I saw Despicable Me finally. It was good! Love Steve Carell.

10. Speaking of Steve Carell, did you hear Will Ferrell is doing a four-episode guest arc on The Office? I'll be watching! I hope there's cowbell involved.

11. Go see The King's Speech! Go see The King's Speech! Yes, it's Rated R, but the film company sued over that and I can totally see why. There is maybe 60 seconds of cussing, and it is true to the story and does serve a purpose. (The King had a speech impediment and this movie is partially about overcoming that, and trust me, it's relevant, no matter how hard it is to hear.) This movie is Rated G with that one PG-13 moment. I am dumb-founded that it is rated R and disheartened as many conservative movie goers will shy from it just for the rating alone, and it's such an important story. Not an edge-of-your-seat story, but if you love documentaries, if you love anything Royal (like my father, Prince Charles), you will love this.

12. Guess what, scientists have dismissed all the bird and fish deaths. They have settled on the theory that the birds got startled by NYE fireworks. Uh-huh. Gee, I'm so surprised this has gotten swept under the rug…

13. My publisher and I have been talking YA book covers, specifically the cover for my September release, There  You'll Find Me. Looking on Amazon, I found a ton that I loved, but I have a feeling, no matter what my book is about, this one , which is totally irrelevant, would probably sell some copies to teen girls no matter what. . .

Have a wonderful weekend. I am all blogged out today. We have a 60+ degree weekend on tap, and then Sunday a system rolls in that could bring “significant snow.” I am pretty much beside myself. My mom is trying to cancel out my prayers with her anti-snow prayers, but does she have a corresponding dance? I don't think so.

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Ruth - January 28, 2011

I COMPLETELY agree with you about The King’s Speech. It’s really a shame that it was given an R rating – PG-13 if you have to b/c of the swearing scene. Love, love, LOVE that movie.

Mary - January 28, 2011

the weather report just about did me in…. oh my! Funny! So Funny!
thanks on the King’s Speech — I was considering it, but now will definitely add it to the MUST see movie list!

Kim - January 28, 2011

okay, first of all, I had the pleasure of reading the new book “Save The Date” and it is PHENOMONAL!!!! you must go and get you a copy and read. It is so delightful, funny, sassy and gives this hopeless romantic hope for one day to get discovered by a cute football player:) It really is fun and I just couldn’t put it down. I read it in 24 hours seriously couldn’t put it down. You’ll LOVE IT!!!

okay, I suffered thru The King’s Speech movie with Jen and i almost fell asleep at the end but i do have to give kudos to the actor because i’m sure it had to be very difficult to act with a speech impediment. not my typical choice of movie but Jen dragged me to it. I’m glad i was able to see it now that it has all the oscar buzz.

Cara Putman - January 28, 2011

Wow, hadn’t seen the video, but had heard rumors. What an amazing story! And thanks for the take on King’s Speech. We’re going tonight. yeah!

Annie - January 28, 2011

I’m glad to have read what you wrote about the rating – I have seen the commercials for it and it looks SO good. The rating did put me off, but I did think to myself, “What on earth could it be rated R for?!” As soon as I can, I am going to see it!

Christiana - January 28, 2011

How exciting for you that a new book is coming out in two weeks! I bet that never gets old, does it. Wow. I can only imagine the feeling!

Enjoyed your randomness, actually. I’m glad to hear your opinion of The King’s Speach. I’ve been wanting to see it, and not only because Colin Firth makes me swoon — but it sounds like there’s a really important story there as well. Plus I love “all things Royal” as you so aptly put it.

I’m also kinda digging the new AI, Steven Tyler especially. I saw that moment you were referring to, and I was really touched by his compassion. He’s fun to watch. ;o)

As for the book covers, I don’t know what that one is about, but I’ll have to admit, it’s pretty darn cute. I can’t imagine anything more fun than getting to pick one out!

Kristin - January 28, 2011

I really want to see “The King’s Speech,” but I’ll have to wait until it comes out on DVD. I love movies like that, and even though Colin Firth is not my favorite Mr. Darcy (gasp!), I do like him a lot. It looks like a great movie, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it!

I got my copy of “Save the Date” in the mail yesterday! I’m so excited. =) I’ve been doing a lot of crafting, so I’m only about three chapters in. But I hope to finish it this weekend. I love what I’ve read so far. =)


Leah - January 28, 2011

Despicable Me was so good!
I watched it Friday night and then Saturday morning/(like a week ago.)
I want to buy it when its not so new.

Courtney - January 29, 2011

HEY JENNY! i just wanted to ask if there id going to be another book to the charmed life series??? please repond! im dying to know!

jess - January 29, 2011

Could not agree with you more on AI and Steven Tyler. That moment at the end did me in, I was crying silenlty watching their story and then when Steven Tyler hugs her and says that to her, I started sobbing… never would have thought I would sob to AI and Steven Tyler.

Lori - January 30, 2011

Oh my goodness I love me some “Meegan” cracked up.


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